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*chokes slams wheels off the mountain, has flames rise from all 4 ring posts* I AM NOW THE MAYOR OF KNOX COUNTY!


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* enjoys himself immensely on the tour and stops at the gift shop on the way out*

"We have a gift shop?"

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None of my bosses at Target ever agreed with my suggestions, either. No, I can't burn the store down. No, I can't stuff people into the trash compactor. No, I cannot hand out water guns loaded with bleach and declare open season on Karens. What even was the point of the suggestion box, then?


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Anyone remember the "Last Post" thread where we were doing a King of the Hill posting type thing? I've had the hill for four months since yesterday. Just sayin, I won't be knocking myself off the mountain. Soooooooooo.......

CONGRATS! You just won a one-way, no expenses paid, trip off the mountain!


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Nooooooo! My four-month (and 1-day) record has been brought to an end.

Well, at least now people know I had a four-month (and one-day) record.

In the meantime...

*punts Haywire off the mountain*

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