Allspark Best Toys of 2021


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My Strongly Recommended Transformers of 2021 (I doubt the Ark will quite make it, and I won't get to anything else before January):
Studio Series Leader Grimlock:
Kingdom Core Class Starscream:
Kingdom Core Class Soundwave:
Kingdom Voyager Class Cyclonus:
Almost nothing in Cyberverse even made it up to Recommended, and no Strongly Recommended in any of the other lines (although I don't do individual recommendations on BotBots).

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Grimlock, Cyclonus, Scourge, Jazz, Sideswipe and Hot Rod are all at the top of my list this year. My absolute number one goes to Gigawatt though. I love the Sideswipe mold and love how much they packed into that Delorean.


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Rodimus Prime looks like they tried real hard. But then again, I tried real hard on the toilet last night and what came out bore a striking resemblance to his vehicle mode.


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I can hardly remember what I actually got in 2021.
I would have to say the Studio Series 86 figures I picked up. Hot Rod, Jazz, Kup, Cyclonus, Scourge. They are all amazing.

Netflix Bumblebee and Soundwave.

Inferno sticks out as a fantastic figure.


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This one was my choice. It was a tough one between Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge. All three of those just hit all the right buttons for me.

I didn't buy Rodimus, mainly for display space issues and the fact I already own MMC's Rodimus. He looks like a great figure though.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next selection for this!


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Tough call as I feel my collection grew a lot in 2021. I only bought a few Transformers a year until 2020, but WFC and SS86 have ben amazing. I personally feel anything SS86 is amazing, especially Hot Rod. Cyclonus is great from Kingdom and for the Beast Wars figures I would go with Tigatron. Oddly my personal favorite figure was Worlds Collide Bumblebee, while he does not turn to a Beetle I like the mold and he has brighter colors and an autobot badge printed. I have the Netflix Bee too, but somehow like this one better.


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I kept saying 'no' to Rodimus, because I got Hot Rod, and there were things about Rodimus that bugged me. But he's starting to grow on me, and I do have gift $ to spend...

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I'm trying to think of one, but it's mostly reminding me of just how few Transformers I bought this year. If I made a top ten list, I'd probably have most of them on it just to fill it out.

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Cyclonus is one of those figures where he has one thing I dislike (his face sculpt) but goddamn everything else about him is so fantastic, I can easily overlook that. I think he fits the term 'Mini-Masterpiece' more than anything else tbh.

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