AI don't trust techbros

wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
Sure you can, but all-natural stupidity is so easy to find that there's no point.
Naw, cause the second you do it on purpose, it's not stupidity. It becomes malice, or at the very least incompetence. Real stupidity is the only place where humans can never be replaced by machines.


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You know what I'm realizing? We're already at the stage where people think the AI we have right now is not just good enough to replicate the work of a human, but good enough to be an improvement. Where people start applying the old chestnut of "computers can't make mistakes" and advocating for putting them in positions of power to fix the inherent problems with letting fallible human beings be in charge of things.

I always kind of assumed that when SHODAN started getting delusions of godhood, it was meant to read as some kind of emergent behavior that came out of nowhere. Not that it just started believing what people had been actively saying about it.


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AI is a meme. I am confident that this won't produce anything reliable.

I am less confident that they won't just use it anyway even if it is unreliable.


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Funny thing is, in certain areas, AI is better than a Human at VERY specific tasks. Training biases are MUCH harder to screen out on complex problems, though, so all AI should be looked at with a skeptical lens.


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We're not even any good at that, though. A race of self-aware computers would 100% favor just letting us go extinct, either actively or passively depending on which turns out to be less hassle for them.


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So which is going to happen first? Gullible people thinking the AI is God, or the AI itself thinking it's a god?


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The Right Wing decrying it as wrong and evil because it's too woke to be Jesus?

The AI telling a MAGA to do a gun massacre?

The possibilities are endless.

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