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Id love for a new mold, G1 Accurate Sandstorm.

Repackaged Cyberverse Rack N Ruin?

Pyro from Inferno

Curious to see what the rest of the week shows.
There's only five sets. We've seen three so far. Four if you count the leaked Twin Twist. The last one remaining to be seen at all is Bulkhead.


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Right after I posted I saw that Twin Twist was leaked on Instagram. I had not seen the Bulkhead name yet, curious how thats going to look.


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Wonder no more!


What a massive letdown. I’d have preferred something like the Mudbuster deco or maybe “Battle Tactics”. At least something that wasn’t “still green but with a Wrecker’s symbol and ugly camo splotches”


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Yeah, that's not something I need. Cool to finally, definitively see part of the Hammer they keep mentioning though.

ZacWilliam, that big a toy you have to do something really special or unique deco wise OR story/character wise to get me to go for it, and that is not any of those things.


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Dang. I had gotten myself pretty excited about the Pyro remold everyone suspected was coming. I like the Bulkhead toy, and I don't think the camo looks bad, per se, but this isn't different enough from the one I already have.


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Yeah...this Amazon set went downhill fast.

Maybe they should've had the retooled/new bots revealed last, as these repaints just aren't exciting me at all. I do like that Bulkhead has Breakdown's hammer though, so that's neat I suppose.

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I think for now I will stick with my own 'Pyro' and 'Electro' which are really just some repurposed clearance toys, some toyhax stickers, and a few new weapons. My thought was I could mix Pyro with the Protectobots to make Phoenix King, or a bunch of Junkions to make Dumpster Fire. Then I found out I wasn't the only one to come up with that idea, which is both funny and deeply worries me.


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Hasbro accidentally revealed Twin Twist prematurely on Instagram:

Though, sadly, Topspin got axed from this subline:

That's a bummer.


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I’m actually down for this Bulkhead. But mainly for nostalgia purposes as it looks more like trucks I used to drive when I was in the Army. I may just leave it in truck mode. Now what chance do I have of getting a Transformer MKT😅.

MKT= Mobile Kitchen Trailer. I was an army cook.


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Passing on Bulkhead as it's not worth getting him again just for a hammer, and decided to cancel my Springer order as well.

Guess it's just remolds/ new characters for me this time.

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the wreckers line is overall so disappointing. leadfoot is great and was an instant buy, but i'm passing on the other 3 and waiting to see what comes tomorrow. they had a chance to make something really great here and floundered hard with unnecessary repaints

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If I had Bulkhead already, I'm not sure the deco or revamped accessories would be enough. BUT...I don't have Bulkhead. And issues with mold and character interpretation aside..the new deco, extra accessory and changing the existing ones to solid plastic are a compelling change at the same price as the retail figure.


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I only of these. And both are getting their Wrecker sigils covered up.

Does that make me a bad person?

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