Transformers: One - New Animated Prequel coming September 20th, 2024 - New Toy Official Images!

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Some casting news for the animated feature, along with an official name, finally.

Transformers Rise of the Beasts is still a couple months away but the next movie project for Transformers is getting on the hype train. At Cinemacon today, the Paramount panel touched on the movie and listed off the new name, along with a mega cast of voice actors. It will be an animated origin story called Transformers: ONE. The cast includes:

• Chris Hemsworth – Optimus Prime
• Brian Tyree Henry – Megatron
• Scarlett Johansson – Elita
• Keegan-Michael Key – Bumblebee
• Jon Hamm – Sentinel Prime
• Laurence Fishburne – Alpha Trion

EDIT: Movie has been delayed (twice!) to September 20th, 2024. Updating the thread accordingly. Also here's a trailer:
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Fully animated movie + crazy cast list, almost to the point it feels like a month-late April Fool's joke.

I like all of those actors, though it's hard to me to envision Hemsworth and Henry as a Prime and Megatron, even young ones.


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Is this a prequel to the movies or to G1? Kicking a new tv series off with a theatrical movie?


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On the one hand it could be interesting. On the other hand, it's another example of using non-VAs as a bit of stunt casting. That being said, I just hope the directing is solid.

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Am I the only one tired of celebrity stunt casting in these movies?
I mean, these people are almost never as good as ACTUAL voice actors.
I just saw an interview with Sam Witwer (the voice of Darth Maul in Star Wars Clone Wars & Rebels), where he admits that voice acting was way harder than he thought it was, and learning to do it well has actually made him a better on-screen actor as it's given him a better appreciation of using nuance in his voice to add to his performances. Something he never did before becoming a voice actor.
And that's the problem with hiring these celebrities for these jobs; most of them just come in and record their lines and that's it. I guarantee that all we'll get is "Thor" coming out of Optimus Prime's face. Most of them don't know how to create a character using just their voice.
My only hope is that guys like Hemsworth, hopefully having grown up with these characters, will give enough of a shit about them to want to really give it his all, and not just half-ass it.

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I'm sure Peter Cullen ain't happy about getting passed over for Thor.
Unless Peter Cullen can make himself sound much younger, I'm not sure he's the guy for this.

Even 40 years ago, he sounded like the most wisened and matured Optimus Prime we've ever had.

Heck, even the G1 cartoon had someone else play Orion Pax.


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Cautiously optimistic about this one. I'm hoping that doing it fully animated means that less money/time is budgeted towards spectacle and more towards story in comparison to the live action movies.

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