Oh yes...I'm bringing it back. This can be top # lists, grocery lists, recipe lists, hit lists...put your lists here!

Top 10 Video Game Franchises

10. Star Fox
I love the SNES and N64 games. The games since then have had good points and bad points. But none have come close to the level of the 64 game. Star Fox Zero came close, but the controls were just too complicated. I got used to them at the time, but there's no way I even want to try to go back to it. Nintendo can bring this franchise back, but they really need to get back to basics.

9. Mario
Platformers just aren't my jam. But before you get your torches and pitchforks, think of all the other franchises you know for a fact that I love that didn't even make it on this list. I don't like platformers, yet Mario still makes my top 10 over Cyberpunk, Ghost of Tsushima, Pokémon and others. Mario and Duck Hunt were most kids first games to own back in the day. Even I (someone who doesn't care much for platformers) still have to give Mario his due by giving him a place on this list.

8. Tomb Raider
The more classic games, particularly the Legend/Anniversary/Underworld trio would have scored higher. The reboot is still nice and all, but far too serious and stressful for my tastes. But I will always have a soft spot for Lara and though her place may fluctuate, she will always be welcome on this list.

7. Mortal Kombat
Used to be, if you were honest with yourself, the only thing this series had going for it was the blood and gore. It was never a technical, competitive tournament fighter. It was more style than substance. But 9, 10 and 11 have really grown the beard. Yes violence and gore is still very much a focus of the game, but it's also got deeper gameplay than it used to. I don't think it'll ever overtake Street Fighter in my heart, but it'll always have its own place.

6. Smash Brothers
Link vs. Samas? Mario vs. Pikachu? Pit vs. Simon Belmont? Do I really need to say any more? Hell yes I love this series!

5. Street Fighter
You see kids, back in the day there were these things called arcades and this series here was undisputed king. Street Fighter was my first tournament fighter, first game to use more than 2 buttons... and you never forget your first. And its cast was crazy for its tome: Men, woman, white, black, asian, indian, russian, american...hugging nuts! And Chun Li's still hot.

4. Castlevania
Konami used to be best game maker ever. They could be again if they could just get away from those damn pachinko machines. Metroidvania being my most favorite genre ever, and this being the franchise to give that genre the second half of its name, you know I love this gme. I much prefer the 2D over the 3D and the Advance/DS games rule supreme. But I also still love to go all the way back to the original 8-bit NES game, which I do own the cartridge for!

3. Mass Effect
If I have to explain this one then you never knew me.

2. Metroid
This may come in at number 2, but it is a very...VERY...close number 2. I own every single game in the franchise and even rated each one individually in the Metroid thread. Let me put it this way. Back in the 80's you had franchises for boys and franchises for girls. To be a boy and play the part of a woman character, you just don't do that if you didn't want made fun of and have your sexuality called into question (which while not a big deal now, back in the 80's...not getting into politics here, but it was a different culture back then). Yet when it came to Metroid, no one said a damn thing! That's how awesome it was.

1. Zelda
As much as Metroidvania may be my favorite genre, Zelda will always be my number 1 franchise, always. Convoluted timeline notwithstanding, I love the story, I love the characters, I love the game play. If I could only play one franchise from now on and all others ceased to exist, Zelda has to stay. And you know what, I think what's telling that this is the only franchise I can think of where it doesn't matter if it's 2D or 3D. I love all the games...except Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Hug those games!

Haze Arquebus

Cursed Punweaver
Top 10 indie games, with completely arbitrary and varying criteria, because it's my list.

10. Cyber Shadow
An extremely solid and also extremely challenging game that I feel strikes a reasonable enough balance between its difficulty and the placement of checkpoints. Excellent soundtrack, and what I've seen of the story is neat, though I've yet to finish it, since it tends to make my hands hurty.

9. Panzer Paladin
Very charming game with the gimmick from Metal Warriors, added to using melee weapons. Very tongue-in-cheek 80s anime vibe, but in the "we clearly love anime" way, not in the "haha, anime sure is wacky" way. Also need to finish this one.

8. Hades
This, this is how you make a rougelite super-engaging. Like, what else can I say, it's goddamn Supergiant doing what they do. There's even a mode for people that don't gel with the genre who just want the story bits. A+.

7. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
The big daddy of indie games, the spark of what would be a retro-style revival once it took off and everyone and their grandma wanted a piece of that kickstarter pie. Eventually grew into 5 games in one - or to be purchased separately, if that's your perogative. I made a joke review on Steam back when it was just the first game that it was my favorite Mega Man game, and I still stand by that. Love most of the others, though I never did get through Plague of Shadows - Plague Knight's a bit wild to control, and he didn't get levels catered to him like Specter Knight and King Knight did.

Take Quake and Blood, mix them together, and put in a bit of Redneck Rampage's general aesthetic, and you get a fantastic retro-style horror shooter. My only complaint is that the protag is mostly silent, save for like one optional line and Quake-esque HUP HUP HUPs, but the game's so fun that this complaint is exceedingly minor.

5. Stardew Valley
After I fell in hard with Harvest Moon 64 back in the summer before 8th grade, I've been chasing that kind of fixation again with other HM and Story of Seasons games with mixed results. I've put 375 hours so far into Stardew, so, uh. I think I found it.

4. Unsighted
Top-down Zelda meets Hyper Light Drifter. Extremely solid, chunky combat. The game that finally made me enjoy parrying as a concept in games. Big replayability and speedrunning/sequence breaking are encouraged by the devs. Soundtrack full of bangers and queer as hell.

3. Iconoclasts
This took the dev like ten years to finish on his own and it's flawed in places but I still love it. It's all cutesy heehoo mechanic girl having adventures and then everything is suddenly much less cute and everything hurts. Amazing boss fights and pixelwork and music and a bonkers story.

2. We Know the Devil
This is like. A very personal ranking, because it's like a two hour visual novel, that if you didn't grow up in an oppressive Christian environment as a closeted queer person, it probably won't hit for you the same way. If you think it might, though, for maximum impact, play it at like 2AM when you're feeling kind of melancholy.

1. Undertale
Look, I know it's a big meme now, that it's a big joke to a lot of people now, but this is also a pretty personal ranking - partially just for how emotional the game is in general, but like. In the years since, a lot of shit has happened - both on a large scale and a personal one, and I've tried to always keep "Despite everything, it's still you" in the back of my mind. It's grounding when shit gets out of hand.


For those keeping track of Bond films:

George Lazenby (1)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Timothy Dalton (2)
The Living Daylights
Licence to Kill

Pierce Brosnan (4)
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World is not Enough
Die Another Day

Daniel Craig (5)
Casino Royale
Quantum of Solace
No Time to Die

Sean Connery (6) (not counting Never Say Never Again [not an EON production])
Dr. no
From Russia With Love
You Only Live Twice
Diamonds Are Forever

Roger Moore (7)
Live and Let Die
The Man With the Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
A View to a Kill




Well-known member
sharkys top five miniature wargames
1. Warmachine
2. Bolt Action
3 Flames of War
4. Beyond the gates of Antares
5. Conquest Last Argument of Kings


Top 5 Batman Stories
5. Death in the Family
4. Long Halloween
3. Dark Knight Returns
2. Year One
1. Killing Joke

Top 5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stories
5. City at War (My list, my order. This was pretty depressing for me to put up at at the top)
4. Turtles in Space
3. Return to New York
2. The River (My list my order. This was my introduction to Mirage)
1. Last Ronin

Top single issue TMNT comics
5. Tales of the TMNT 4: I, Monster (Rat King)
4. Raphael 1 (Introduces Casey Jones.)
3. Leonardo 1 (Leonardo vs. the entire Foot Clan and the return of Shredder)
2. Mirage TMNT 2 (April O'Neil, Baxter Stockman and Mousers)
1. Mirage TMNT 1 (Origins and Shredder)


Top 5 Final Fantasy games (my list, my rules version) (main line only)

5. III
This is the first main line Final Fantasy game I ever played. So it will always have a place in my heart. It's still very old school even with the DS remake (turn-based, menu-based, random encounters). But it will always be my first.

4/3. VII/IX
Which one edges out the other can change by the hour. While III is the first main line game I played, the demo to VII (came with the PC version of Tomb Raider 3) was my first introduction to the series as a whole. So for the longest time whenever I thought "Final Fantasy," I thought "Cloud." Still, I absolutely loved Zidane and company the moment I saw them. Absolute love.

2. XIV
This...actually isn't the first MMO I ever played. I played Everquest for a couple days and got a decent bit into Elder Scrolls online. I also didn't get really addicted to it until near the end of Heavensward. But I have gotten addicted to it. I also have a friend in the same world (if only we were ever on at the same time). I would put this at #1, but I think that would only be because I'm currently addicted to it.

