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I know we tend to avoid unlicensed 3rd party stuff in this thread, but what the hell. I did these back in January 2017 for the MMC Hub Kultur re-color contest. The prize was a copy of their Not-MTMTE/LL Megatron, and I was so damn confident this would win I didn't order it and its first run sold out. Flash forward to this year and I'll be able to buy an official Bludgeon re-tool of Tarn from Hasbro. Coincidence? Almost certainly; this was before the IDW re-boot design of Bludgeon even existed, but on some level, I like to think I willed it into the universe.


Also, my other entry for that same contest, Armada GalvaTarn. I was working on an Armada Megatron and Stalker versions as well that I couldn't finish before the entry cutoff.

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