Official stock photos for BotBots Arcade Renegades!

We haven’t seen much of them since Toyfair Australia revealed their lineup and super-sweet arcade cabinet packaging, but the BotBots Arcade Renegades have surfaced in official stock photos courtesy of In Demand Toys on Facebook! Got a favorite Arcade Renegade? Got a plan to get all SIXTEEN of them? Let us know on the Allspark Facebook page, on the Allspark Forums, […]

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A man, a plan, a piano? Eh Bee Family features Grampiano costume and series 2 unboxing

We’ve heard of the adorable transforming Bumblebee and Starscream costumes for kids, and those were cool, but that’s literally so last year, isn’t it? This video from YouTube’s Eh Bee Family takes the Transformers costume game a step further, and even updates things to make a Grampiano costume! We know, we know — time out: does it convert? It sure […]

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BotBots series 2 bios courtesy of Hasbro!

As BotBots series 2 continues to make its way to stores near you, Hasbro has put up some new bios for the new adorable Transformers line! It’s time to get to know the new additions to the cutest Transformers population ever, from the returning BotBots like the Sugar Shocks and Greaser Gang members to the all-new series 2 tribes like […]

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The second series of Hasbro’s adorable new branch of the Transformers property is hitting stores in many areas this April, and just to get our appetites whetted further, gives us a quick, fun peek at the packaging for the multipacks and blind-box single-figure releases. Alsofeatured are the BotBots Challenge of getting new rare figures, and the checklist for series […]

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Official BotBots sticker book up on!

April is fast approaching, and with it the Toy Fair-announced arrival of BotBots series 2. The latest surprise, though, is an official sticker book, with profiles for over 120 BotBots characters and a staggering 500+ stickers! Set to release on September 24, 2019, the 48-page sticker book by Random House is priced at $9.99. Maybe by the time it sees […]

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Names for BotBots Bakery Bytes figures up on!

Earlier in the year some intriguing new listings surfaced for BotBots series 1 figures — the Lawn League and Bakery Bytes tribes — with a mix of redecos and new molds that add to the eclectic first-series lineup. Curiously absent at Toy Fair 2019, these surprise figures have gone unnamed — until now, with at least one tribe getting its […]

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New York Toy Fair video featuring new Bumblebee movie toys and BotBots Arcade Renegades

Echoes of New York Toy Fair continue to make their presence felt as Nerd News Today shares their video coverage of the Bumblebee movie and BotBots displays! The Bumblebee movie display gives us a good look at a lot of the present and upcoming product that continues the merchandising run of the sixth live-action movie. Energon Igniters gets some followup […]

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Transformers at NYTF 2019: The Rundown, featuring Official Hasbro Images!

It’s been half a week after New York Toy Fair 2019 and our heads are still spinning, as the annual exhibition saw toy companies give us their best shot as always. Hasbro came out swinging with debuts of their Overwatch and Power Rangers lines, and plenty of Transformers fun that spells certain but sweet doom for our bank accounts in […]

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Transformers BotBots: meet the Arcade Renegades!

The 2019 New York Toy Fair hit with wallet-threatening shockwaves, and their aftereffects are still being felt as each day takes us closer to new toy release dates. Courtesy of a press release from Hasbro, one such aftershock brings us new information on a new Transformers BotBots tribe: the Arcade Renegades. These new characters were previously seen in a Toy […]

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BotBots series 2 blindbox codes!

As a Transformers fan it can be hard to get a handle on the passage of time. We’ve still got about a month and change to go before April, when BotBots series 2 is supposed to hit saturation — but the toys seem all packed up and ready to roll out. Blacklai’s Toy Base has even gotten a full box […]

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