EXCLUSIVE: Transformers Animated Season 4 “Trial of Megatron” Full Plot Summary!

Earlier this month, at the UK convention TFNation 2019, Marty Isenberg’s original outline for what could’ve been the three-part opener to the fourth season of Transformers Animated was revealed to the world for the first time. Although no recording was allowed at the event, Allspark members Callum Tozer and wadapan managed to take extensive notes, from which they’ve compiled a […]

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Commandroids: A World Transformed! The Robots In Disguise RPG Kickstarter You Were Waiting For

As both a Tabletop RPG and Transformers fan I’ve always been personally intrigued by the concept of a Transformers-themed or inspired TTRPG. The Transformers offers a rich concept and world to build a story in.  I’ve followed and collaborated on a few fan made TF RPG concepts, but none have bore fruit the way this project has. Commandroids: A World […]

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