BotCon 2024: The 30th Wreckoning


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They really are just pumping out guests now.
- BotCon Special Guest UPDATE - Josh Perez
You know him, you love him, and you are probably well aware of his Bumblebee obsession! The Dyemooch, Josh Perez will be with us at BotCon June 27-30 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
Josh has been involved with Hasbro and numerous other Transformers licensees for over 20 years! We are thrilled that he will be joining us Friday - Sunday at BotCon ‘24!
He will have a number of prints available for sale, doing commissions, and signing his two latest projects, one of which has already been announced - The Sewer-side Squad BotCon ‘24 Exclusive poster!
Get your Premium, Weekend, or Daily passes over at Kids 12 & Under are FREE!


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Hey Guys. I haven’t posted in a while. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll have a double booth at the show. If any of you still remember the booths from 2006 and 2014 (I think), things will be very much priced to move. PM me with any individual questions.
See you soon,



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Robby Musso & collectible pin set
- BotCon Special Guest UPDATE - Robby Musso
His art has influenced so many things Transformers! Comic art, illustrations, toy packaging, and toy design - he's done so much of all of it! Robby Musso will be with us at BotCon June 27-30 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
Robby has been working with Hasbro and numerous other Transformers and toy licensees for over two decades! We're excited that he will be joining us again Friday - Sunday at BotCon ‘24!
He will have prints available for sale, as well as a glimpse at his personal endeavor: Divine Circuits!
Get your Premium, Weekend, or Daily passes over at Kids 12 & Under are FREE!

BotCon Set of 8 PRIMETIME Incentive PINS!
Something new for BotCon this year. We have produced eight stylized ‘1984’ semi-truck lapel pins available exclusively to attendees at BotCon. Each pin is limited to 170*. To get the full set of 8, check out the attached image for how to achieve each pin!
The number one way to ensure your best chance at all 8 is a Premium Pass of course! Premium/Premium+ attendees will have first access to the vendor room and all related events. To order a Premium pass visit:
To upgrade your Weekend pass to Premium, log in to your account and use this link:
One of the PRIMETIME pins will be available exclusively at BotCon ‘24 Sponsor Yolopark’s booth! It’s no coincidence the pin is in the BotCon ‘24 Yolopark exclusive Delta Magnus colors! Learn more about Yolopark here:
LASTLY, The FINAL hotel block has been opened. We have a very limited number of rooms over at the Hilton. You can make your reservations here:
We will see everyone in just over 3 weeks!

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So you sold out several hotel blocks, sold out the 'biggest vendor hall since 2016', obviously there is going to be very high attendance count...

And only 170 pieces of each pin?

And OF COURSE the best chance of getting a set (or at least get the specific pin) is to go for the higher end package.
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You say that like there's a bunch of different packages to choose from when there's only two, Weekend and Premium.

And, well, this doesn't affect me cuz I don't want any pins. I don't collect pins because I don't care about pins. And there's a good chance I'm not the only one.


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Catching up on more updates.

Transformers Animated poster for Premium package attendees
Let’s talk BotCon Premium Ticket Package!

- Full access and early admission for all 4 days at BotCon.
- BotCon ‘24 Yolopark Transformers Exclusive 2-pack VS set.
- BotCon ‘24 Animated themed promotional 24x36 poster - Sewer-Side Squad
- BotCon PREMIUM badge and Lanyard - Breakdown design.

This and so much more! Details are at

Promotional video
BotCon attendees… Ultra Magnus sends orders to watch the following video communication, whether here on earth or on Moonbase 1. So uncover your receptors and take a listen to Perceptor!

More videos

Announcing a new Animated story starring Bumper Robinson as Bumblebee
Who remembers that final episode of Transformers Animated? Megatron was finally captured and Optimus along with his crew returned to Cybertron victorious! But that victory did have a cost! Check out this NEW edit on that final scene and then get ready for an ALL-NEW Animated adventure starring Bumper Robinson at BotCon on Saturday June 28th! - And you can still grab your Premium/Full Weekend Tickets at

Final schedule and... Shattered Glass M.A.S.K.?!!!!
Available EXCLUSIVELY at BotCon '24 by Ramen Toy. Shattered Gullwing w/ Mads Hawking in "Shattered" Suit. With only 200 produced this great 80's styled vehicle & figure's NEW deco was inspired by the BotCon original concept of Shattered Glass, which was first introduced at BotCon 2008. This amazing item, along with other show exclusives will be in the BotCon store starting Thursday Night. Premium and Weekend Pass holders get to shop Thursday evening, so if you haven't gotten that Premium or Weekend Pass yet, make sure to grab yours today!

