Guess What Episode We're Talking About

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Well, I mean, it says right there in the first post "Equestrian Games." I didn't even to to click to expand it!


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I should change the title at this point. It's too easy.

But the main point is dumping these for the memories.


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11:20 Dvandom Allo. And now for Ponycure sequence....

11:20 pao hi!

11:20 PokeyPierce good evening

11:21 pao good <appropriate greeting in your local time>

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11:29 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:30 Scav hey all

11:30 pao hi

11:31 Dvandom Surprised the boxes have dust on 'em, given how often the barn has been rebuilt. Aggressive spiders, maybe.

11:31 pao pretty sure barn attics are dusty when they are built

11:31 pao it's an important feature

11:32 Dvandom If it's spiders, it might be more of a bug.

11:32 pao badumtish

11:33 FnuAw We've been waiting for this for a long time.

11:34 Dvandom What, Big Macindrag?

11:34 FnuAw Big Mac episode.

11:34 pao I haven't, due to a complete lack of awareness of upcoming episode synopses

11:35 FnuAw Dave Polsky!

11:36 pao shot down

11:36 Dvandom Mmm pie

11:36 Dvandom Saved by the butt signal.

11:38 pao lol

11:38 Scav same with my pao

11:38 Dvandom Now to make the definition very very loose.

11:38 pao hooray redefinition!

11:39 Dvandom Big Mac has been waiting for an excuse for a loooong time.

11:39 pao "I have a cunning plan!"

11:39 Scav was that derpy and dinky in the background wearing cotton candy wigs?

11:40 Dvandom (cringe)

11:40 pao welp

11:40 pao that happened

11:41 Scav so...well we get transrights outrage over this?

11:41 Dvandom Depends on how it plays out.

11:41 pao yeah

11:41 Dvandom It is, however, vanishingly unlikely that Mac will decide this is her true self and express as female going forward.

11:42 Scav "don't actually have to be sisters" and a thousand fanfics breathe a sigh of relief

11:42 Dvandom The Braeburn/Mac ships will get an extra wrinkle, of course.

11:42 Scav True...but I believe "drag as comedy" gets compared to blackface in some circles

11:44 Dvandom Not fooled for even a nanosecond.

11:44 Dvandom So many Sweetie bell reaction gifs now.

11:44 FnuAw This is going to be controversial.

11:44 Dvandom Okay, at least one pony doesn't see through it.

11:45 pao lol

11:46 pao RD's competitiveness is unstoppable

11:46 Dvandom We already know Mac can sing.

11:46 FnuAw This is wrong but I don't care. I miss the days when cartoons could do this and is was just funny.

11:46 Dvandom Ringer from the Ponytones.

11:47 Dvandom Tuxedo Mac.

11:47 pao a bit out of his range, this

11:47 Dvandom Yeah, he doesn't have a lot of call for falsetto in the Ponytones.

11:47 pao there we go

11:48 Dvandom Contralto to the max.

11:49 pao Applebloom bucking

11:49 Dvandom Never break character.

11:49 Dvandom Never.

11:50 pao is this the most words they've ever exchanged in their respective lives?

11:50 Dvandom Eyup

11:51 pao this is a very silly episode...I'm okay with this, we haven't had much silly since the hiatus

11:51 FnuAw This is an episode I think only Dave Polsky could have been trusted to write.

11:55 Dvandom Disqual for destroying barriers instead of leaping over.

11:55 pao what style! what grace! good questions!

11:57 Dvandom Mac is only free to express himself while wearing women's clothing.

12:00 Scav well..that episode flew by

12:03 Dvandom Eyup

12:03 FnuAw I liked it.

12:04 Scav I dunno.. felt a bit..tell not show..

12:05 Scav less of "applebloom learns to appreciate her brother" and more "applebloom is embarassed all episode and then says some nice things"

12:06 FnuAw Apple Bloom was pretty well justified in feeling embarrassed all episode.

