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I have given up on the RED line. Bought all of them, waiting to see how they were until Knockout was released. Opened him up, and while he looks good and has nice accessories, the quality is just not there. Loose or gummy joints. I'll be selling them all off now. Hope Super7 decides to do something like Knockout at some point or the Legacy figure blows me away.


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I just wish this wasn't happening on a day that I had to work. I want to get in on the action for those beasts.


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I feel weird that everything was available on Pulse and all I preordered was turquoise Gung-ho.

The three legacy recolors are fine and all but they aren't characters I care about at all (and have no new bios or story attached to make me care) so they just don't feel "necessary" to me. Part of me would like the two BW guys because it's just wonderful to see original BW molds again but I still have the originals so it feels pointless to get them. And R.E.D. hasn't ever reached the quality or character creativity to make me care.

I'm not trying to be all negative it just feels really strange to me that there are seven exclusive TFs there and I didn't want any enough to order.

-ZacWilliam, not that I don't have way too many other things preordered already...

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