Memes: the DNA of the soul.


terminal shitposter
post memes here. the dumber/more absurd, the better.

1. no hateful/bigoted memes. if a meme has a slur in it or is making a cruel "joke" about a marginalized group, it doesn't belong here.
2. no porn, even if it's cropped/censored. keep it PG-13, folks; adult humor is fine, but "THE JOKE IS PORN" is cringe.
3. no shock images/screamers. also if a video meme is loud, put up an audio warning first.
4. if a meme is fanart, then credit the artist. it's just common courtesy.
5. there is no rule 5. you're just imagining things.
6. "dead"/old memes are fine. this forum is like almost two decades old.
7. memes with rapidly flashing lights or eyestrain have to have warnings first, or better yet shouldn't be posted at all.
8. have fun

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