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I've seen half the eps. I like that they included the Lost Bots into the show lore. Don't like how some bots look, like Burgertron having that huge circle behind him but I accept others cuz I like their character.

(I like competitive Kikmee cuz of the claw ep and Bonz Eye cuz she's TFA Prowl so I'll forgive their modified bodies)

Sprinkleberry is just how I imagined him, sorta. Hope we see animal Botbots soon but might be a surprise since Bonz Eye doesn't hasn't found her tribe yet (so no Slobberock turtle thing, the T Rex plant or Venus Flytrap any time soon?). Hope the unicorn cupcakes get an ep.

Burgertron is a less intense Teen Titans Go Robin, yeah. I'd be happier without the toilet humor Clogstopper brings. Dimlit is decent enough.

How old is Dave? Early 30s? Late 20s?

I wonder if the cup of special powers will return? Hmm.

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Finished the whole thing - kinda accidentally binged it. As someone who loves BotBots, this was practically perfect, other than a few too many scat jokes (thanks Clogstopper). I smiled, I laughed, and I got a few surprise twists. Really couldn’t be happier, other than the sadness that it’s two years too late. What are the odds we get a second season?


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check it out March 25th!

According to Netflix, this show was out on the 25th March. Bother, it's the 27th March now in Japan (26th March in the US) and there's nothing. Going to the official Netflix site (which usually redirects me to the equivalent Japanese Netflix content site) just gives me an error page. Also, for some odd reason, there's a seemingly "official" Netflix (After School) channel at YouTube that had the first episode, which I can view in Japan:


Also, for those who pay for Netflix, but have been denied the opportunity to watch it on their version of Netflix, I believe, but cannot verify, that it is available here:

- https:// the piratebay DOT org/search.php?q=Botbots&all=on&search=Pirate+Search&page=0&orderby= *

(* Disclaimer - I in no way endorse nor advocate piracy, but I believe those who pay for a Netflix account are entitled to access Netflix-produced/funded content. However, as due diligence, I have edited the link given to deny direct access to it.)
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Done with all the 10 eps. I think my favorite was the racing ep, because we got to see the other BotBot experts as the racers. Also the detective mystery afterwards. Though I thought we'd see how they made the fake body and killer.

I'm surprised at the arc. Because it's not a good vs evil thing but more of a social problem, it kinda hurts more. But I'd love it to see more of that, like 10 ep arcs.

I'm super disappointed that we didn't see the Halloween and Christmas guys! They were just there! Couldn't we at least have had eyes glowing in the darkness at the ending? C'moooon! Also, still no feral Botbots? Aw. Second season please.

Btw, who are the Botbots who aren't toys?

Blind date Anty Farmwell?
Dimlit's girlfriend?
Judge Vomit Comet?
Dungeon master Playgor Card-something?
The Goldrush cup?

My favorite Botbots are Kikmee, Bonz Eye, Sprinkleberry, Frostferatu. Dimlit, Playgor and the head custodian with the mustache, second.


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I've got all the main cast except Kickmee and that's maybe more frustrating to me than having none of them.

Also I really wish Jacqueline and Lady Macaron had toys.

-ZacWilliam, such an awesome fun show.

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Some folks are painting their Botbots to look like the show. But can someone make a show body accurate Kikmee? It's got to be possible, right? She had doll proportions.

Lady Macaron doesn't have a toy?! Weird. I assumed that she did.


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Just finished it. People have compared this show to The Amazing World of Gumball, a show I didn't watch. So, making a Transformers version was probably a good way to get me to watch a show like this. I found myself really enjoying it, more than I thought I would. The writing was really charming, clever, and at times downright hilarious. My favorite funny moment has got to be when Kikmee increased Dave's robot-dinosaur order quantity to 1000 right before he was instantly charged for that many. I lost it at his tidal wave of panicked reactions. :ROFLMAO:

I was also very surprised to see that there was an actual ongoing storyline with various plot threads continuing from episode-to-episode. The Lost Bots' quest to get back in good graces with the other tribes, Dave's attempts to uncover the truth of the BotBots' existence, Spud Muffin's gradual descent from arrogant jock to villainous schemer, all of these were given room to grow and develop over the course of the season. That really kept my attention and made me want to see where the story would go and what the payoff would be. Of course, the end result was predictable, but also apropos to the kind of message this show was trying to convey.

Clogstopper's gross-out humor didn't bother me too much, since it was less on the disgusting level of Revenge of the Fallen and more like Captain Underpants. Though, speaking of the live action movies, the very end of the season leaves me wondering if the universe of this show could be considered a Movieverse universe, since something very integral to the Movieverse pops up in the final episode. And there are a lot of live-action images shown throughout the show, soooo... maybe? I mean, not every Movieverse universe is in live action: There's comics, novels, and web cartoons too.

Overall, this was a fun show.


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Had anyone tried to translate all of the cybertronian text in these episodes yet?
I've only seen a couple of the episodes so far, but yeah, I did notice that the background is absolutely littered with Cybertronian text. I haven't translated any of it, though.

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images - 2022-03-31T163313.225.jpeg

Er, what the name of the Bakugan on the left? I figure that would make a good base if anyone ever wanted to make a show proportioned Kikmee figure that transforms into a soccer ball.


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Neat video upload from the Netflix After School channel, good roundup of the characters, but also a couple reveals in terms of squad names and character genders that weren't addressed in-show.

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