We have posted the FULL show schedule as well. You can see that here
Ramen Toy
Only at BOTCON, the Shattered Gullwing,
Click on the link above to purchase your tickets for the show.
The Shattered Gullwing will be available starting Thursday (6/27) in the Botcon store for Weekend and Premium package holders. Any remaining quantity will be available throughout the rest of the weekend.




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Surprise announcement!

Hartman brothers' collection sale!
Last Minute MASSIVE surprise announcement! - Jon & Karl Hartman 3rd and Final collection sell off!

Turns out you can’t have a BotCon 30th Anniversary without the largest selection of BotCon 90’s EXCLUSIVES & BotCon 90’s PRE-Production items for sale ever in one place! Not to mention probably the most extensive collection of original art from the 1980’s Marvel Transformers comic run since Andrew Wildman brought his pages for sale back at BotCon ‘97!

This incredibly rare one-of-a-kind collection will be on display starting THURSDAY night June 27th at 9:00pm for Premium/Weekend attendees. A selection of items will also be available FOR SALE/SILENT AUCTION STARTING THAT NIGHT!

If you have signed up for a daily admission or were planning on walk-in, it’s not too late to register for a Premium/Weekend Pass RIGHT NOW at

If you already have a weekend pass and want to upgrade to premium you can do that here:

You don’t want to miss this sale! You’ll never see something like this again. BotCon ‘24 June 27-30 at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


















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It just wouldn't feel right if no one brought an Onyx Primal for sale.

Now it feels like a proper BotCon.


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Last-minute exclusive reveals: MMC Nightstalker & a limited early release of Yolopark's Apelinq!
BotCon Exclusive run-down and new exclusives reveal!
In addition to the amazing BotCon exclusives already announced, we are thrilled to announce some great additional booth exclusives:
Toy Dojo will be offering a limited edition MMC Ocular Max full sized cassette: Overture. This item will be available when the show opens on Friday at the Toy Dojo booth. Quantities are extremely limited! Don't miss out!
At the Agabyss booth, an early release of the Apelinq Pro X series figure from Yolopark. Agabyss was able to secure a super limited number of these fantastic model kits, so you will want to make sure to be there early!
And remember, starting Thursday night, you can grab the Shattered Gullwing w/ Mads Hawking from Ramen toy right after registration! These we're produced in extremely limited quantities and are limited to only 200 units worldwide. They are all being offering exclusively at the show. So make sure you have your Premium/Weekend pass ready to go. You can order those here:




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Those are cool. Wish I could make it up there but I have plans this coming weekend.

Agent X

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So, the Final Countdown! Who's going?!

I am, with a bin of toys for a room sale. I've never done a room sale before


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Sadly, not me. I had hoped to go, as this was the first time there was a con halfway close to where I live, but life got in the way.


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Damn... wish I could hang with you fellow sparkers. Especially since I'll only be about 90 minutes south of you on I-69.


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Good! It is earlier in the month. I should be able to make it.


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Alright, con haul time:


BotCon 2024 exclusives:
  • Crystal Wolf Freki & Sturla
  • Yolopark "House of Magnus" set
  • Jungle Tracker & Bumblebeast custom class figures (didn't have the time or money for Sideburn)
  • Lightpoints test shot G2 Breakdown targetmaster
  • 4-cup set
  • KFC Shard
  • Complete 8 collectable pin set
  • Various posters/prints omitted from the photo
General purchases:
  • Legacy titan class Cybertron Metroplex
  • Beast Wars II Burning Convoy
  • Planet X Vejovis (Ratchet) - he's a little worse for wear, but he was a gift from a friend
  • A very, VERY bad KO of BotCon 2008 SG Prime
  • TR Sentinel Prime - also a gift from a friend
  • Masterforce Darkwings set - incomplete, but I'm working on getting the rest of the parts
  • Gen Selects Cordon - no Spin-Out, bought at a parts party
  • Henkei! Henkei! Megatron
  • G1 Jetfire - complete & unyellowed

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