12:07 Dvandom Yeah, would have worked equally well at its goal if Mac had shed the disguise after the registration scene, "Big Macintosh, we know it's you, it's okay if you want to compete." Then he still gets too competitive and destroys stuff in the race.

12:10 pao it would have left a few gags on the floor, though...and left Big Mac with many fewer lines

12:10 Scav what I mean is, there wasn't "applebloom learns" so much as "applebloom just says at the end" "she's told 'you made me feel bad' and she's 'I woon't do that'" rather than coming to appreciate...

12:10 Scav AND, why didn't they call the oranges?

12:10 Dvandom Yeah, but the gags were kinda painful at times, replacing them with others would have been fine.

12:11 FnuAw Maybe she learned from how freaking hard Big Mac tried to do this for her.

12:11 Scav point is..they don't show that

12:11 Dvandom That would have worked if there was even a little indication of grudging respect instead of just wincing.


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Yup. For some reason that episode was in a whole file of its own.

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11:09 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:09 Dvandom Morning

11:09 FnuAw Morning.

11:09 Dvandom How's it going

11:11 Dvandom I'm excited

11:12 FnuAw I'm sleepy.

11:12 Dvandom Why

11:13 FnuAw I don't sleep well.

11:13 Dvandom You should dream about pony

11:15 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:15 FnuAw I have nightmares every night.

11:16 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

11:16 GuardianPrime Morning Fnu.

11:16 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:16 FnuAw Morning.

11:16 Dvandom That was weird

11:18 Dvandom You guys see the movie yet?

11:19 GuardianPrime *looks at Dave* *sees a different icon next to name than usual* *raises eyebrow in suspicion*

11:21 Dvandom My laptop was having problems.

11:21 Dvandom ***SCRUBBED***

11:21 GuardianPrime FNU!

11:21 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

11:21 *** Dvandom was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

11:22 GuardianPrime I knew that guy was fake.

11:22 GuardianPrime The mobile icon is always a dead giveaway.

11:22 FnuAw Laptop having problems was plausible. This guy's getting better.

11:23 GuardianPrime I wonder if Dave was trying to get on while Fake Dave was here. Real Dave is probably wondering what happened.

11:26 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:26 Dvandom Morning

11:26 FnuAw *cocks shotgun*

11:27 FnuAw No mobile icon. Okay.

11:27 GuardianPrime Morning Dave. Don't mind Fnu. We just had a visit from Fake Caldwin. He was impersonating you this time, Dave.

11:28 Dvandom Oh yay.

11:29 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:29 Scav yawn

11:29 GuardianPrime Morning Scav.

11:30 Scav waves

11:30 Dvandom They "won" the cruise, yep.

11:31 Dvandom I hope we don't get a full "Spike screws everything up" episode.

11:32 Scav the title according to the cable is "zepplin" I think it'll be there

11:32 Dvandom No, I mean as next week's episode.

11:34 FnuAw It's going to happen, isn't it?

11:34 Scav right.. I think the epeiosde is about the trip, not spike

11:34 Scav did ninjago come out?

11:35 Dvandom Yeah, two weeks ago.

11:36 Dvandom Flappy style propulsion doesn't look as cool when it flaps that fast....

11:38 GuardianPrime Iron Will?

11:38 Dvandom Was gonna say.

11:39 Dvandom MOICHANDIZING!

11:41 FnuAw Convoluted or not, this scam would make a few bits.

11:42 Dvandom Unless that zeppelin is about to fall apart, though, the startup costs would have been significant.

11:42 GuardianPrime The episode synopsis made me think this could've been another Flim/Flam thing. Wow, was I wrong.

11:42 FnuAw It's probably rented.

11:43 Scav was Twilight in the iron will episode?

11:43 FnuAw No. Just Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rarity.

11:43 Scav What's funny, the princess mask was as horrifying as the real world one..

11:44 Dvandom No one reads the EULA.

