Customs Minerva Wollstonecraft Shelley


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Inspired by the upcoming Frankentron, I dyed a spare Minerva black and reshaped the head to look more like her hairstyle. Then, masochistically, I decided that making the trim look like lace would be a cool idea.


Blade and speech bubble based on Shelley's appearances in the long-running "Midnight Pals" twitfics. Currently working on the vehicle mode (a couple of bits didn't line up properly, and I was missing some trim), will post pics of that and the revised robot mode once that's done.



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As someone who did his English Masters Thesis on Frankenstein I wish this was something I could buy, as insane as that would be.

Great Job. :)

-ZacWilliam, now daydreaming about doing Percy Shelley or Victor Frankenstein out of Earthspark Thrash. His spindly thin body feels appropriate somehow.

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