BotCon 2024: The 30th Wreckoning

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Dual-purpose maybe?

G1 Jungle Tracker can act as a SG Hound (if incompatible with other lines).


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More updates:

Animated tease & return of the art contest
The poet
The multiple personality
The toxic righter of wrongs
The bomb dropper
The rat
The hippie
The juvenile joke
From the Cybertronian sewers to the back alleys of Iacon, find out what these 7 Animated misfits have in common this Summer at BotCon ‘24!
June 27-30
Grand Wayne Center
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Check out for more info on this all-new Transformers Animated merchandise offering, our current list of guests including Gregg Berger (G1 Grimlock/Skyfire) and Bumper Robinson (Animated Blitzwing/Bumblebee), details on the RETURN of the BotCon Art contest, how you can get a FREE bonus souvenir pin just for attending, and to order your Daily/Weekend/Premium passes today!



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Wednesday update:

New character, vendor list, hotel update, & 40th anniversary tease
BotCon 2024 Wednesday Roundup!
Our weekly roundup one day early because… reasons!
* First up, The Courtyard by Marriott is SOLD OUT. We will be opening another block at their partner hotel, the Hampton. Right next door. The rooms will go fast so make your reservation as soon as the block goes live tomorrow!
* BotCon ‘24 Vendor list. We already have more vendors signed up for this year than each of the previous two years! We expect a fully sold out exhibitor hall in Ft. Wayne Indiana June 27-30. Check out your first look at the Vintage and Modern retailers that will be on site at the show!
* NEW Transformers Animated??? Fans have been wondering who the new Transformers Animated character is from last weeks update. Let’s be clear, there was only one Derrick J. Wyatt. We would never attempt a new design because if it’s not from Derrick (or by extension his former Hasbro peeps) it’s not ‘Animated’. That said, he was always very receptive to the BotCon repaints of his models in to new characters. In fact he was a key part in both the BotCon 2011 set and Timelines Issue 6: The Stunti-Con Job. Featuring Dead End from Jazz, Drag Strip from Arcee, and of course Toxitron from Optimus Prime.
So while the team leader for our group of misfits hasn’t been announced yet, that leader does have a second in command. And she has close ties to Toxitron as well. With the help from Trusted Transformers Animated artist Josh Perez, we bring you the newest BotCon Animated character - Number 2! She along with her cohorts will be featured on an ALL-NEW BotCon Transformers Animated T-Shirt and Poster!
* As far as the ‘reasons’ we mentioned earlier? Tomorrow, prepare to see an image like you have never seen before. And then at BotCon ‘24, let’s just say that any kid from the 80’s is going to feel like they stepped in to a time machine when they see what is planned for an exhibit/sale. Fans and collectors are not ready for this reveal!
Daily, Weekend, or Premium Pass available via
Check out for additional information and updates. We hope to see you this June 27-30th in Fort Wayne, Indiana!
NOTE: Early Bird Pin - EVERYONE that registers by April 21st will get an exclusive collectible pin. This pin is one of a series of EIGHT different pins, so if you want to get the whole set at BotCon make sure you get signed up by April 21st!





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Well this is certainly interesting.

1980's U.S. branded merchandise exhibition & sale
Transformers 40th Anniversary
1980's U.S. Branded Merchandise EXHIBITION & SALE!
This is going to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before! At BotCon ‘24 June 27-30 there will be an ACTUAL 10x20 Bedroom set up in the Exhibitor hall featuring the largest exhibit of 1980’s U.S. G1 branded merchandise ever seen on display.
But that’s not all. Weekend/Premium attendees will have FIRST opportunity to purchase from the collection. That’s right, it is ALL for sale!
Please visit for all the details on sale times, requirements, and more.
Do not miss the once in a life time opportunity to get your picture in the room, see this amazing selection of branded merchandise, and take some amazing items home with you as well!
* New hotel block as been added. Click the hotel tab.
* April 21st is Early Bird deadline
* Artists announcements will be starting here shortly.






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Tentative schedule is up at

BotCon 2024 Schedule​

Please check back for final Panel & Event Descriptions.

Note, this schedule is TENTATIVE. All times & events are subject to change.

Thursday June 27th

9:00am – 2:00pm – Shadow Tracker Custom Class

10:30am – Vendor Registration/Exhibit Hall Set-up

11:00am – Line tickets released for Branded Merchandise sale/Sneak peek.

4:00pm – Premium/Premium+ Package Pick up

4:15pm – BotCon Store Opens for Premium/Premium+

5:30pm – Weekend Pass Package Pick up/
BotCon Store Access

7:00pm – 1980’s Branded Merchandise Pre-Sale

9:00pm – Registration/BotCon Store Closes

9:00pm-11:00pm – Movie Night (Title TBA)

11:00pm – Exhibit Hall Set-Up Closes

Friday June 28th

8:00am – Late Package Pickup

9:00am – Late Registration

10:00am – VIP/Premium/Weekend Pass entry

11:00am – 5:00pm – Energon Bag Toss Qualifiers

11:00am – 11:50am – Artist Panel

11:30am – General Admission

11:30am – 3:00pm – ‘Side Burn’ Custom Class

12:00pm – 12:50pm – Panel TBD

1:00pm – 1:50pm – Panel TBD

2:00pm – 2:50pm – Panel TBD

3:00pm – 3:50pm – Panel TBD

4:00pm – 4:50pm – Transformers Animated: Script Reading

4:00pm – 8:00pm – Friday Evening ‘Bumblebeast’ Custom Class.

