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Super late to the party on this, but I binged the whole show and really enjoyed it.

Reading over the thread, I see folks guessing Zod as Brainiac's leader, but I'm not so sure. That was my first guess, too, but then I saw the end credits. The voice cast said that the "Kryptonian Warrior" was voiced by Kari Wahlgren. So either they've genderbent Zod into a woman like they did for Flip Johnson, Heat Wave, and Ron(nie) Troupe, or it's someone else like Faora, Ursa, or Mala.

And something I didn't see anyone bring up in this thread: Do we suspect that Ivo's assistant Alex may turn out to be this show's version of Lex Luthor? His surname was never given (perhaps deliberately avoided), and his likeness does sorta bear a resemblance to Jesse Eisenberg's Lex from the Batman v. Superman. If any show would be bold enough to homage that particular version of Lex and try to make it work, it'd be this show.

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Huh. That side guy as Luthor? Doesn't have the ego and the hate for Superman would be different but, sure, why not?

I'd just like to see the Legion soon.


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Do we suspect that Ivo's assistant Alex may turn out to be this show's version of Lex Luthor?
That's certainly the impression I got.

One of the rules of drama is the "One Steve Limit," so if there's an "Alex" associated with Superman, it kinda has to be him.

Maybe the one twist is that Alex is actually Luthor Junior, and his daddy (who may have gotten him the job with Ivo) will later show up and end up downloading his brain into his son's body.

(In the Post-Crisis books, Lex Jr. was just a clone that Lex made, but introducing him as an actual person would make for a suitably tragic twist when Lex overwrites him. It would also let the writers sell Lex as a murderer without actually doing anything that would offend Censors.)

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His hate, from what I can remember, stems from him idolizing his boss (Parasite) and Superman ruining those plans. It feels different to have a Lex whose motivations are based on Lex actually being under someone else. Massive ego is quintessential Lex trait and to have him actually gush over someone else (see himself lower), seems odd.

But it could work, somehow. I like the clone Lex Jr idea but I don't like OG Lex being older that this Superman. Same age hijinks would be more fun.

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They rewrote everything else, they could have just made it so luthor was just starting out. Even raging narcissist, but actual genuises need to start somewhere.


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Ugh, why'd they have to move it to saturday?

I work Saturdays. Have to watch in Breakroom... IF I get to watch in breakroom.


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So 3 episodes in and the fun keeps on rolling.
Lex has been a fun back burner villain so far. This version feels like what we should have gotten from Eisenberg in the movies or at least more of what they should have aimed for

The lengths Waller is willing to go is despicable. Most of those people she experimented on didn’t deserve it.

but last night with John Henry! Love the beginnings of Steel already!

And are we giving Clark some of his Electric form powers? Definitely some amount of energy manipulation going on there

Jimmy no doubt will lose his big money before the end of the season. It’s most likely his main gag this season.

And how long will we wait for Kara to be introduced? I’m actually surprised she wasn’t already in by the second episode considering how she’s already shown in trailers and bumpers.


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Its interesting seeing the characters they are introducing. Hank Henshaw aka Cyborg Superman, We got Cyborg's dad. Now we got Steel.

Also really liking how they're basically making Vicki Vale into both Lois' Rival and sorta her adult self.

And Perry White has the best line of the season so far: Jimmy "Mr. White, the interns aren't listening to me!" White: *just bursts out laughing and walks away* revenge achieved.

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