Netflix War For Cybertron Wave 3 Optimus Primal & Rattrap 2-Pack In-Hand Images

Courtesy of Blacklai’s Toybase we have an in-hand gallery of the new Walmart-Exclusive Netflix War For Cybertron Wave 3 Optimus Primal & Rattrap 2-Pack! These two figures are redecos of Kingdom Voyager Optimus Primal and Core Rattrap.

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Hasbro Pulse listing more Partner Exclusives: Galactic Odyssey Micromasters, GI Joe, R.E.D, Power Rangers, and more

Hasbro’s Hasbro Pulse online storefront has recently started offering certain quantities of partner exclusives, which were formerly only obtainable through retail partners like Walmart and Amazon. Of late, they’ve added another batch of exclusives, including the Robot Enhanced Design figures for TF: Prime Arcee and Beast Wars Cheetor (Walmart exclusive), the GI Joe Retro Hiss Tank, and the “Retro-Morphin” Power […]

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Get a better look at Netflix WFC wave 3 Deluxes with these stock photos

Thanks to DaimChocReports on Facebook, we have a good look at some of the stock photography for the recently-discovered third wave of Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy Deluxe Class figures: Deseeus Army Drone, Deep Cover, Sparkless Bot, and Cheetor! These are apparently showing up in some Walmarts, so let the hunt begin? Let us know if you spot any, on […]

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It was literally only a matter of time, but the countdown clock has wound down on, and preorders are now up for the upcoming Walmart exclusives from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Transformers. one of these things is not like the others Transformers, of course, has the Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy exclusives and the Vintage Beast Wars series. Star […]

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Hasbro Pulse lists third WFC Spoiler Pack, other partner exclusives

Hasbro Pulse’s new Partner Exclusives section allows fans to get exclusives released through partner retailers… including Walmart, who feature the Netflix War for Cybertron Trilogy exclusives in their stores. One curious new listing that’s quietly gone up amidst all the chaos and reveals is a third War for Cybertron Spoiler Pack — looking much more like the first with a […]

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Walmart exclusive Vintage Beast Wars line revealed!

Well ahead of the teased March 15th Walmart reveal, one of the possible candidates has surfaced: a Walmart-exclusive Transformers: Vintage Beast Wars line! Walmart has been all about the Vintage and the Retro, from G1 reissues of Autobot Hot Rod to Retro style redecos of Titans Return/Legends Headmasters. Now they’re dipping into the late-90s archives to bring back beasts for […]

Continue reading » new Transformers, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters exclusive preorders open March 15 has posted a countdown clock winding down to 1Pm ET on March 15, 2021, with the promise of opening preorders for multiple key Hasbro brands. While news of yet more store exclusives might well raise some hackles, it’s hard to argue with the promise of more reveals and more product. Notably, Walmart’s homepage lists as “Coming Soon” three specific […]

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Walmart Exclusive Wave 1 Retro Headmasters Out at US Retail

Facebook User Thomas Lockhart has spotted the Walmart Exclusive Wave 1 Retro Headmasters in Lumberton, Texas! The first wave of these reissues include Chromedome, Brainstorm, Hardhead and Mindwipe! Be sure to discuss these figures in our Forum Thread!

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Comparison Images Between Transformers R.E.D. Arcee & First Edition Prime Arcee!

Kwok Wai Yuen on Facebook has uploaded some comparison shots between the new Walmart Exclusive Transformers R.E.D. Arcee and First Edition Prime Arcee! The R.E.D. series transformers stand at 6″ and are non-transforming. Be sure to discuss this in our Forum Thread! Hit the break to view all the images!

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New In Package Shots of Ectotron, Studio Series, R.E.D. and Headmasters

More In Package shots of Ectotron, Studio Series, R.E.D. and Headmasters have been released! Hit the break to view all the new images! Don’t forget to check out our Sponsors BBTS as well as TFsource for these figures!

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