Transformers Legacy toyline

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Probably cuz all of these leaks are from like internal catalogues distributed to retailers that very much are not meant for public consumption and the people who leak them could possibly lose their jobs if they find out they're leaking them to the actual people who post the leaks.

Yep. They're also just quite small pictures in the catalogue, so they look bad so they're blown up a lot.


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So, it's a different line named "Dramatic Capture Series", rather than part of Legacy. And using molds from lines that precede Legacy's existence.

Based on precedent set by Selects, Buzzworthy Bumblebee, and the like, I guess Dramatic Capture Series warrants its own thread, yes?


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Legacy United Silverbolt official reveal.







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Silverbolt looks good, the rest, I'm passing on, I got no desire to get the Megatron mold again as I got five copies alreeady, granted that one is the Earthrise while the rest are the Seige mold, Soundwave, I'm happy with what I got currently, same with Shockwave, as for the BW set, I'm passing, I don't really need another ghostscream and Waspinator, what would be kind of cool is if Takara took the ROTB SS figures and did them in their BW cartoon colours, hell, Hasbro & Takara are leaving money on the table when they could use the SS molds and dec them out in G1 colours!


Shame they gave Starscream the screaming face; should’ve kept it for “Sleep Mode”.

I’ll still buy it, though, as the only affordable official Ghost Starscream around.


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It looks too much like the regular release to be noteworthy, TBH. Apart from the Decepticon symbols on his temporal areas, a bit more brown and metallic yellow vs regular yellow are the only changes.

Silverbolt looks good but I hate the chest hinges. They're "supposed" to be there but they were an eyesore in the 90's, they were an eyesore on his 3D model and they're still an eyesore here.
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I’ve been mulling Silverbolt over in my head, and it’s, like, I can SEE where the improvements are. The increased toon accuracy, resulting in a larger figure (relative to the deluxe scale Blackarachnia), the extra deco on the non functioning projectiles, the increased wing articulation (due to the loss of the aformentioned projectile launcher), and even some extra articulation, especially noticeable in beast mode.

BUT…I find it a bit irritating that, some 25-odd years later, the best they seem capable of offering is so close to straight remake of the original, warts and all. I’ll wait for more images, but the initial impression isn’t overly flattering from a design perspective, to me.

The original Silverbolt was a fine figure…but it certainly had its design issues (the sensitive wing launchers and wonky waist I recall as mildly annoying). Even with the “size class upscale”, I’m worried that Hasbro’s penny pinching and state of their QC is going to take what were annoyances and exasperate them into legit, fundamental, issues with a figure many are excited for.

Guess we’ll see when the leakers get their hands on him.

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