New pictures of Prime 1 Beast Wars Optimus Primal statue


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What is likely to be our last look at the statue before it’s in the hands of the buying public; we have some great new promotional shots of the upcoming Beast Wars Optimus Primal statue. Beast Wars has not had the best of luck as “merchandise” goes as the previous Beast Wars mini-busts by First 4 Figures never ended up […]

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A Wolverine statue in Edmonton?



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On the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, fans of the movie Rocky can get close to their hero, immortalized as a bronze statue. Detroit will soon be home to a statue of RoboCop, and Milwaukee has a bronze Fonze. If one Edmontonian gets his wish, Marvel’s berserker mutant hero may get the same treatment.

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More Images From Summer Festival 2014 – Takara Tomy Arts Playstation Optimus Prime, Prime 1 Grimlock Statue

The hits keep coming! Also in from Summer Wonder Festival 2014 in Japan are new images of Takara Tomy Arts Playstation Optimus Prime, and Prime 1’s Grimlock statue. The Playstation Optimus Prime image shows the gray resin prototype for the action figure (previously we had only seen the concept art). The prototype display gives a fantastic look at both modes […]

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Even if though some of you haven’t seen the movie yet, have already listed a pre-order for the movie on Blu-Ray… But this isn’t your ordinary Blu-Ray release. The exclusive is not JUST the film but also comes with a 7.5-inch statue of Optimus Prime riding Grimlock into battle! The list price for the item is $119.99, but […]

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New Photos of Art Storm Alpha Trion, Mega Drive Megatron, and Prime Studio 1 DotM Optimus Statue


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Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2014 is under way and Japanese retailer AmiAmi has a number of pictures from the show.  Among the photos is another look at TakaraTomy Arts Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) Megatron (showing how the Mega Drive controller connects to the Megatron figure), Art Storm’s Alpha Trion action figure, and Prime Studio 1’s Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime […]

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