5:00pm – Vendor Room Closes

7:30pm – Energon Bag Toss (Tournament)

9:00pm-11:00pm – Movie Night (Title TBA)

Saturday June 29th

9:00am – Premium/Weekend Pass entry

9:30am – General Admission

11:00am – Art room opens featuring Drawing classes & Kids Bumblebeast customization.

11:00am-11:50am – Panel TBD

11:00am – 5:00pm – Energon Bag Toss Qualifiers

12:00pm – 12:50pm – Panel TBD

1:00pm- 1:50pm – Panel TBD

2:00pm – Cosplay Contest

2:00pm – 2:50pm – Panel TBD

3:00pm – 3:50pm – Voice Actor Panel

4:00pm – 4:50pm – New Product Reveal

5:00pm – Vendor Room Closes

7:00pm – Energon Bag Toss FINALS – Awards Presentation

8:00pm – Premium+ Pre-function

9:00pm-11:00pm – Movie Night (Title TBA)

Sunday June 30th

9:00am – Showroom opens (All)

10am – Premium+ Art print pick up at BotCon store.

10:00am – 10:50am – Panel TBD

10:00am – Carnage in C-Minor Rock out

11:00am – 11:50am – Panel TBD

12:00pm – 12:50pm – Panel TBD

1:00pm – 1:50pm – BotCon panel

3:00pm – Vendor Room Closes


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Robosen Megs will be on display at BotCon, I guess Robosen will have their own table like last year.
Available on display at BotCon ‘24 June 27-30 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana! You won’t want to miss this in person, exclusively presented by Robosen!
Check out the reveal video here:


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Dealer room is sold out, third hotel block, and new VA announcement on Monday.
Sold out, selling out, will sell out.
The first ‘Sold Out’ is what every collector wants to hear! We have a jam-packed Exhibit Hall with Transformers vendors from across the country. Our 16k square-foot exhibit Hall is in fact totally sold out. This is our largest exhibit hall since 2016. If you are a vendor/artist, and would like to be placed on our waiting list, please visit for more info.
Attendee’s, we have opened a third hotel block at the Courtyard but this is our final block between the Courtyard/Hampton, the two host hotels for BotCon ‘24. Don’t delay, get your reservation in today.
BotCon 2024 guests:
* Gregg Berger - G1 Grimlock
* Bumper Robinson - Animated Bumblebee
* Alec Willows - Beast Wars Tarantulas
* Monday 5/13 - We announce our next VA guest!
We have some amazing product announcements planned for later this month, and we fully expect many of these items to sell out at BotCon. Be sure to grab your Premium, Weekend, or Daily pass right now!
Don’t miss out on the largest Transformers fan event of the Summer! Celebrating 30 years of BotCon and the 40 years of Transformers.
And remember, Kids 12 & Under get in for FREE! Kids never have to pay to be a kid a BotCon!


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Exclusive reveals! Neat that they're at least semi-official, but I was kinda enjoying the 52Toys offerings, TBH.
BotCon ‘24 Yolopark Transformers EXCLUSIVE - Delta Magnus Vs Sunstorm.
This 2 figure “House of Magnus” AMK Transformers BotCon Vs set is included with ALL Premium packages.
Stay tuned for a week full of reveals as we announce our artist alley lineup, additional details on various BotCon events, and the BotCon ‘24 Badge/Lanyard, Exclusive Pin Set, and 24x36 Animated Poster.
Visit for all the show info! BotCon ‘24 June 27-30 Fort Wayne, Indiana. Kids 12 & Under are FREE!









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Is it wrong for me to think this is promising?
I think this is probably as close to getting back to being official as can possibly be done for the time being. It allows BotCon to sell actual licensed Transformers merchandise again, but without having to go through all the bureaucracy of working directly with Hasbro proper.

We'll also have to wait and see if the convention comic for this year is likewise a licensed work of Transformers media, or if it's just a story written without any license attached to it like how the BeastBox comics from the last two years were.


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Aaron Archer!
- BotCon Special Guest UPDATE -
Today through Friday, we are going to spotlight the professional talents that will be guests at BotCon June 27-30 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Today we are starting with one of the biggest!
Aaron Archer, the creative force behind numerous Hasbro Transformers toys and stories, will be joining us Friday - Sunday at BotCon ‘24!
As a staple of BotCon all throughout the 2000’s/2010’s, we are looking forward to having Aaron join us in Ft. Wayne as the 40th anniversary celebration of The Transformers rolls on!
Get your Premium, Weekend, or Daily passes over at Kids 12 & Under are FREE.

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