RiD Legion Wave 2 – Grimlock and Sideswipe – Out in the US

Wave 2 of the Robots in Disguise Legion Class figures were found at a Target store in Orchard Park, New York. This wave consists of Grimlock and Sideswipe, for all those fans looking to complete a tiny version of the main Autobot cast for the cartoon. Head over to our Sightings Forum to see specifics of the sighting as well […]

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Allspark Gallery: Age of Extinction Cyberverse Legion Grimlock


John posts news and provides content for the Allspark, particularly Transformers news from Asia and adding content to the Allspark's image galleries.

Age of Extinction Cyberverse Legion Grimlock With the revelation of another version of Grimlock recolored from Beast Hunters Rippersnapper earlier, we present our gallery of the Walmart exclusive (in the US) version of Legion Grimlock.

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