List of Transformers Products Purchased in 2024


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New year, new purchases to keep track of!


1). Playstation Optimus Prime (late Christmas gift)
2). Legacy United Tigerhawk (Amazon)
3). SS86 Ultra Magnus (again; Pulse)


4). SS86 Junkion Scrapheap (Pulse)
5). Legacy Trashmaster (Amazon)
6). MP-54 Reboost (BBTS)


7). Legacy TM II Megatron (sale; Amazon)
8). Top Gun Maverick Collab (v2; sale; Amazon)


9). Sparkless Seeker ($15; Walmart)
10). Legacy United Silverbolt (Pulse)
11). Legacy United Cybertron Starscream (Pulse)
12). Autobots Stand United 5-Pack (Pulse)
13). Origin Wheeljack (Pulse)
14). Missing Link C-01 Optimus Prime (Pulse)


15). SS86 Blaster and Eject (Target, impulse buy)
16). Legacy United Sandstorm (Pulse)
17). Legacy United Gears (Pulse)



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Was hoping this was up.


Renderform CC-07 Medica Legacy Customizing Kit
Renderform RF-030DL DIA-TRON Kit (Light-Piping Version)
Legacy Evolution Dreadwing
LS-01 Kit for Nitro Zeus (Blue)
LS-01 Kit for Nitro Zeus (Purple)
Gun for Metroplex
Legacy United Thundertron
Upgrade Kit for Nova Prime
ROS-034J Backpack Fillers for Nova Prime
ROS-034G Weapon Fillers for Nova Prime
Go Better Studio GX-30D Kit for G2 Sideswipe
Go Better Studio GX-58 Kit for Brawn
Go Better Studio GX-30E Kit for SG Sideswipe
Lightpiping for Armada Prime
Lightpiping for Nova Prime
Lightpiping for Leo Prime
Year of the Dragon Crimsonflame
Legacy United Animated Optimus Prime
Transformers Bishoujo Skywarp (Down Payment)
Nonnef Productions Paddles Conversion Kit for Sludge
Shockwave Lab SL-48 Gap Fillers for Bomb-Burst
115 Workshop YYW-40&42 Upgrade Kits for Volcanicus
BDT Studio BDT-48 Weapon Kit for Bulkhead
Gun for Mohawk
Gap Fillers for Scrapheap
Vok Set
Katana Swords for Nemesis
Heart of Cybertron Power Core for Nemesis
YYW-44 Upgrade Kit for Crimsonflame
Upgrade Kit for Powerlinx Hot Shot
Upgrade Kit for Tracks
Weapon for Skywarp/Skyhawk
Upgrade Kit for Sparkless Seeker
Studio Series Mohawk
Studio Series Scrapheap


Upgrade Part for Dino
Matrix Workshop M-97 Kit for Animated Optimus Prime
Shockwave Lab SL-183 Meteor Hammer for Nemesis
Superman Studio SPS-38 Kit for Animated Optimus Prime
Micron Booster Vol. 3 Recon Team (Socket, Plier, Bit)
Cannon Kit for Fortress Maximus
Cannon Kit for Grand Maximus
115 Workshop YYW-45A Kit for Nova Prime
Superman Studio SPS-40 Kit for Tigerhawk
BDT Studio BDT-49C Kit for Antagony
Legacy Minerva (custom fodder)
Reveal the Shield Bumblebee
Gap Fillers for Animated Optimus Prime
Guns for Javelin
Gap Fillers for Medix
Tim Heada TH-082 Gap Fillers for Thundertron
BDT Studio BDT-68A Requiem Blaster
BDT Studio BDT-68B Requiem Blaster


Shapeways Components (PotP-Compatible Shells for Waverider & Grand Maximus, Radar Dish for Ironworks, Launcher Stand for PotP Beachcomber, Jallguar Head for PotP Beachcomber, Nonfiring Missile Launchers for PotP Beachcomber, Jallguar Weapon Set)
Shapeways Components (Leozack Weapon Set)
Gun for Ark
Upgrade Kit for Deathsaurus
Upgrade Kit for Frankentron
Upgrade Kit for Code Red
Hip Gap Filler for Laser Prime
Arm Gap Fillers for Laser Prime
Tail Spoiler Kit for Acid Storm
Tail Spoiler Kit for Ion Storm
Tail Spoiler Kit for Red Wing
Tail Spoiler Kit for Nova Storm
115 Studio YYW-30 Kit for Laser Prime
HasLab Omega Prime
Gap Fillers for Generations Selects Hot Shot
Tail Rotating Kit for Kingdom Dinobot
Superman Studio FP-01 Gap Fillers for Laser Prime
Backpack Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Optimus Prime (Black)
Gap Fillers for Laser Prime
Gap Fillers for Junkheap/Scrapheap (x2)
Weapon Kit for Animated Optimus Prime
Blast Effect for Animated Optimus Prime
Matrix Workshop M-29 Weapon Kit for Cliffjumper
Upgrade Kit for Tigerhawk
BotCon 2024 Preregistration (Jungle Tracker Custom Class, Sideburn Custom Class, Bumblebeast Custom Class, Last Seeker)
DK-43P Ax
DK-43R Ax
DK-43B Ax
DX-43O Ax
Gun for Jolt
Upgrade Part for Dino
Upgrade Parts for Dead End
Sword for Megatron
MGS-01 Kit for Classics Prime (Red)