1. XV
My list, my rules. I've already given the gory details of why this is my favorite. I really don't need to tell you about it again. So I think I'll spare you the details of how it helped me get through my first kidney stone and at the same time helped me reconnect with a friend. Though I have to admit it had a rough launch and I typically don't like it when you have to go to media outside the game to get the whole plot, still my list, my rules.

Runner Up
XII. I like Fran.


Top 5 numbers:

Age you can be tried as an adult.

The answer to everything

Driving age

Drinking age



Most Memorable Moments of Tears of the Kingdom

5. Horses from BotW come forward automatically and are already stabled.

Happiness rating 15/10

4. Getting the Master Sword back

Heartwarming rating 10/10

3. Zelda becomes a dragon!

Heart breaking rating 10/10

2. Sages show up to help Link battle Ganon.
Holy crap in this actually happening? Rating 10/10

1. Zelda becomes human again.

Happiness rating 20/10

Runner up
Caldwin makes a rating list made primarily of spoiler tagged entries.

WTF rating 100/10

Destron D-69

top 10 'Legacy' Sideswipes:

10: Seige Sideswipe: the first, the least
09: Earthrise Redalert: got him on second clearance thought I needed a white Ranger
08: Deepcover: he's blue dobode dododie
07: Other Deepcover: the black one that's basically blue parts g2 Sideswipe
06: G2 Sideswipe: Redparts other Deepcover
05: Back2theFuture guy: I've forgotten his name
04: Clampdown: the white Ranger I should have waited for
03: Earthrise Sideswipe: he's like number 10 but like a lambo instead of a space lambo
02: Tigertrack(s): Is it plurral? I don't know I missed him because he's yellow but like its funny to see sunstreaker sideswipe lol
01: the other Redalert: why was this one so hard to get lol


Top 6 Martial Arts actors

6. Keanu Reeves
So, yeah, back in his Bill and Ted days, I don't think anyone thought he'd ever be a serious action actor. But hey, here we are.

Movies to see:
John Wick (series), Matrix (series), 47 Ronin

5. Toshiro Mifune
He's in a bunch of Akira Kurosawa films. You only need to see one of them to see why he deserves to be among these other names.

Movies to see:
Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Sanjuro, Rashomon

4. Donnie Yen
I actually only heard of him because of movies you wouldn't really consider martial arts films (Highlander Endgame, Blade 2, Rogue One). But that's all it took.

Movies to see:
Ip Man, John Wick 4

Looking for more

3. Jet Li
You know, the more I type, the more it feels like if I have to explain any of these, this list just isn't for you.

Movies to see:
Lethal Weapon 4, The One, Hero, The Forbidden Kingdom

2. Jackie Chan
Like seriously, what can I say here?

Movies to see:
Police Story (series), Drunken Master (series), Shanghai Noon/Knights, Rush Hour (series), The Forbidden Kingdom

1. Bruce Lee
Like anyone else could be number 1.

Movies to see:
Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss, The Way of the Dragon (Chuck Norris fight in here too), Game of Death


Top 10 Ship Names to Run Away From

10. Bounty
I haven't exactly done a deep study on the event. A quick skim through the ever dependable Wikipedia seems to indicate the mutiny itself was rather bloodless. So it stays low on the list. Still, the very name "Bounty" has become synonymous with mutiny (and paper towels, but that's beside the point), so it has to be on the list somewhere.

9. SS Minnow
Again, no deaths here. So it stays low on the list. Still, for what was supposed to be a three-hour tour, well, let me just say they were lucky that they were living in a sitcom. In real life, things could have gone so much worse.

8. Botany Bay
If you're part of the crew, you're a criminal put into indefinite stasis. If you stumble across the ship, you have to deal with a power hungry despot who tries to kill you, steal your ship and holds a hell of a grudge against you for fighting back. This is also the first ship on this list with a death toll when some of the stasis pods failed (if I remember correctly). Ultimately responsible for the death of Spock, this had to take a higher place on the list.

7. Titanic
There were a decent number of survivors, so it's still below the upcoming entries. But the death toll was still high...and actually happened. So now we're getting into the truly horrible ships to be on.

6. Pequod
A crazy captain who puts all other priorities secondary to his own vendetta against a whale and only a single survivor. At least the crew was too caught up in the captain's vendetta to truly appreciate the horror of their situation. Because absolute horror is what's going to play into the rest of this list.

