Official Stock Photos of Wal-Mart Exclusive Reissue G1 Hot Rod Surface on

Some 15 years after the TRU Commemorative Series release of Rodimus Major, the first US-released reissue of the Generation 1 Hot Rod figure, comes a somewhat unexpected new reissue of the Autobot cavalier. First discovered on, the Walmart exclusive reissue bearing the Hot Rod name is currently up on with clear stock photos, albeit without a listed price. […]

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TFSource Sponsor News! PotP Unicronus, X2 Big Computer, ZT Racket, DX9 Gabriel, Weijiang Omega Guard & More!

Site sponsor TFSource updates this week with items in stock or just coming in like Power of the Primes Rodumus Unicronus, X2 Toys Big Computer, Transform Dream Wave’s combiner add-ons, and DX9’s Gabriel or WeiJiang’s Utlima Guard Omega, plus preorders on Fans Toys reissues, Masterpiece Anime Shockwave and Cordon, and much more! Comments

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