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Quite a bit of EarthSpark is reused Cyberverse molds though.
Reused almost universally as the same character in mostly the same deco (The only real exceptions being Skywarp and Hot-Rod-impersonating-an-officer).

We'll probably never see any of Twitch's (*checks*) five molds reused (unless Twitch herself gets thrown into the next line as a fill-in character). The other Terrans (and Elita-1) are also virtually guaranteed to be one-and-done single-use molds. Ditto for redesigned characters like Megatron or Bumblebee.

Hasbro just doesn't seem interested in repaints anymore. When was the last time we got so much as a Bumblebee released in any other colour but yellow and black?


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When was the last time we got so much as a Bumblebee released in any other colour but yellow and black?




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2018 Prime Wars Trilogy lines come to an end
Me: Those toys were great, but I think I can retire from collecting, unless they do Beast Wars or obscure characters.

2021 Kingdom
Me: Well I guess I'm back in like I said, but I'm tired of G1 so only Beasts, obscure characters or Japanese/European characters.

2022 Legacy
Me: Okay more Beasts Wars, Jhiaxus and Minerva, I can get them.

2023 Legacy Evolution
Me: Okay, Leo Prime and a Dinobot combiner, I'll still get the occasional figure but I gotta stop, unless they do something crazy like The Thirteen but that'd never happen.

Now: Seriously? Unbelievable.

I'm surprised that Micronus will be a deluxe, maybe he'll be on the small side Animated Bee? Solus and Alchemist, cool. Surprised Prima will only be a voyager, but I guess that's fairly normal for Optimus to be voyager now. Alpha Trion, I'm still quite happy with my TR toy so I'll have to see him first.

The Fallen, there's so many designs they could do, DW, IDW, Aligned (both Covenant and RiD), Prime Wars and Forged to Fight, or even something new. Onyx Prime, well he's going to be a must buy for me.

And Animated Wasp, Heatwave, Skybyte?! This is going to be an expensive year for me.


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Gonna take a second to indulge in some speculation for the leaked Mayhem listings...

Bludgeon - Probably a Marvel-colored version of the regular Bludgeon.

Ruckus - Likely a retool of Beachcomber.

Knockout - Probably the Legacy Knockout done in new colors.

Windsweeper - Likely a retool of Needlenose.

Chop Shop - Likely a retool of Shrapnel.

Barrage - Likely a retool of Bombshell.

Obvious picks are obvious, I know, but hey, I might be wrong.


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I'm kinda surprised just how much I'm looking forward to the 13. I've never been in love with the concept, but I've liked it well enough. But seeing that they'll apparently all be coming within the next few years, I'm really looking forward to them.

I'm certainly not expecting it, but I'd absolutely love it if they worked in compatibility with the Prime Masters in some way. Even if it's just something like a hidden chest cavity where they could plug in, that would make actually having them all so much more worthwhile.

I'm also wanting a HasLab Primus that much more now. I'm renovating my basement after a flood and finally have a nice place to display Unicron. I would love to add Primus and the 13 to it. A nice set of heralds for Unicron would be great too.

I'm certainly not opposed to the idea of combiner redos. I love the CW/PotP set, but I'd be happy to have both a full toy-based Scramble City set and a full cartoon-based set. Silverbolt's pretty much always been a robot folded up into a box under a plane, so I could imagine him working in a Legacy Motormaster sort of way.


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Only Scramble redos I’m really interested in are Protectobots and Bruticus. Can’t say I find the characterization for the combiners particularly endearing but I’m a sucker for combiners with varied altmodes. Probably a result of my Power Rangers upbringing.

With prices toys are nowadays and space concerns, I can’t go all-in like with CW.


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Have we been following the same EarthSpark toyline?

Hasbro's been on the single-use mold train for years.
No, no one is following the Earthspark toyline. The Earthspark toyline has 2 joints, and 3 paint apps. (I like the warriors, they are really cool)

But Legacy and studio series are a freaking repaint festival. Need 5 uses of the Skids mold? Yes. 3 of the G2 Prime mold, you bet. 67 Sideswipes? 3 Trailbreakers? how many seekers? 5 megatrons? Everything has been put on the treadmill.

Its repaint, reuse, remold hell. So pretty much expect that. And if you think that Hasbro's reported earnings and outlook doesn't inform firing over 2000 workers in the last year and that has no impact on the fact that most these waves are repaints, reissues, and one new mold, then you aren't looking at how cost cutting in production lines extends into manufacturing. Regardless if the boat can even get here from Vietnam.


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Gonna take a second to indulge in some speculation for the leaked Mayhem listings...

Knockout - Probably the Legacy Knockout done in new colors.
Actually, the G1 Knockout was part of a Micromaster combiner turning into a truck mounted backhoe. Which didn’t look too dissimilar to a tow truck.
I think he’ll be a retool of the Tow-Line tooling.


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I wouldn't be opposed to that if the plastic were better than Tow-Line's (my copy, at least).

But man. I would love an out-of-left-field Dark Energon Knock Out lumped in with the Mayhems.


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Knock-Out was secretly a member of Mayhem in IDW2. His design was directly based on his Legacy toy too, IIRC, so it's most likely him.

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