Titans Return Siege on Cybertron Quick Shot Gallery!


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At the risk of being eclipsed in the news by natural events, we would like to shine some light on an awesome new set of Titans Return figures!  Site Sponsor BigBadToyStore’s online exclusive, “Siege on Cybertron” burns brightly as an example of how to make a great set of highly sought after figures!  Check out our quick shot gallery after […]

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Video Review of Siege on Cybertron Boxset


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Hong Kong-based YouTuber Ome9asupreme has in-hand reviews of each of the figures of the Siege on Cybertron boxset (Magnus Prime, Tidal Wave, Metalhawk, Pounce, and Thunderwing).

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Masterforce Metalhawk Resin Kit Revealed for Wonderfest2016



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An officially-licensed third party Masterforce Metalhawk kit is going to be available exclusively at Winter WonderFestival 2016 in Japan.  The event is on Sunday, February 7, and Metalhawk will cost 10,000 Yen.  Read on for links and pictures!

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TCC Teases 2016 Story Line – Of Masters and Mayhem


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The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club has a new teaser for their upcoming 2016 story line titled Of Masters And Mayhem.  The teaser features the human forms of (seemingly) Pretenders Crossblades, Vroom, and Metalhawk, along with Marvel’s Spike Witwicky and Lisa.  In addition to that is a mysterious new human (is he friend or foe?) as well as the Wrecker Leader […]

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