Transformers Legacy toyline


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Looks like Legacy Sandstorm has been revealed:

And some interesting comic book repaints of Grimlock and Shockwave:



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Via Kapow Toys on FB (beat me to it)






That Sandstorm is fantastic!


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I love Sandstorm. He’s one of the G1 toys I had from the 80’s and I get excited at any version of him that comes out. Dune buggy mode looks great. Helo mode looks great. Robot….lots of back kibble and he skipped leg day.


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Was not expecting a toy-based head for Sandstorm.

Disappointed that Shockwave's barrel is still purple instead of gray. Dramatic Capture Series got that one right.

One of the swords Grimlock comes with is the one that Jose Delbo always drew with a chip in its blade.


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That Sandstorm looks very good in all 3 modes! The Marvel stuff is cool I guess, but the changes aren't enough for me to double dip on either character. I feel like they're wringing all they can out of that Siege Shockwave, so there will probably be an all-new mold in the next couple of years.


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I dunno on Sandstorm. My first thought (without knowing his size class) was that I might pick him up if he were a voyager, but at $55 for a Leader, I doubt it. I know inflation has required cost-cutting to keep the same price points but it just looks light. That said, I do like that he got the toy face, the deco looks snazzy, and all 3 modes actually look pretty decent, no obvious loser like Blitzwing had.

Really happy to see the comics get some love, but not quite sure on the execution. Too often the shading doesn't really work IMO and the shading just looks like gunk. That said, I still don't have that Shockwave mold yet, was hoping for comic colors, so... this might be the only chance.

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Turning the buggy rollcage into a helicopter lift is a brilliant choice. Chopper mode looks fantastic, I don't hate the buggy mode, and robot mode just has a lot of kibble on his shoulders. I like a little kibble, but that is a LOT. I'm curious how his stability in that mode is.


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In for Sandstorm, just not for full price.

The only reason I'd grab Grimlock and Shockwave again would be to display them in their packaging, but the lack of plastic windows still saves me money.

Thank you Hasbro.


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I'm glad to see that molds exist for all the Dinobot swords, but as much as I love the packaging and overall execution of Marvel Grimlock, I doubt I'll splurge on it. Hoping those swords get released some other way that makes more sense for me.

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Tempted by Grimlock. I'm a sucker for Grim, and the shading effects are pretty well done, compared to Shockwave. That said, Shockwave is tempting just based on the pure iconography of that cover (even beyond the Transformers fandom), and shows how nice a G1 Optimus with yellow eyes can look. The catch, to me, is that there is clearly going to be more of these, so I'll probably have to pick and choose.

Sandstorm is very nice, but again, with so much coming this year, he's not high enough on "my list" to prioritize. Love the decision to integrate the roll cage as a "rescue cage" in helicopter mode.

The collective cry of our wallets this year...


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You know, that Sandstorm looks to have turned out pretty well. Both alt modes look quite good and the robot mode is pretty serviceable (I think it will look better in a more neutral pose).

I'd love to wait for a sale, but Hasbro Canada is likely to bring in one or two dozen total, so I'll preorder when it's available to.

I feel about the same for comic coloured figures as I do for cel-shaded, so I'm not super keen on them. I'm pretty certain a good number of folks will jump on those, though!

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