Takara Tomy Lost Age Movie Advanced Toy Line Video

It seems that Takara Tomy always put a lot of time and effort into their videos advertising their toy lines, and it appears that Transformers 4: Lost Age (Age of Extinction) Movie Advanced is no exception! The Japanese toy producers have now added a commercial for the product line on their YouTube channel featuring the toys interacting with each other […]

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Transformers Battle Masters Commercial

Transformers Battle Masters is a new game from Hasbro in which a pair of operators can manipulate two robot figures into beating the bolts out of each other, much like another classic robot boxing toy. Now to help spread word about the product line, Hasbro have posted a new commercial on their official YouTube channel! The commercial follows Optimus Prime […]

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First Transformers: Age of Extinction Toy Commercial

That’s right, the marketing for the movie toys begins! The first toy commercial for Transformers: Age of Extinction has made its way online, and shows us that Hasbro didn’t really spare any expense with the marketing campaign this time. The commercial focuses on the One-Step toys of Grimlock and Optimus Prime, but also features a not insignificant amount of CGI […]

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New Age of Extinction TV Spot


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A new Transformers:  Age of Extinction television ad has hit the airwaves.  The new ad shows mostly clips we’ve seen prior but now with some more polished and updated CG added to each.  Don’t forget to sound off on TF4 on our Movie forums!

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