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I feel like the asylum thing was left deliberately ambiguous, partly to leave it to our own imaginations to explain it, and party just to mess with our minds.


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The asylum at the end was literal, and not the same one as the internal one that Taweret explicitly explained as a mental framework Marc was in, to come to terms with being dead/balance the scales. The end one was useful as a temporary detainment venue for Harrow, who might have been found wandering post-finale or might have been put there by Marc and Layla rather than killing him. He would be unbalanced by having been hastily made a vessel for Ammit (presumably without adequate preparation etc), until Konshu and Jake felt like taking care of him (seemingly) permanently.


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Finally got around to watching this; and I am pleased overall. Moon Knight is basically Marvel's Hawkman in that he's a complete clusterfuck of a character, who never seems the same every time he pops up. So I really wasn't sure how this series was gonna work, and they managed to find away to make the character work beautifully. It might not be 100% true to the comics, but the comics ain't even 100% true to the comics. They got all the most important elements of the character, streamlined them into something that works simply, and still told a very compelling story. Its further proof that Fiege certainly knows what he's doing.

Making Steven the 'every man' was probably the best decision; since it gives the audience an easy in with a very likable and relatable character, and removes an element of 'Batman' from the character; while Marc and Jake seeming to be roughly the same characters helps balance that. I really want to see more of this Moon Knight, as they've made him a character I really like rather then one I just think is kinda cool and interesting.


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My wife didn’t like the first episode WAY back, so I just now caught up. I really liked the show.

The Egyptian mythology stuff takes some thought and I am not sure it bears out. It isn’t clear what an Egyptian god is. Best I know, none of them were reputed to have created the Earth or anything. But are they native to Earth? Aliens that tried to take humanity under their wings and it didn’t work out? It is funny to think some powerful aliens would find a planet and take it over for a while and eventually get outgrown and all the while be unaware that it was a Celestial egg.

The afterlife has to be something tied to the nature of the universe and these guys actually have jobs to do and I don’t know how you get signed up for that gig. I feel like there is a What Dreams May Come sort of deal with Marvel or at least the MCU where the afterlife is a natural thing, but what you find when you get there depends a lot on what you were expecting.

But anyway, these Egyptian gods are in a sad state. It is an interesting idea. No one believes in you anymore and it’s hard to get that jump started again and so they are pretty washed up. They say they have avatars just to observe, but they don’t seem very observant. I don’t know how many gods they had. Not too many avatars and plenty of trapped gods, but at least the one who was free and didn’t have an avatar. But it seems like a small group of gods got a firm idea of how to go on and have had to little by little imprison most of their friends. The trial was pretty dumb, with no evidence presented, but I guess they have been thinking for a while they would have to do something about Khonshu, so they probably knew how the trial was going to end before they all got there.

I hope that Moon Knight will get tied in with team up movies in the future, but it will be interesting to see how to pull it off.

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