I'm Making a Mega Man Thread. My fate is sealed. I have... no choice.


This is how a unicorn comments

Wish I could get it without the glare, but my stupid phone only does selfie mode pics clearly now. :/

So I normally wouldn't have gone for this so close to Christmas, but I'm pretty sure I just got a pretty INSANE deal on these.

Since I'm not a big fan of the Battle Network series, I didn't immediately get into the Star Force series and in the end, missed out on getting any of the games. Well a co-worker was talking about how he picked them all up back when he saw that Gamestop was trying to get rid of them, except he never played them. I told him if he was going to sell them to let me know. Well he needed some extra Christmas cash, and offered me the entire series. All together I paid Two hundred and twenty five bucks for the entire series. Carts only sadly, but given what I see of these on ebay. I still think I made out pretty well.

I'm hopeful that maybe I can eventually get the cases and complete these games. I see the case/manual for Leo go for 25 on ebay sometimes, so maybe that one.

One person is trying to sell JUST the case of Red Joker for 199.00. Yeah sorry but in your dreams.

Course with people doing that, I'm probably just going to have to get re-prints or something, but it is what it is.

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