11:45 Dvandom Twilight will end up enjoying using the contract against Iron Will, I suspect.

11:46 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

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11:46 Dvandom Stalkypony

11:47 FnuAw He's fast. He has this stuff pre typed for some reason.

11:47 Dvandom Paste buffer.

11:48 Dvandom I'm pretty sure equines can't vomit?

11:48 FnuAw They can't. Weird little design flaw.

11:48 GuardianPrime It's times like this when I really miss the old Allspark chat. Allspark members only.

11:48 Dvandom I hear Iron Will is really ripped. He has a ten-pack.

11:49 FnuAw I suppose we could abuse the shoutbox for these.

11:50 Dvandom He'd probably just make up accounts on the spot for it. He's very dedicated.

11:50 Dvandom Yay goats!

11:50 Scav or set up a discord server

11:50 Dvandom Huh, helmet that covers her horn.

11:53 FnuAw Twilight's mom is going to be the fandom's favorite toy for the week.

11:54 Dvandom Especially with the felt-strips hair effect in the barrel scene.

11:54 Dvandom Way to rub it in.

11:55 FnuAw There's going to be loads of art of her doing dangerous activities with an incongruously happy face.

11:55 GuardianPrime Ouch. In more ways than one.

11:55 Dvandom She COULD just get out and leave.

11:57 GuardianPrime Off the schedule? *GASP!*

11:59 Dvandom I hope the goats can run the zeppelin.

12:00 GuardianPrime I liked it. Descent ep.

12:00 Scav i like they didn't do a redemption of Iron Will.

12:00 Dvandom Well, Shining is waiting for the descent, that's for sure.

12:01 Dvandom Minotaurs seem to be big into contract law, between this and the forest ep.

12:02 Scav that was good touch

12:03 FnuAw That's going to be an "abandon thread" gif in ten minutes.

12:04 Dvandom Of course, weren't they over the North Pole, or pretty close to it?

12:04 GuardianPrime O_O...oops, I misspelled. I meant "decent" and not "descent." *feels sheepish*

12:05 Scav maybe?

12:05 Scav Isn't Crystal Empire south?

12:06 Dvandom Twi mentioned that the stars appeared over the extreme north, and since she'd never seen them they'd have to be farther north than the Crystal Empire.

12:06 Scav could be

12:06 Dvandom Crystal Empire is north, Yakyakistan is northwest.

12:07 Dvandom Of course, this could be a flat world. The maps stop at equatorial-style climates.

12:07 FnuAw We've seen globes.

12:08 Dvandom True, but were they actually used by a character, or just background props like the infamous ham?

12:09 GuardianPrime Pretty sure background prop. Don't recall anyone actually using one.

12:09 Scav well, best to assume globe

12:09 Scav no sense giving the flat earthers equestria

12:09 FnuAw What was the big deal about the ham? Horses can eat meat.

12:10 Dvandom Pigs are at least partly "people" here, though.

12:11 FnuAw Pigs are pretty darn intelligent in our world too.

12:11 Scav well, not EVERYONE who crosses Celestia gets sent to the moon.

12:11 Dvandom (Their role in Equestrian farming not being something that bears close scrutiny, though.)

12:12 Scav "For crimes against the state, you are sentenced to brunch!"

12:12 Dvandom Cows talk but can't manipulate objects. Goats seem to be able to do anything Ponies do other than talking. Pigs neither talk nor seem to be tool-users, but they get a spot on the farm.

12:13 Scav goats have headsets

12:13 GuardianPrime We've seen them milking sentient cows to use their milk. I've found that a bit odd, myself. That'd be like using human milk to bake and cook with.

12:13 Dvandom (The headsets imply goats can talk goatish, or at least arrange baaa codes with Iron Will.)

12:13 Scav GP: that does happen

12:14 Scav there are specialty shops

12:14 Dvandom Well, I'm not sure how cladistically close cows are to humans, but they're pretty far from horses.

