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Titan of course.

Looks like the cockpit's missing a clear part or something. Needs at least attempts at the gimmickry the original had because Cybertron Starscream is pretty ugly.


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Just saw the updated pictures and he definitely has his purple cockpit cover. He looks just about perfect. I guess troop building another class of Seekers is in my future.
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I was wondering how soon Silverbolt's wave mate was going to show up.

I always liked the Cybertron design for Starscream (big WWI fan as well), but I never got one due to the Supreme size. And the Voyager wasn't easily available at a price point I was comfortable with (oh, how times have changed on THAT front...). I had issues with some of the design (especially the arms), but this new version seems to address that, albeit at the expense of the deco detail.
Props to keeping the arm swords and the inclusion of a Cyber Planet Key


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That does look pretty good. Not sure if I would've preferred toy black over the cartoon's dark blue - the former is "cleaner" but the latter is more interesting/unique I think.

Wouldn't mind seeing this in other color schemes too. I only ever had the Dirge repaint of the original Voyager mold.


I always liked the design, but not so much as Starscream. It always felt too big and brutish for a conniving opportunist. Maybe I'll just head canon it as a Seeker Heavy or something.
It's based on his The War Within design, and a lot of the TWW designs were bulkier and beefier than the "normal" G1 bodies.


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It's based on his The War Within design, and a lot of the TWW designs were bulkier and beefier than the "normal" G1 bodies.

I'm aware. I still have the trade paperbacks of both War Within series (and the two or three issues of Age of Wrath that actually saw print). It didn't stand out so much there because Dreamwave bulked everyone up like that.

The Seekers use similar, but sleeker, designs in Megatron Origin. That was more or less how I figured it would look without the DW inflation.



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I do wish they would produce offical toys based upon the old Drewamwave War Within desgins, OP had a awesome look, I know they did the Micro Machines verison with metal along with Megatron, they are good display pieces but you can't really mess around with them to much due to their limitions, I do have the third party MP verisons but I want offical verisons of their desgins in mainline, there something about that Optimus that screams bad ass, to me!!


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First time I've ever felt an emotion towards this design that wasn't dislike. Nice to see the arms aren't just atrophied little stubs, the planet key is like every other one in the past just going in a parts box never to be touched again.

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