In-Hand Images of The Discontinued Unicron Trilogy Red Alert From Arms Micron Ratchet/BotCon Cannonball

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Via BotCon’s Official Discord Server, BotCon staff member @JGW has shared some in-hand images the never before seen Unicron Trilogy Red Alert (Arms Micron Ratchet/BotCon Cannonball). This mock-up was started before BotCon 2014, with a Cannonball head from one of the Cannonball returns during the convention…. which is the reason this figure never went any further than this. With all […]

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BotCon 2014 Box Art Revealed!

The Official Transformers Facebook Page have update with a look at the box art for the BotCon 2014 set of exclusive toys! The art was crafted by the exceedingly talented Robby Musso and depicts all five of the box set toys – Pirate Cannonball, Pirate Ferak, Pirate Scorponok, Knight Devcon, and Knight Ginrai – as well as Olin Zarak, the […]

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New Takara Tomy Kre-O Comic Features The Protectobots

Takara Tomy have added another Kre-O comic to their webite. This comic revolves around the Protectobots as they protect humans and fight to recover a transformation cog during a Decepticon attack on Metroplex. Then, of course since they’re the Protectobots, mending the injured Decepticons afterward. Click here to see the original page

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BotCon 2014 Cannonball Revealed!

Transformers Collectors’ Club members have already gotten a chance to view the BotCon 2014 Cannonball review thanks to its publication in the Club Magazine. But now everyone can see it! The website has been updated with a look at the vehicle and robots modes for this figure – or rather mock-ups of the figure – as well as a […]

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