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How did we get so dark?
I handled the ER Arcee mold via Lifeline, and it was...not good.

Having a chance at (what currently looks to be) the T30 mold with improved articulation looks to be a much better way to go.


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Full reveal is available now.

5mm hands, waist swivel, ankle tilts and FINALLY a boxy midriff. Sadly it looms like her new legs don't form parts of the car, instead opting for an ER arcee style shellforming that folds up and makes her pack even bigger.

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It's a shame to lose the thighs making part of the alt mode that made her feel like more of a transformer, but it still looks better than the Earthrise toy.

What does Takara have against transforming this toy correctly by folding the fenders in.


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Yeah, I skipped ER Arcee (but got Netflix Elita and Lifeline), and I have T30 Arcee, but I might just have to pick this one up.


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Interesting. Yeah, the hips are better, but by way of abandoning any semblance of turning into parts of the car.

If I didn't already have Thrilling 30 Arcee, I'd probably bite, but since I do it's a skip.


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That Arcee seems to have pretty significant changes from the T30 mold. Like they share the chestplate, arms and head and maybe front part of the car shell, but everything else is different?


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Legends Arcee still remains the most show-accurate, paint-wise:




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Overall, it's not perfect; waist swivel is in a weird spot, needs a couple of additional paint apps and I don't like how she's almost 100% shellformer. The backpack kibble doesn't look quite as bad compared to the original figure though. (Just bad in a different way) and this is the first G1 without a rounded, human waist, so I think I'm in since I skipped ER Arcee.


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Already got a Legends Arcee, but this is very tempting, if only for having legs that aren't so weirdly jointed.


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Honestly, this studio series Arcee, looks ok, but I'm not sure if the robot mode hands have been retooled or not, its kind of hard to tell in the shots, on my old T30 Acree the hands got a bit broken, same goes with the animated Acree that I got before, so hopefully this one had the hands retooled to be able to hold any weapon with the 5ml corrector!


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Takara's Legends release is still the winner, IMO. SS86 just looks like a quick Frankensteining of the two, and it shows.
I think it shows also that Hastak listen to fans and that we don't need to buy new versions of characters if we find them lacking. We don't need to worry that a better release will take ages, as recolours and remolds for many characters seem to be more frequent than ever before.

That's why I'm still unafraid of passing on many Siege/Legacy figures (my first snubbed "collectors" line, excluding Animated, Prime and Bayverse), such as Shockwave, Springer, Galvatron, Astrotrain and Blitzwing; Better versions will inevitably get a fairly quick release in the future, IMO.


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Ill get her but Im not happy with the engineering T30 I think still wins

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