12:14 Dvandom So, horses using cow milk isn't too much different from humans doing it...except our cows can't talk.

12:15 FnuAw These are the discussions I come to the internet for.

12:15 Dvandom At least the cows in MLP can negotiate terms.

12:15 GuardianPrime Scav, does it really? Hadn't heard of that. I can maybe understand within a family, but not in the open market.

12:15 Dvandom La Leche League.

12:16 FnuAw You should all come back to the episode threads. They die so fast without these kinds of discussions.

12:17 GuardianPrime I've noticed that lately. Some threads are lucky if they make it past the 2nd page anymore.

12:18 FnuAw We need help.

12:19 Dvandom I hear people say that, yes.

12:20 FnuAw Join us. I have thoughts about last week's episode if we can revive that thread.

12:22 GuardianPrime Time to run. See y'all later.

12:22 FnuAw See you later.

12:22 FnuAw In the forum.

12:22 Scav sorry how to bamf for a moment

12:22 Dvandom Gonna see the movie this afternoon.

12:22 Scav gp: yep

12:23 Scav it's cream

12:23 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:23 Scav I keep meaning to get back on the forum..haven't been there since last november

12:23 Scav I'm not sure when Im seeing it...

12:24 Scav a freind pinged me about going to see it..but haven't heard from her in a few now

12:25 Scav weird..traffic, alarms, dark barking in the background

12:31 FnuAw So we done here?

12:31 Dvandom Looks like.

12:32 Scav guess so then :/

12:34 Dvandom Later

12:34 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:35 Scav cya

12:35 *** Scav quit (Quit: )


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10:43 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:43 Caldwin Good morning. I'll be back. Just woke up. Need coffee.

10:47 FnuAw Say something only the real Caldwin would say.

10:48 Caldwin All hail Luna!

10:49 FnuAw Good enough.

10:49 Caldwin And...I need coffee. And...ellipsis...lot's and lots of ellipsis.

10:49 FnuAw I had my rocket fuel already.

10:51 Caldwin Wait! They have transformers at McDonalds? Well, I know where I'm going for lunch today. *puke emoticon*

10:51 FnuAw I'm sure they're just little statues that don't do anything. Again.

10:53 Caldwin Oh, the CMC go to camp one!

10:54 Caldwin I think Sweetie Bell's gonna kill him!

10:54 FnuAw I like the CMC when they're not singing.


10:55 Caldwin Little kids become the War of the Worlds thoom

10:55 Caldwin But...aren't they always singing? Like...even more than the mane 6?

10:56 Caldwin Hey! Pip crossed the line!

10:58 Caldwin You know I don't recall ever seeing a toy of Pip. And if I have, it's probably only been a Mini.

10:58 Caldwin Pip's getting screwed

11:01 Caldwin BTW...I came to a depressing revelation yesterday. In the credits for the movie, they called Derpy "Muffins." No picture of a muffin...just...straight up Muffin. It really doesn't get any more official does it? Derpy's dead. Only Muffins remains.

11:02 Caldwin I still can't understand what Twilight's saying that makes Spike say "wait for it...there it is"

11:04 Caldwin Cat suits and Splinter Cell goggles? I think Static would freak

11:06 *** Me joined #allsparkle

11:06 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

11:06 *** Me was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

11:07 FnuAw It sounds fun.

11:07 Caldwin I was kinda wondering what would happen if he tried to use my name while I was already here.

11:07 Caldwin Static freaking out can be fun, yes

11:08 FnuAw If we find a COIN base, it could be convenient that Night Cap has that outfit.

11:08 Caldwin I'm thinking if that happened, Night Cap would be reeeeeally lucky Rhapsody isn't there.

11:09 FnuAw "Ow. Rhapsody it's just me!" "I know."

11:09 Caldwin lol

11:10 Caldwin Aww! You can't 'like' posts here like you can on Discord!

11:11 Caldwin All the commercials are about food!

11:11 Caldwin It's killing me!