Legacy United Shard
Legacy United Cyb. Starscream
Legacy United BW Silverbolt
Masterpiece G MPG-06S Trainbot Kaen
Gap Fillers for Devcon
Gap Fillers for Tasmania Kid
MGS-01 Kit for Classics Prime (Blue)
Lightpiping for Kingdom Galvatron
Studio Series Noah Diaz in Exo-Suit
Legacy United Origins Wheeljack
Dr. Wu & Mechanical Studio MC-04 Einstein
Dr. Wu & Mechanical Studio MC-04B Einstein
Lightpiping for Kingdom Galvatron
Lightpiping for PotP Rodimus Unicronus
Arm Covers for Siege/Earthrise Megatron (Black x2)
Arm Covers for Siege/Earthrise Megatron (Green)
Sword for Nova Prime
Generations Selects Hot Shot (Custom Fodder)
Dr. Wu & Mechanical Studio MC-03 Little Monster Truck
Masterpiece G MPG-09 Super Ginrai (Down Payment)
Masterpiece G MP-60 Ginrai
Foot Upgrade for Cheetor
Foot Upgrade for Shadow Panther
Foot Upgrade for Nightprowler
Shapeways Components (Ironbison Turret Upgrade Kit)
Collaborative Series Maverick Ver. 2
Nonnef Productions Windsweeper Upgrade Kit
Arm Covers for Megatron (Grey)
Lightpiping for Armada Megatron
Upgrade Kit for Fortress Maximus
Shapeways Components (Bear Head for Shuffler/Ramhorn, Loafer Faceplate, Fellbat Weapon, Guyhawk Weapon, Ironbison Weapon)
Studio Series Noah Diaz in Exo-Suit


Gun for Shatter/Dropkick
Shockwave Lab Gap Filler for G2 Jazz
Shockwave Lab SL-185 Kit for Frankentron
Go Better Studio GX-61B Kit for Detritus
Replacement Head for Legacy Armada Prime (Small)
Omega Key (Set of 4)
Weapon Set for Freezer/Novakane
Micron Booster Synapse
Micron Booster Thyristor
Micron Booster Vol. 4 Complete Set (Rad Rogue, Gredator, Apexus, Windrazor, Gnashteeth, Reptix, Ironlunge, Refuser, Rockblade, Detectas, Chromebite)
Micron Booster Torque
Micron Booster Spoil
Micron Booster Crunch
Micron Booster Mile
Micron Booster Hover
Micron Booster Solar
Micron Booster Chrome
Backpack for Optimal Optimus (x2)
Shoulder Cannon Adjusters for Starscream
Legacy United Sandstorm
TFC Army T-34 Vs. J-7
TFC Army Tiger Vs. P-51
Micron Booster Bug Drone
Micron Booster Bug General
Micron Booster Dice
Micron Booster Jack
Micron Booster Plug
Micron Booster Vol. 2 Complete Set (Saber, Processor, Triac, Effect, Seeker, Blitz, Cluster, Rotor, Groove, Brake, Damper, Filter)
Gap Fillers for Twin Twist (x4)
Gap Fillers for Octone (x4)
Gap Fillers for Scorponok
Micron Booster Saber
Collaborative Ectotron
Lightpiping for Armada Megatron
Lightpiping for Armada Starscream
Lightpiping Head for Laser Prime
DK-45 Upgrade Kit
Micron Booster Windrazor
MSS Studio Kit for Antagony
Micron Booster Rad Rogue
Micron Booster Vol. 1 (Chrome, Thyristor, Synapse, Lens, Quantum, Beacon, Mile, Hover, Solar, Torque, Crunch, Spoil)
Hubcaps for Gears
Legacy United Chromia
Alpha Trion Staff Replica
Shockwave Lab SL-53 Z-Sword
Shockwave Lab SL-188A Weapon for Cheetor
Shockwave Lab SL-188B Weapon for Rattrap
Gun for Fortress Maximus (Black)
Gun for Fortress Maximus (Silver)
Metallic Colored Sword for Magmatron
Legacy United Magmatron
Upgrade Kit for PotP Rodimus Prime
Upgrade Kit for PotP Rodimus Unicronus
Micron Legend Prime Super Mode
Gap Fillers for Magmatron
Lucky Rogers Junk Armor 01W Warrior
Lucky Rogers Junk Armor 01M Medic
Planet of Junk Clash Wreck-Gar
Planet of Junk Clash Junkheap
Legacy United Gears
Gap Fillers for Magmatron
Upgrade Kit for Elita-One
Upgrade Kit for Minerva
Stickers for Minerva
Micron Legend MM-21 Emergency Team Exdimensions (Prowl, Draft, Twist)


