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I guess the pandemic is waning in New York City because the attacks in Crown Heights are back.

October 11th

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is looking for three suspects who attacked a Jewish man in Crown Heights.

Video shows the suspects firing a BB gun out of a car near Montgomery Street and Albany Avenue on Oct. 11, hitting the 23-year-old man in the head.

The victim was wearing traditional Jewish garb at the time and was knocked to the ground as the suspects drove off.

Mid November

A Jewish man was assaulted by a group of 5 men while walking on the street in Crown Heights on Thursday evening in what police are investigating as a possible bias incident.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:15 pm when the victim, a 25-year-old visibly Jewish man wearing traditional Jewish clothing, was walking on Empire Boulevard towards Albany Avenue.

5 Black males, approximately 5’10—6’0 feet tall and wearing backpacks, approached the victim without prior interaction, police said. One of them punched the victim in the face, knocking his glasses to the ground, and calling out to him, “you dirty Jew.”

November 30th

A young trio attacked Jewish children and teens in a disturbing Brooklyn spree, cops said early Tuesday.

The three suspects, believed to be teen girls, first approached a 12-year-old boy walking home with his 3-year-old brother on Skillman Street near DeKalb Avenue in Clinton Hill around 6 p.m. Friday, police said.

One of the suspects slapped the toddler across the face before taking off, authorities said. His brother was not struck.

Then around 5:35 p.m. Sunday, the trio approached two female siblings, 18 and 7, walking to a store on DeKalb Avenue near Bedford Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, cops said.

The suspects allegedly grabbed the teen victim by the jacket and pulled her to the ground. Her sister was not hurt, cops said.

About five minutes later, they approached a 9-year-old boy who was walking on Skillman Street near Lafayette Avenue and slapped him on the top of his head multiple times, cops said.

All of the victims were wearing traditional Jewish attire when they were targeted, police said. The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating.


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Today is apparently Oldspark Threads Come Back For Terrible Reasons Day.

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Fox doesn't need to sell ads for that when their resident talking heads are already saying it.


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Yeah but you buy an ad and maybe Tucker talks about it for the entire hour.

What am I saying, he'll do that anyway.


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Still, politicians and activist groups have to be the only ones left who'll actually advertise on Fox News at this point. Aside from I guess shady fly-by-night companies that make As Seen On TV products that don't work; they're always looking for gullible eyeballs.

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It's been a pretty memorable winter for antisemitism in big old respected media outlets.

SEPTEMBER: The New York Times covers the House vote on funding for Iron Dome. It passed 420-9, but the Times reported this as a crisis for progressives who had been blackmailed or bullied out of doing the right thing and voting "no" because they were afraid of the evil rabbis who are the real puppetmasters of the Democratic Party. Then they tried to change it.

TWO WEEKS AGO: An antisemitic mob attacked a bus full of Jews in London on their way to a Hanukkah celebration, spitting on them and making Nazi salutes. The BBC made up some shit about how the people on the bus had been saying anti-Muslim slurs, which are not audible in either English or Hebrew on the videos of the event. London police now report they can find no evidence of such slurs, which have totally overshadowed BBC's reporting on the actual crime. BBC refuses to retract or apologize.

YESTERDAY: NYT again, having to append a five paragraph long correction from the editor, like nothing I've ever seen before, saying one of their recent articles about Gaza had just been entirely wrong.

It was always disturbingly easy for people with horrible agendas to get prominent jobs just because they could write well. It has become much easier as the media has been busily replacing its journalists with activists.
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