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Yeah, it's not even so much that he wants power; he just hates losing. Arguably the worst thing he ever did with the power he had was block other, more responsible people from having it instead.

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A German meme for the ages:

From this German language movie (which is a parody of old school Edgar Wallace crime dramas, with the name of the titular villain, the "Wixxer", being a deliberate misspelling of the German word "Wichser", which means "wanker") comes the most popular character who has achieved legandary meme status among German speakers: Alfons Hatler, played by German actor Christoph Maria Herbst.

The gist of the character, and the basis for the ongoing joke, is that Alfons Hatler looks, talks and acts just like Adolf Hitler... except he's not supposed to be Hitler, and everybody else seems to be completely oblivious to the similarities. As far as the plot is concerned, he's really just a supporting character with an odd gimmick, and he doesn't turn out to be the villain in the end, despite being the butler in a crime drama parody. His mannerisms are on point for being a Hitler lookalike, he acts like a German stereotype (insofar as he lacks any sense of tact, but he's not really ill-meaning, he's just brutally honest), he exercises to the sound of David Hasselhoff's "Looking for Freedom" (played on a phonograph)... but by far his most iconic moment in the film is when Hatler mocks the villain's ultimate fate in the form of his self-inflicted demise, in a case of epic lampshading:
Hatler villain speech.jpg

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