YYW-45B Kit for Nova Prime
Waist & Arm Extenders for Nova Prime
Sickle for Nova Prime
Perfect Effect Gun for Computron
Micron Legend MM-19 Adventure Team Exdimensions (Junk, Winch, Spike)
Sword for BH Optimus (Purple)
Flame Effect for Inferno
Shoulder Cannon & Socket for Origins Wheeljack
BDT-73 Sword for Magmatron
Shockwave Lab GF-701 Gap Fillers for Shockwave
Shockwave Lab SL-187 Kit for GIJoe Soundwave
Shockwave Lab SL-191 Weapon Kit for Overlord
Upgrade Kit for Mohawk
Upgrade Kit for Chromia
Micron Legend MM-14 Space Team Exdimensions (Apollo, Mir, Move)
Collaborative Party Wallop (x4)






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We're doing better after taking a serious hit to the finances last spring. Not as good as I'd hoped, but at least there's a little extra money to play with now. Ebay sales are also doing well, which helps. Fortunately it looks like there isn't going to be a whole lot of 2024 product that I'm interested in. Less than a dozen announced new products, with a handful of 2023 items to track down. Seems pretty doable.

January: $21.10
01: Kingdom Deluxe Skywarp - $17.39
02: Legacy Deluxe Elita-One - $3.71

February: $0.00

March: $107.21
03: Beast Wars Basic Airhammer - $20.33
04: Legacy: United Core Cheetor - $13.86
05: Legacy: United Deluxe Gears - $28.86
06: Legacy: United Voyager Silverbolt - $38.87
07: Beast Wars Monopoly - $5.29

April: $76.28
08: Studio Series 86 Leader Snarl - $76.28

May: $124.01
09: Legacy: Evolution Toxitron Collection G2 Grimlock - $28.62 (a placeholder until I can get the reissue next year.)
10: Legacy: United Commander Magmatron - $95.39

Ebay Sales: $195.79


Legacy: Evolution Deluxe Beachcomber
Legacy: United D&D Barrage & Chop Shop
Legacy: United D&D Breakdown & Windsweeper
Legacy: United Target 4-pack
Studio Series 86 Core Frenzy
Studio Series 86 Leader Swoop

Planned Purchases:
Legacy: United
dlx Quake
ldr Tigerhawk, Soundwave?
Studio Series 86
cor Steeljaw
Amazon Mayhem Attack Squad
Bludgeon and Ruckus
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Diaclone Tach Movers Garuda VTOL
TF Selects Galvatron
TFxGIJoe Soundwave
Takara Earth Granner Leo/Cheetah/Eagle
TFxGIJoe Megatron
Legacy Deadend
Diaclone DA-95 Grand Dion


Diaclone DA-104 Dia Guardion Zeros
Gobot Spoiler
TF Velositron Diaclone recolored skids


TF Missing Link Optimus Prime
King of the Braves Dagwon Liner DX
Diaclone DA-100 Cloud Across
SS Snarl


Legacy Origins Wheeljack
Legacy Elita-1
Studio Series Sunstreaker (Concept)
Spychanger Crosswise
Spychanger REV
Spychanger Hot Shot

Brave God Knight Silvarion
Brave King Exikaizer
Legacy Silverbolt

Legacy Sandstorm
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First figure of 2024:



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1.) Legacy United Windblade (£15.61)

2.) BW reissue Iguanus (£4.99)
3.) Legacy United Energon Megatron (£11.99)
4). Legacy United Silverbolt (£32.95)

5.) Legacy United Shard (£22.99)
6.) Legacy Evolution Armada Megatron (£23.99)
7.) Legacy United Tasmania Kid (£11.99)
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wonko the sane?

You may test that assumption at your convinience.
I bought nemesis yesterday. Not officially joining the thread, just gloating. :D

Edit: and just arrived. Amazon delivery status is still for "by 8 pm tomorrow". Almost worth my headache and this miserable day.
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