The Random Transformers Image Thread

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Apologies for video instead of images.

I'd forgotten how fun stop-motion videos were. This time Hasbro's shared some for Rescue Bots and Cyberverse.

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I'd say it's a little odd for Megatron to wear a shirt with a picture of himself on it, but then I remembered that he spent the early 90's walking around with "Megatron Rules!" scrawled across his chest, so maybe it's not that out of character for him.
I'm just trying to figure out if She-Ra is dressed as Catra, or if Catra is dressed as She-Ra.

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Still haven't seen the Cyberverse specials but I saw a clip of Grimlock meeting the Dinobots and seeing Shadow Striker tell them off, I'm going to assume this is how it will go :


Also, no Transformers in the pic but here anyhow :

Demon Slayer 105 Cyberverse.jpg
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