11:13 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

11:14 Caldwin Good morning Prime

11:14 GuardianPrime Morning.

11:14 GuardianPrime I see it's the real you this time, Caldwin.

11:14 Caldwin Everybody! Everybody reads the fine print! Yeesh!

11:14 Caldwin Eeyup! It's me. The one...though obviously not

11:15 Caldwin Since I'm here, is the name taken so the other guy can't use it?

11:15 GuardianPrime I think so, yes.

11:15 Caldwin Glad I got here early then

11:16 Caldwin So, bets on whether or not we'll ever see Startracker again after this episode?

11:16 Caldwin Uh...I'll be back. There's that one little problem with coffee...*runs*

11:17 GuardianPrime PRINCESS BINGO!

11:18 FnuAw I don't get negative side effects from coffee, except it exacerbates my shaky hands. But I don't know if it even exacerbates that much.

11:18 GuardianPrime I don't even drink coffee.

11:20 FnuAw Put it off as long as you can.

11:20 FnuAw Once you start you can't stop.

11:20 GuardianPrime I like the smell of coffee, but have no interest in ever trying it.

11:20 *** TrueCaldwin joined #allsparkle

11:20 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

11:20 *** TrueCaldwin was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

11:22 Caldwin Umm...Fnu...side effect I was talking still have to pee

11:22 GuardianPrime XD

11:22 Caldwin Hah! "True" Caldwin. That guy is hopeless

11:23 GuardianPrime Fnu's mighty BAN-HAMMER at work.

11:23 Caldwin Wow! Not sure if this is national or local...but I just saw that Tootsie Pop commercial from waaaay back in the 80's. SD VHS quality and all!

11:23 Caldwin I'm half convinced it's Sobana

11:24 FnuAw Nah, I've checked the logs. Sobana and the troll were on at the same time before.

11:24 Caldwin Oh...well then...huh!

11:24 GuardianPrime Is there a way to permanently ban an IP? Or is the troll changing the IP every time?

11:25 Caldwin I guess that means I'm not being stalked by Sobana any more. I have a whole different stalker

11:25 FnuAw Phones are impossible to IP ban.

11:25 Caldwin Twilight freakouts area fun!

11:26 GuardianPrime Indeed.

11:27 FnuAw I like Starlight freakouts.

11:27 Caldwin You know...I kinda want to compare an episode from this season with an episode from season one. I wonder just how different the graphics bump is. Never done a side by side before

11:27 FnuAw Season 1 finally looks like a Flash cartoon.

11:28 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:28 Dvandom Mornin

11:28 GuardianPrime I think there's quite the difference between now and then. Especially if you were to compare Zecora's place now compared to earlier seasons.

11:28 GuardianPrime Morning Dave.

11:28 Caldwin Good morning Dave. Would you like to play a game of chess?

11:28 Dvandom Okay, Iron Will wasn't wearing the parachute when he jumped off the railing.

11:29 Caldwin Who needs a parachute! Static's a big fan of just taking the plunge.

11:29 GuardianPrime He had it hiding under his fur?


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11:30 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:30 Scav yawn

11:30 Dvandom Well, it IS visible on his back just before he opens it.

11:30 Caldwin Good morning Scav

11:30 GuardianPrime Morning Scav.

11:30 Scav delivery derpy spotted

11:30 Caldwin Real cooks don't use recipie's, Twi!

11:30 GuardianPrime Spooktober.

11:31 Dvandom Those are not spritzes or dashes....

11:32 Caldwin Pinkie's got a problem. Seriously...she needs a place to detox

11:32 GuardianPrime Chugaluga, Chugaluga, CHOO CHOOOO!

11:32 Scav bakers use recipes....baking is is art

11:32 Caldwin I...use a microwave.

11:32 Dvandom Why does McGrimlock have a gun?

11:33 Caldwin Because no one really wants to start an argument with him to tell him he shouldn't have one?

11:34 Caldwin Too many commercials about food! I don't think I'm gonna make it.

