Transformers Legacy toyline

Platypus Prime

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From a tech spec never written:

"Tarn, the ultimate warrior of the Decepticon Justice Division, trangresses all terrain!"*

*-So long as terrain is very smooth and has been predusted to prevent scraping. Trangressing terrain may void warranty. Offer not valid in CA. Must be 18 and over. Not to be taken internally. May cause rash. Wash, rinse, repeat. KHaAaaannnn...


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Got my email as well. Looking forward to him.
Got my last stunticon the other day. Finally put together Menasor. He looks really good, aside from a few minor quibbles the DNA kit will fix.


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Still waiting on Breakdown to complete the Stunticons, but was notified that Tarn was on his way.


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Not mine. But people love combining.


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I doubt it'll be that soon...but they're preordered!
Just about everything I had on order for March shipped by this point, between Voyager waves 3 and 4. I would NOT be surprised if Voyager wave 5 is that soon so that Hasbro can focus on the movie line for the spring and summer.


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I almost ordered while the link was working but figured I'd wait - did anyone that ordered get a cancelation?

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