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wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
He's clothelining pedestrians and has to siddle through door frames sideways, but there's no such thing as too much shoulderpad.


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The new one is probably a better figure from the look of it, but I'm sad it looses a lot of the little detail in the original that was designed to look like a long captain's coat with epaulettes and tails. The "pirate captain" design touches were stronger there.

-ZacWilliam, but the original was garbage in beast mode so I'll take the trade off if this one's better.


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I can't remember if this is the right thread, but I think it is...
My payment processed last night for the Cheetor vs Waspinator Takara 2-pack from The Pulse.


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Don‘t know what I was expecting, but Wheeljack didn’t turn out as…elegant…as I was thinking. I think it’s the big boots he ended up with.

Tidal Wave looks fantastic, in a general sense. My biggest nitpick is that the head feels a little too tall and thin. He’s always had a tall, rectangular head, but it feels the design goes a bit too far here, especially without anything around the base to “even it out”.
That said, the rest looks good, and I’m a bit bemused at the decision to, basically, include “mini Tidal Wave parts” for the Megatron/Galvatron combination.
Speaking of, the combined Armada Galvatron and Tidal Wave should look gorgeous.


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The extra parts execution is an interesting choice, but I'll gladly take it so I can have my cake and eat it too in terms of display options.


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Honestly, I feel that all they really done is upscale the original toy on tidalwave for the most part and he feels like they were being lazy, it might be because I have been starring at the Enegron figure for years now as he never gone into storage, but given what they done for Megatron, overall, I think this figure would of been simply better at the commander class size than titan class


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I like it. He’ll make a nice foil to Omega Supreme. Better than Devastator or Trypticon at least.

Wheeljack looks like something from Minecraft lol.
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