Transformers Kingdom Megatron In-Hand Comparisons

TonTon Review has uploaded a new review for the Transformers Kingdom Megatron leader class figure. Here we get to see the purple T-Rex in-hand with details on the figure as well as comparisons with MP Megatron and other figures to get a better sense of Kingdom Megatron’s scale. be sure to Discuss this figure on our Discord or you can […]

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Takara Tomy Transformers Kingdom T-Rex Megatron And Blackarachnia New Stock Images

New stock images of the upcoming Transformers Kingdom T-Rex Megatron And Blackarachnia are out! Both of these figures are scheduled for release in April 2021 for the Japanese market. Hit the break to view all the images! You can discuss these figures in our Forum Thread or on our Discord.

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Flame Toys Beast Wars Optimus Primal Release Date Announced

Thanks to a heads up on the Discord and on The Forums , we now know that Flame Toys has announced the release date for their BW Optimus Primal! They have stated in a Facebook post that Pre-Orders for this figure will go live on November 5th!

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Flame Toys Announces Beast Wars Optimus Primal PreOrder Coming Soon!

Thanks to Powered Convoy on both the Discord and The Forums, we now know that Flame Toys Beast Wars Optimus Primal PreOrder is on its way! Be on the lookout for when it goes live! Hit the break to view the image of the figure!

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Beast Wars Ongoing Comic Coming in 2021

Several Allspark users on our Discord and Forums report that a new series from Transformers comic publisher IDW publishing is on its way!

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Hasbro PulseCon toy reveals: WFC Kingdom, Transformers Prime 10th Anniversary, R.E.D, and Galactic Odyssey!

Hasbro Pulse Con is in full swing and the reveals are coming fast and… furryous. The last part of the War for Cybertron Trilogy, “Kingdom”, is bringing different eras in for a collision course that is going to produce some memorable toys, for sure. If the preview art for Kingdom is anything to go by, this will be one hell […]

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“War for Cybertron: Kingdom” Rattrap leaked and reviewed!

Rumors have swirled furiously for weeks, and now it seems like concrete proof is starting to make its way out. In the midst of trickling product from Earthrise and Selects, toy reviewer Tonton has posted a stop-motion quick look at the first beast from Kingdom to find his way out ahead of schedule: “Core” figure Rattrap! …It’s not what we […]

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War For Cybertron Third Chapter Title Officially Confirmed: Kingdom

Via NXOnNetflix Twitter we have official confirmation of the title for the third part of War for Cybertron Trilogy: Kingdom. Thanks to Allspark user Skycutter over on our Discord server for the heads up on the news!

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MP 38+ Burning Convoy Gallery!


Jason (Onyx Minor) has been a contributor of News and Content since 2007.He is a fan of beast modes, multilingualism and Jammie Dodgers.

All fired up in the Allspark Studio today is Masterpiece Burning Convoy!  Will he blaze onto your shelves to save his Maximal allies, or gather everyone around him for s’mores?  Tune in after the break to find out!

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