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Was doing some idle thinking, and in the Never Gonna Happen But What If category, I wonder if a weird subline crossover would get shell Pretenders to work: RED series figures of the shells with hollow torsos or backpacks, and Micromasters of the inner robots in the main TF line.

The latter would hide in the former in altmode now, so more compact and fudgeable into a torso shape (a wedge for the jet ish ones, a square for the tank ish ones etc). Backpack/armor shells and such would help. Just give the figures sturdy hip joints and wide heavy ankles, and you're good.

Each is a complete standalone product on its own, but you can buy the two together and have them interact as intended.

Plus it'd even be weirdly G1 lore-adjacent, with the organic Pretenderizationingment process being roughly contemporaneous (or at least consecutive) with the Micromaster downsizing/uprade.
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Screw this Armada stuff, I’m just going to stay over here hoping that a Leader or Commander Megahead Megatron occurs so that my fan fiction based on the line will have a reasonable pay off
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