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I figured this might be worth sharing/talking about in here...

Over in the Iacon Art Gallery, some of you might have seen that I posted the latest episode in my ongoing fiction series, "Legends of the Halcyon Era." And on the mock-comic "cover" I made for it, there's a ship that may look familiar...

Yep; the ship/base is inspired by precisely what you think it is. I'd like to get a more distinct-yet-similar design for it at some point, but that wasn't able to happen by the time I needed this.

That said, if I ever got my hands on a G1 Maximus mold, part of me would love to give it a custom paint job like this (which was, in turn, inspired by this). Of course, given how long it's taken me to get my hands on one (37 years and counting), I am a bit reluctant about the idea, too.

(Especially if it winds up being Brave Maximus, because I love that color scheme and the windows and all that fun stuff.)

Side note: It's only been described as having similar base and starship modes in the story, nothing about a robot mode. I'm undecided on that, but I do have some ideas... particularly where the head is concerned.

Oh, and before anyone gets on me about a black/gold repaint, this is based around a character of mine who had those as his color scheme before it became so commonplace as a repaint color scheme. ;P
So hey, thinking on this... is anyone willing to try applying this to a G1 Fort Max pic?

Now I'm kinda curious to see how it would potentially look if I ever did get one and have the guts to customize it.

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