How Popular Was/Is Beast Wars II?

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Got to wondering earlier, just how popular is/was Beast Wars II in Japan?

I mean, to my understanding, Transformers isn't as popular there as it is in the US, or other things there, but I'm interested more within the context of Japanese Transformers itself. Like, where would it rank among their series/toylines over there?

The reason I was wondering is the prominence Lio Convoy seems to command. Outside of Optimus Prime/G1 Convoy himself, it seems like he gets featured a lot, including that manga where it's basically the end of their G1 timeline. (In that regard, it kind of feels like he takes the spot Rodimus Prime sometimes gets over here. Which is itself interesting, since Rodimus has grown in popularity over the years, but I don't know that I'd consider him super-popular.)

Or is it less that BWII is popular, and Lio Convoy's popularity transcended the series itself? After all, he's even featured fairly prominently over here, probably more than anyone else who never had their series exported from Japan. (Star Saber's another kettle of fish, since we did get Victory on DVD eventually, and now they're doing the HasLab version, which seems like a case of "fewer, but higher profile".)


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Or is it less that BWII is popular, and Lio Convoy's popularity transcended the series itself?
Pretty much just this. Lio Convoy basically embodies all the attributes of a good role model, thus making him feel in line with the typical children's anime heroic leader type.

Plus, he turns into a white lion, which is an obvious homage to Jungle Emperor Leo (better known outside of Japan as Kimba the White Lion), who's popularity and recognition within Japan knows no bounds.


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To this day, I have never seen the show, but his toy was cool and a lot of fun. Plus, it was one of the early Japanese-only toys that I purchased new as a collector (from Hasbro Toy Shop!). So there's a certain amount of nostalgia that I feel for him.


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I'd love a Legacy BW2 Galvatron, he had one of the best BW era toys, him and Magmatron. Since we've got Leo Prime, Skywarp, and supposedly Kid's on the way in year 3; surely we can get some BW2 Preds to go with them, other then repurposing Gen Selects G2 Megatron.


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We did also get God Neptune.

But I'd goddamn LOVE new Cyborg Beast retooos out of Kingdom/ROTB stuff.
At this point, if not new retools from the Kingdom molds (which only two could be done), I'd settle for straight reissues of the originals since those were so good as they were.

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