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...was kind of expecting this to look weirder than it does, actually.


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Got G2 Megatron today, and what ends up annoying me the most about him is how easy it could have been to make the turret his shoulder cannon. With no add-ons even.


If there was a 5mm port on the sides of his treads towards the top, this would work perfectly. The sword still plugs in securely for transformation. The tabs on the rear tank bit slot into the slots for his shoulder tabs very securely as well. There's just not a good place to connect it on his back. Even without the 'correct' chest, this would have still made him an ideal G2 Megatron, and I'm not sure why it wasn't planned that way.


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Kind of want to go over the pearlescent gray with a proper shiny silver. Was surprised at how flat it looked. Like plastic from which all the chrome had flaked off.

Also, I'm not super fond of the Titans Return face sculpt, but this one is not better-looking than that.

I do like the upper body transformation steps into microscope mode; the scope gets into position more neatly than the unwieldy-at-times (but not bad per se) slider on the TR one, with the foldover base and the shoulder panels flipping up to lock it in place. And hey, the simplest thing: fold the head away to hide it. The TR one oddly didn't bother with anything for the head in scope mode (everyone else gets a cockpit, this one gets... to be ogled).

I do feel TR Perceptor is better proportioned overall (microscope mode shouldn't really be this wide). But both are good takes on the character.

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