Post Pictures of Your Transformers, Vintage Pic Edition!



Red Cog includes a special fridging gun that attaches to female Autobots' backs, which I'm sure will be a big timesaver


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Fall of Cybertron turns 10 today, so here's what was once considered a small Deluxe and a not-Lego custom based on my multiplayer bot.
I bought that game for PC, but never finished it. Just don't have much time for videya games these days. Maybe I'll have it beat by the 25th anniversary.

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Funny you mention (Cybertron) Mudflap; I just yesterday dug out my Demolishor.
Such a wonderful figure, and no less than TWO sculpted interiors behind the lovely green translucent plastic.
Not to mention his particularly notorious, er, feature; he might getting on in years, but he can still keep that thing up no problem. :D

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Most of his vehicle mode kibble ends up pretty unwieldy in robot mode, but I still miss Transformers having more unique transformations like this instead of 'front of vehicle becomes chest, rear of vehicle becomes legs' most of the time nowadays. =/

Incidentally, I still have my copy of Cybertron Mudflap... but time has not been kind to the gummy translucent plastic they used for the crane blade on that version - it's been flexing outward while in storage because of the spring-loaded mechanism, and now the tip of the blade no longer reaches the minuscule catch keeping it inside the crane arm, meaning it always deploys the moment the crane arm is fully extended. =(


My quest for three completely different Voyager-sized versions of the original three Seekers is done...... for now. =P

My original plan was to get Earthrise Thundercracker (to evoke his fascination with Earth) and Siege Skywarp (the Cybertronian mode makes more sense with his sci-fi teleportation ability), but then that version of Skywarp became next-to-impossible to find at non-wallet-killing prices. Then my copy of Earthrise Thundercracker's right shoulder broke right out of the box (it was too tight and sheared off that small peg keeping the internal mushroom peg in position), and it was too late for me to request a replacement from BBTS because they had run out of stock. >.< So a while later, I ordered Siege Thundercracker...... and also Siege Starscream, because Thundercracker having the smirking expression will bug me forever if I don't swap it out for Starscream's neutral one. 8D

......Dangit, Hasbro got me good with this trio. Guess I should just try and recoup some of the cost by selling Siege Starscream off to anyone who might prefer him with that smirking head... =P


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It's so puzzling how that toy had its deco inverted from the cartoon color scheme when Copy Convoy's episode aired months before that toy's release.

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I understand perfectly! I've never even seen one in stores, the only reason I have the one in the picture is a friend saw it and got it for me because he knew I had tried to preorder it and failed.

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It wouldn't surprise me if that had been the intent that didn't work out (since the package art shows the flag oriented in a way that's impossible on the actual toy). But they did manage to pull off a new Deluxe with the bare minimum of tooling, as documented in the livestream and Tfwiki, so I'm not surprised a few corners got cut, like the shoulders. I'm actually impressed that it works WELL, right out of the box. It's the first Transformer I've gotten in a while that hasn't required something to be thickened or filed just to operate properly.


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Throwback to these neat ones, fated to be retired one by one...

My customizing took a really hard lean into eHobby/Diaclone territory a couple years ago (I've said before how fond I am of that era of reissues/redecos), and now that official versions are becoming more and more the norm, these are getting edged out of place for factory-durable (i.e I didn't paint em, whether spray or brush) upgrades.

It's the weirdest not-really-superpower.
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