A trip down memory lane TF websites from the past

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I didn't attend Cybcon in its physical manifestations, but its mailing list was a refuge for me in the early 2000s.


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The following are considered canon material for the North American info.
  • The Transformers comic, not including "Man of Iron" and "The Big Broadcast of 2005"
Well, this aged rather poorly, considering Transformers '84 went and doubled down on "Man of Iron" being canon to the Marvel US continuity. :p


That's where being in college came in handy, and after that, DSL.

(Man, remember a few years before and after Y2K where people were freaking out thinking that the phone companies were going to run out of numbers because every suburban household was going to need their regular landline, a second number (or more) for their kids, a third for the dial-up internet, and a fourth for the ever popular... home fax machine? :LOL:)


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Cool little site; not sure if I ever visited that one. I guess the Beast Machines Area never made it past the "Under Construction" phase! And it is kind of quaint to see references to the Movie at a time when there was only one Movie.

Edit: I wonder if that Transmetal Megatron is still for sale for $25 ;)


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One of my first websites I crept around was Lukis Bros. https://www.unicron.com/ Back during the BeastWars era I followed it almost religiously. I loved the Bios pages they were building for each character.
It's still up and running and going strong.
I used to be a news admin for them, up until the forums had to be closed down due to a combination of the news feed being moved to Facebook and the forums suffering rampant spam attacks.

I really liked that site and the Accessory Pack was so cool!
I have all six of their accessory packs.

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