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Why hasn't this been covered more by the press, if it's true?
The inner workings of Wikipedia (repository of all human knowledge, but curated by the interested from all walks) are probably viewed as a big mess of "inside baseball trivia" from a outside view. And seeing as the 4th and 5th estates (Canadians will see what I did there) have fallen far from the days of "two-fisted muckrakers such as J. Jonah Jameson" (that's a Harlan Ellison quote, for the curious), this sort of system-gaming was able to carry on outside of much scrutiny outside the actual vested historians, would be my guess.

That said, I have a friend who is a freelance journalist and Wikipedia contributor (who's been targeted by Alex Jones, but that's another story), and would anyone mind if I passed the link along to them?


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Board of Deputies of British Jews apologises for calling journalist an ‘*sshole’.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has apologised to the journalist Rachel Shabi after a message on its official Twitter account described her as an “*sshole”.

The tweet from the organisation’s account on Saturday was in response to Shabi’s comments on Holocaust education.

The subsequently deleted tweet read: “Rachel Shabi telling the head of the Holocaust Education Trust that she’s plainly wrong about er, the Holocaust, is the definition of chutzpah. The shamelessness of this *sshole.”..

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To be flippant here, in more concerned, as a Brit, that she didn't use the term "@rsehole" instead...

Also, this article was in relation to the current debacle at the BBC, involving a famous British ex-footballer/pundit, who commented that the current British government's comments regarding illegal immigrants was akin to those used by the Nazis in WW2.


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Antisemitism on Twitter has more than doubled since Elon Musk took over the platform, says researcher.


In the days after Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, the social media platform saw a "surge in hateful conduct," which its then safety chief put down to a "focused, short-term trolling campaign." New research suggests that when it comes to antisemitism, it was anything but.

Rather, antisemitic tweets have more than doubled over the months since Musk took charge, according to research that I and colleagues at tech firm CASM Technology and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue think tank conducted. Between June and Oct. 26, 2022, the day before Twitter's acquisition by Musk, there was a weekly average of 6,204 tweets deemed "plausibly antisemitic"—that is, where at least one reasonable interpretation of the tweet falls within the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of the term as "a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred towards Jews."

But from Oct. 27 until Feb 9, 2023, the average was 12,762—an increase of 105%. In all, a total of 325,739 tweets from 146,516 accounts were labeled as "plausibly antisemitic" over the course of our study, stretching from June 1, 2022 to Feb. 9, 2023...

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It's almost like unbanning all the trolls, gutting the moderation staff, and generally making a complete and total clusterfuck of the entire operation was a bad idea.


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How many times has Elon called himself a troll or stated he was trolling people? That he's allowed such speech isn't a surprise, it was the expectation. Elon loves people who piss others off regardless of context. He's a bully and he enjoys the company of others like him.


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She's now sent out an apology, possibly after consulting both a dictionary and a history book.

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She's now sent out an apology, possibly after consulting both a dictionary and a history book.
A really lame “oh, I sent the draft message by accident” apology. Unfortunately people of her ideology have long believed that antisemitism isn’t actually racism, in part because in their mind Jewish people are all of white appearance, in part they view Jewish people collectively as a fifth column.


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Several left leaning New York City Council members voted against or abstained on a resolution to establish an "End Jew Hatred Day" and a couple were willing to go on the record as to why.


A group of left-leaning New York City Council members, including Brooklyn’s controversial Charles Barron, failed to back a resolution to establish an “End Jew Hatred Day” in the Big Apple – and are facing criticism from both sides of the isle.

The resolution to mark the day annually on April 29 ended up passing Thursday with 41 yes votes and two no votes – from Brooklyn Democrats, Shahana Hanif and Sandra Nurse.

Four other Democrats from the borough – Rita Joseph, Alexa Avilés, Jennifer Gutiérrez, and Barron – all opted to abstain.

In his explanation for not voting, Barron insisted it was not due to anti-Semitic beliefs – but then shockingly went on to blast Jewish people for doing “nothing about African people dying.”

“Leaders in the Jewish community even supported apartheid in racist South Africa and said nothing about African people dying,” he said during the Thursday hearing.

“So it was difficult for us to get up here and I’m not afraid to say it because of what people might think,” he went on. “But if we read history, and if we read all of the dynamics of what’s going on around race in this city, you will see people are resenting that – You’ll see that when people are not pro anti-Semitic, they’re just anti- the inconsistency of the Jewish community.”

Hanif, who co-chairs the progressive caucus, said she opposed the End Jew Hatred movement because it was crafted by what she called “far-right” Republicans, with whom she refused to collaborate.

“They have not stood up for Muslims. They have not stood up for trans New Yorkers, or anybody,” she told the floor, in reference to the conservatives. “And I’ve not seen my colleagues step up – those who introduced this legislation – to support our trans siblings.”

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This had provoked massive outrage when the perp was sentenced to 6 months, laughed it off and said he'd do it again. 18 months still isn't a lot but it's an improvement.

Waseem Awawdeh—who said “If I could do it again, I would” of his 2021 antisemitic attack on Joseph Borgen—pleaded guilty on Tuesday to attempted assault and criminal weapon possession.

Awawdeh, 23, struck Borgen four times with a crutch in May 2021, which hospitalized the Jewish man. Borgen had been on his way to a pro-Israel rally, in response to more than 4,000 rockets that terror groups based in the Gaza Strip fired at Israel.

“They hit me with fists, kicked me, hit me with crutches, hit me with signs,” Borgen told the New York Daily News in 2021. “They were saying, ‘You dirty Jew, [expletive] Israel, go back to your country.’ ”

Awadeh previously was to receive a lighter sentence of six months, which drew public outcries.

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