Robosen: "interactive robot" ROTB Optimus Prime coming May 25

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Looks nice. Presumably those of us even with Hasbro Pulse outside of North America still won't be allowed to buy it though.


Kaiser Dragon
If money and space were no objects, I'd love to have both Optimus and his trailer. Alas, money and space very much are objects.

If they were to make a Robosen Rodimus Prime or Megatron that turned out as well, I would definitely make my best effort to scrape up the money and make space.

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I love it, but $1500 for the set is beyond me, as that's at least a few good payments for the other even MORE expensive battery powered truck I want, and that one is getting priority since I can climb inside it and drive around...

This is the sort of thing my thirteen year old self would have gone nuts over, it's amazing.


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I'm sure, in our lifetime, a smaller, slightly more basic, but just as enjoyable version will come out, for much less money.

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*looks back and forth at the two posts*


LBD "Nytetrayn"

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Did the FB video not embed just as a YouTube one would there? It works just the same for me, no visiting FB necessary.


Interesting design choice, splitting the trailer across the middle like that. Presumably so the inertia of the transformation wouldn't make it faceplant or toss itself across the room. And... while it's hella expensive, I can't help but admire that they included so many play patterns - Roller as a controllable RC unit, the trailer being able to deploy the artillery platform while the truck is rolling, Roller being able to pull the trailer, the trailer being able to auto-assume the upright repair station mode even though I don't think it's ever appeared in animated form (...?) That's a lot of work.


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Non-converting, I assume, but there'll be a limited edition ROTB-based Optimus Prime coming out in May.


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