11:35 GuardianPrime When I was a kid, my dad never measured anything. He used to make an old family recipe for cinnamon rolls and never measured a thing. Came out perfect every time.

11:35 Caldwin Hah! Still calling her "Crash!"

11:35 Dvandom It's her callsign.

11:36 Caldwin Hmm...Crash is being uncharacteristically...non-blunt!

11:36 Dvandom Why not give it to Soarin?

11:36 Caldwin Soarin would love it!

11:36 GuardianPrime Did...the trash pony eat the pie?

11:36 Caldwin This isn't going to be Party of One all over again...right?

11:37 Dvandom Batman transition, heh.

11:37 Caldwin Party of One all over again! *sigh*

11:37 Dvandom Pinkie's theories are plausible in this setting.

11:38 Caldwin Damn! They're talking about food again!

11:38 FnuAw Even the episode is trolling you.

11:38 Dvandom It's a Pinkie ep, of course there's food.

11:38 Caldwin *tummy grumbles*

11:38 Scav are you fasting?

11:39 Dvandom "How does she keep getting up here?"

11:39 Caldwin No...I just really need to go grocery shopping. I was going to get get something to eat before the show, but then I woke up later than I planned

11:39 Caldwin How *does* she keep getting up there?

11:40 Scav i guess the stand on clouds spell was lasting

11:40 Caldwin It's like she knows she was orginally supposed to be Surprise instead of Pinkie Pie.

11:40 FnuAw I'vebeen saying that for years.

11:40 Dvandom Piedemic

11:40 GuardianPrime Either tank actually ate that, or RD crammed it into his shell.

11:40 Caldwin Cherrilee! Cheating shameless hussy!

11:41 Caldwin Oh...wait...never mind. It was Big Mac that was cheating

11:41 Caldwin Poor filly!

11:41 Dvandom She made new pies to tack to the board.

11:41 Scav i literally decided to make a conspiracy board as a product right before this show.

11:41 Scav it's a SIGN

11:41 Caldwin Wow! Lighting effects! Bet they didn't have those in season 1

11:41 Dvandom Add pie to it, Scav.

11:41 FnuAw PEPE SILVIA!

11:42 Caldwin Every time I see the promo for "Game of Homes" I keep on hearing "Game of Thrones." I think I need to get my hearing checked

11:43 GuardianPrime I just got that old tootsie pop commercial again.

11:43 GuardianPrime Classic.

11:43 Dvandom Crappy CGI skull Tootsie Pop ad will never get nostalgic revival.

11:43 Caldwin There's that 80's Tootsie Pop commercial again. Is that national or local? That's the second time I've seen it this morning.

11:43 Dvandom 70s, and national it seems.

11:43 Caldwin High five, GP!

11:44 FnuAw Some things look better in VHS quality.

11:44 Caldwin 70's? Well, I wasn't alive back I don't remember. But I remember seeing it all the time in the 80's.

11:44 Caldwin I didn't realize they were still using it.

11:44 Caldwin VHS rocks! They should have it make a comeback

11:44 Caldwin Best Pone!

11:45 Caldwin I like that she's no longer just a background pony. They've actually been using her lately!

11:46 Caldwin I love seeing how Pinkie thinks

11:46 Dvandom Yeah, scheming is a little beyond Dash's usual M.O.

11:46 Dvandom "I don't think, I know!" "I don't think you know either."

11:46 Caldwin Heh! All of a sudden, AJ looks a bit uncomfortable being there

11:47 Dvandom Bedmane

11:47 Caldwin Cartoon physics, AJ. Cartoon physics!

11:47 Caldwin It's a nice look for Dash

11:47 Dvandom Right in the pie hole.

11:47 GuardianPrime lol.

11:48 Caldwin You know, I imagine Dash burns a lot of carbs in these training sessions. So I can't imagine she's refusing for weight gain issues.

