Transformers Legacy toyline


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I was going to point out how Hasbro has had a rough track record for new names for a couple years now, and was going to cite names like Draculus and Tyrannocon Rex as examples... but then I realized we had Beast Wars characters named stuff like Cheetor, Rhinox and Dinobot... so maybe Transformer names have sucked for a long ass time.

JP93 is still especially god awful. He will forever be Warden to me, (both as in "Game Warden" as well as a reference to John Warden)
That people love a character with the utter trainwreck of a name that is Blackarachnia says the power of good fiction.


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Now THAT'S Impactor!

Yeah, if it's wasn't being sold packaged with that fossilizer, I might have picked this one up.


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... but the colors are really tacky (especially since I've been sticking with the "natural bone" ones) and not in a fun radioactive/lava theme, it's packed with some other figure I don't care for, and it's part of a third faction while the others are all Predacons or Maximals. Eh...

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Impactor has just enough retooling to justify him alongside the fossilizer.

Hopefully they get some fiction though, other than it's Spindle's first day.

Weird that the photos seem to be taken standing on Scorponok's back?

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I'm happy to get an Impactor that actually has the wreckers logo. The only other one I have is the Amazon version with the Roche head, and if the purples aren't too far off, I may do a head swap between that one and this new one. Definitely excited for the new Fossilizer! Also excited to see what the completed Wreckers hammer looks like. I hope all the sets are desirable enough to want to complete it (I didn't complete either the ER or Kingdom Amazon exclusive series; just a few from both lines).

Edit: I could tell that this new Impactor had a new head and chest, but I just realized that his shoulder cannon is new as well.


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Best thing about this whole set is that the name Spindle fits the Dinobot naming scheme, so if they ever want to do one of her with skin she can join Slash on the team.

-ZacWilliam, I havnt bought an Impactor before but this one is the best comic accuracy wise so they make a nice pair to preorder.

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