Which 5 beast wars character do you think should get new toys?


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Maystor missspelur
I think any of the ones suffered from swirly plastic or chrome rub

So TM Megs, Razorback, Ult Jetstorm would get my vote

Salt-Man Z

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I would love new toys for Powerpinch, Scarem, and Insecticon, but they're already almost impossible to improve on.

It would be interesting to see what could be done with BW Jetstorm, Transquito, and Retrax without having to retain their original toy gimmicks.

Steevy Maximus

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Torca as leader, befitting his animal components
Transmetal Megatron- Original toy was great, but hardly the stature for his character. I’d argue both him and Optimus are both ripe for some expansion on gimmicks with the modern Voyager budget.
Razorbeast- Guy got a starring role in a Furman series, so lets see him acknowledged with a modern toy.
IceBird- I’d love to see the modern design take a stab at beast to beast character, maybe even a triple changer.
Big Convoy- I know we’d lose some of the gimmicks, but at least he would be the ultimate shellformer. And I dig many of the stylistic designs for his bot mode.

Fenix Twilight

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1. Razorbeast - Was always one of my favorites, then he was the main in The Gathering.
2. Snapper - Always liked him and can be redone as Skold.
3. Polar Claw - I'm guessing he got the most votes cause they said he was going to be in Kingdom and got cut, and he has some fun gimmicks and cool look.
4. Claw Jaw - Fun, unique mold and can double as a BW 2nd character.
5. Wolfang - Very cool design and weapons.

Honestly looking at the list my brain is yelling "All of them!" at me.

The Phazer

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Given Wolfang was intended to be a show character, and his toy hasn't aged very well, I'd say he'd be a good pick.


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Razorclaw, of the ones in the picture (but not that color)

I still really like Quickstrike and would love a new toy without all the clear plastic and slightly larger.

Haze Arquebus

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Of those, I only went for Retrax, Razorbeast, Jetstorm, and Transquito.

Dream 5 though would be TM Megatron, TM Rattrap, TM Tarantulas, Scourge, & Torca.

Fero McPigletron

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Show characters, everybody. Especially Silverbolt and Quickstrike.

Non show characters, the Fuzors, especially Bantor, Terragator and Buzzclaw.

Also Prowl Owl and Jawbreaker/Cackle. They were amazing. Cackle could do with a better robot mode tho.


Can we just have organic beast modes that need to be done?

A (decent, non combining) lion, a kitty, a puppy, an actual tiny bumblebee, an armadillo that can roll into a ball (Armordillo/Bump doesn't), a deadly koala, a trash panda, a chipmunk,

Mythics or Fuzors 2. Unicorn (yes, but Battle Unicorn is in Beast Machines), manticore, a griffin.

The Mighty Mollusk

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TM Megatron, Torca, and Rampage would be my top picks. TM2 Megatron is up there too, but just a hair below.


If I can bend the rules and pick six, getting modern updates to the Magnaboss and Tripredacus trios would be pretty cool.

Especially if we could get a Magnaboss who wasn't constantly staring at the sky.

Also, I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it, but a TM Megatron that didn't snap in half would be nice. Although aside from replacing the vacmetal and swirly brown plastic, and maybe rejiggering the fans so they can swivel for show accuracy, it certainly wouldn't need much, no.


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tm 2 dinobot and cheetor. the originals are crap. and tigerhawk. he could be better


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FUZORS. Any of ‘em.

I would love to see the Transmetals 2 wave in updated tooling. Scourge, Prowl and Jawbreaker in particular.


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Razorbeast, Wolfang and Polar Claw with C.O.M.B.A.T ports for Armor attachments for Snarler, Carnivac, Chainclaw retools.
Commander class Gigastorm.

For 'new' ones,
Tigarhawk reimagined as a duocon of a transmetal Tigatron and transmetal Airazor.
Predaking, fleshy versions of the G1 Predacons who form Predaking.
Ratbat - a mutant that transforms from rat into bat.

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