11:49 Caldwin That's...a lot of pie! x_x

11:49 Dvandom Leaning tower of Pie-sa.

11:49 Caldwin Oh! Strawberry pie!

11:49 GuardianPrime You're killing me, Dave. XD

11:49 Dvandom Pie-rasprites.

11:50 Caldwin I love that for once, Pinkie's the one who's like "how's that even possible" with the cartoon physics.

11:50 Caldwin Pinkie Pie's scaring me?

11:51 GuardianPrime In the blink of an eye.

11:51 Caldwin I'm going to have to watch this again when I'm not focused on the chat. This episode looks freaking awesome!

11:52 Dvandom Piefall

11:52 FnuAw This season has definitely had its moments.

11:52 Caldwin Dave, you're killing me.

11:52 Scav ah coffee...

11:52 Scav will i have it with bagels?

11:52 Scav or eggs?

11:52 Dvandom (cue James Bond theme)

11:52 Scav or bagel and eggs?

11:53 Caldwin Why not both

11:53 Scav hmm..i have some waffels

11:53 Caldwin Have an eggs and bagel sandwhich

11:53 Scav or just bacon

11:53 Caldwin Bacon and eggs on a bagel

11:53 Dvandom Egg and bacon pie! Wait, that's just quiche.

11:53 Caldwin So...hungry!

11:53 FnuAw Egg and bacon.

11:54 FnuAw Egg, sausage, and bacon.

11:54 FnuAw Egg and spam.

11:54 Dvandom Was considering that.

11:54 Caldwin Eww! Now I'm not so hungry. Thanks for the Spam mention, Fnu

11:54 Scav i think i do have a can of spam

11:54 Scav spam...

11:54 GuardianPrime Ew, spam.

11:54 Scav but sausage

11:54 Caldwin Really? People actually eat that?

11:54 Scav eggs and sbacon and sasuage and waffels

11:55 Caldwin Shh! We're back!

11:55 Scav with syrup

11:55 Caldwin Just come clean, Crash

11:55 FnuAw I have never in my life had to resort to eating spam.

11:56 Scav spam's good stuff

11:56 Dvandom Bad blocking makes it look like crystal is growing out of AJ's head.

11:56 FnuAw I thought I might have to after Irma, but we sent all our supplies to Texas.

11:56 Caldwin I love that AJ eyebrow.

11:56 Dvandom The Ponies' Eyebrow.

11:56 Scav but... AJ is the best pie maker

11:56 Scav that's pony 101

11:56 FnuAw Horses do have expressive eyebrows.

11:57 Dvandom Facehoof

11:57 Caldwin Oh no! No no no no no! Don't do it, Dash.

11:57 Caldwin She's going to eat that?

11:57 FnuAw Sweetie Belle is dethroned.

11:57 GuardianPrime That pie! THE HORROR, THE HORROR!

11:58 Caldwin Can...cartoon ponies die?

11:58 Dvandom This is what Dash thinks pie really tastes like.

11:59 Scav LOL

11:59 Caldwin hug!

11:59 Caldwin Ouch!

11:59 Dvandom "They're not too tight for YOU. You know why."


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Council of Elders
12:00 Dvandom Okay, now I can read the comic from two weeks ago.

12:00 Scav Applejack: I could have told her that was the funniest line ever

12:00 GuardianPrime That was a really good Pinkie episode.

12:00 Caldwin AJ still knows it all!

12:00 FnuAw Pinkie is in desperate need of an episode where she finally learns her lesson.

12:01 Scav well it did the whole envoking of Dash as loyalty "will do anything for her friends" and the lesson was "honesty"

12:01 Caldwin Pinkie will never learn her lesson.

12:02 FnuAw That's sad.

12:02 Scav suddenly wakes up enough to be confused by Caldwin being here

12:02 Caldwin Scav, I had the day off because another guy had to switch days off with me for vacation reasons.

12:02 GuardianPrime Tootsie Pop commercial #3!