5. Nostromo
One single survivor, but the monster is maybe not even the worst of it. The company the crew was working for knew full well that they were sending these people on a suicide mission to gather an alien for their bio-weapons division. It was a miracle that there was a single survivor at all (maybe two if you count Jones the cat).

4. Sulaco
There may have been three survivors if you only go by Aliens. But ultimately Alien 3 put the fate of the Sulaco as a total party wipe. And their ordeal was every bit as frightening as the Nostromo as well as including the death of a child.

3. Demeter
The Demeter brought Dracula from Romania to England. It was only part of a single chapter in the original book. But one thing was for certain. It was bloody. There were no survivors. Demeter is also the name of a ship in Mass Effect 2 that took Morinth from Illium to Omega. While nothing was said about the voyage other than that one passenger, the parallels of a vampiric passenger are definitely there. So, yeah, any ship named Demeter is one to steer clear of.

2. Charon's boat
What's worse than a ship on which everyone dies? How about a boat you have to already be dead to ride on? Now some stories it's a boat to Hell. Other stories just say it's a boat to the afterlife. With that amount of wiggle room, it's still slightly better than the next entry.

1. Event Horizon
Alive or dead, you're going to hell and you're losing your mind along the way. Even if you somehow manage to survive and escape (which admittedly very few people have), you're still going to have to live with what you saw for the rest of your life.


I thought I did this list before. Maybe on the old boards?

Top 3 Rules Entries Must Follow on My List of Cyberpunk

1. High tech. I'm talking computer and biotic tech. If we're talking high tech, but it's just tech that turns you into a big, psychic blob of doesn't count.

2. You have your rich corporation(s) and your poor people living in dystopian hell. The main protagonist is in a struggle against the ones in charge. Corporations are intrinsically evil and corrupt.

3. Even the poor have open access to high tech. You will see high tech in all social statuses High tech, low living standards.

Honorable mention: Must be a movie I have actually seen myself.

Top 10 Cyberpunk Franchises

10. Metropolis
Okay, so the high tech in this movie suffers from a bad case of zeerust. But for the time it was made, this movie gave us a lot of the tropes that today's cyberpunk lives by.

9. Johnny Mnemonic
Not the best acting to be honest. And to be brutally honest, the script didn't exactly give the actors much to work with. But I see so much of Cyberpunk 2077 in this, I have to include it. It's still that entertaining kind of bad.

8. Appleseed
This has been remade and rebooted too many times to count. So what version should you watch? ALL OF THEM!

7. Ghost in the Shell
To be honest, this can be hard to follow. The politics is just mind numbing and so much depth goes into how the tech works that isn't necessary. The first movie was my first anime I ever watched (+/- things like Voltron that got so americanized so as not to count). So I have some sentimental love for this. Plus it's absolute cyberpunk distilled.

6. Total Recall
Over the top violence seems to be Paul Verhoeven's bread and butter. But if you grew up in the 90's, you've watched this movie.

5. Blade Runner
More atmospheric than a blood pumping action movie, but it's still a classic.

4. Robocop
Another Paul Verhoeven staple. If you grew up in the 80's, you've seen this movie.

3. Matrix
The first movie at least. The sequels are debatable. But this is probably the first movie with Keanu Reeves in it that people generally think doesn't suck. It was a great shot in the arm for him.

2. Battle Angel Alita
Very rarely do American movies based on anime do well. This one knocks it out of the park and the visuals are *chefs kiss*. It was so awesome I had to go back and find the old manga. So worth it.

1. Cyberpunk 2077
Okay, so it had a rough start. But with the latest patches and the Phantom Liberty DLC, any fan of the cyberpunk genre needs to play this.

Top Runner Ups and Why They Didn't Make It

High tech? They have hover bikes, kill-sats and powerful laser guns. I'll allow it. Corrupt corporations and or government? Oh yeah. They've got that in spades. But does your average person have access to high tech? I mean, I can't really count the motorcycles. Advanced as they look, they don't really do much visually that real motorcycles don't do. They don't exactly fly. Kaneda gets his hands on some tech, but not exactly through means available to the average person. I'm afraid I just can't count it.

The terminators may be high tech. And the soldiers of the future may have phased plasma rifles in the 40-watt range, but your average person doesn't have so much as a television to watch. So this breaks rule 3.

Fifth Element
High tech that even poor people have...check. Greedy corporation that the protagonist has to fight. Check. But I never really got dystopian vibes for the common man. So, yeah.

Dark City
Again, rule 3.

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