12:03 Dvandom Scav: This is why you need to get back to following the AllSpark.

12:03 Caldwin I'm definitely going to have to watch this episode again.

12:03 Scav and fake caldwin hasn't shown up

12:04 Scav has never seen caldwin and fake caldwin at the same time

12:04 Caldwin There are good Pinkie episodes. I do wish she'd learn her lesson at some point though

12:04 Dvandom Pinkie learns her lesson in the comic.

12:04 Scav hmmmm

12:04 Caldwin Fake Caldwin did show up earlier

12:04 Scav Pinkie could have just made cakes

12:05 Caldwin I do find it odd that she normally does make cakes instead of pies. I mean...Pie is in the name after all.

12:06 FnuAw Pies are for special occasions. Cakes are everyday food.

12:06 Dvandom Also, pies have such a broad spectrum that it's hard to figure out how one could dislike pies as a class while still liking any sweets.

12:06 Dvandom It's not even like they all have the same crust.

12:06 Scav she doesn't like crust

12:06 Caldwin Uh...I think that's kinda backwards, Fnu

12:07 Caldwin But...crust is awesome!

12:07 Caldwin *goes to make a crust pie*

12:07 Dvandom This is sort of the anti-Green-Eggs-And-Ham episode.

12:07 Scav how are there rocks in the buidlings of cloudsdale?

12:08 FnuAw Hail?

12:08 Caldwin Uhh...cartoon physics?

12:08 Dvandom Unobtanium.

12:09 Caldwin Pinkie Pie has to be the only earth pony to go to Cloudsdale as often as she does. I want to figure out how she does that? I mean, she didn't have balloons every time.

12:09 Dvandom Equestria isn't the future of Earth, it's the future of Pandora.

12:09 Caldwin And how does she get back down?

12:10 Dvandom Iron Will's parachute.

12:10 Caldwin lol

12:10 Caldwin that would explain it

12:10 Scav she can pilot the town ballon

12:10 Dvandom Or a pie-rachute.

12:11 Caldwin Heh! They need to introduce Minty into the G4 cartoon just so she can pilot that balloon.

12:11 Scav well there 's a pilot that we saw on the poster

12:11 FnuAw "Pilot" is a strong word there.

12:12 Caldwin You think Tabitha would be up to doing yet another character? Because if it's not Tabitha, it's not Minty. And her actually being good at piloting the balloon would be a heckuva twist!

12:13 FnuAw Tabitha could do an entire episode by herself.

12:14 Caldwin We need a generation of ponies where the main characters are: Rarity, Muffins, Minty, Luna...and Luna often brings along her sisters pet Philomena

12:15 Scav i don't understand minty

12:15 FnuAw No one understands Minty. Poor dear.

12:15 Caldwin No one understands Minty. That's her charm

12:15 Caldwin Damn! Beat me to it!

12:16 Scav i don't know who minty is.

12:16 Scav I assume a later day Lyra

12:16 GuardianPrime *GASP*

12:16 Caldwin You need more G3 in your life.

12:16 Caldwin Oh! She also did Wysteria!

12:17 Caldwin We really could have an MLP that's nothing but Tabitha characters

12:18 GuardianPrime Scav, Minty...

12:18 FnuAw Thistle Whistle.

12:18 Caldwin Heh! Yeah, Very Minty Christmas was awesome! "You broke Santa?"

12:19 Caldwin Yeah, Thistle Whistle too.

12:19 Caldwin It looks like she even did a Scootaloo

12:19 GuardianPrime Tabitha's voice work in all generations of MLP is impressive.

12:20 Scav i think I'm good not venturing into v3

12:22 Caldwin Aww! You don't know what you're missing. I mean, as long as you stay away from the newborn stuff...G3's all kinds of fantastic

12:22 GuardianPrime "Newborn stuff".....*shudders*

12:22 Caldwin Yeah...damn Newborn stuff made me lose that bet. *growl snarl hiss*

12:22 Scav i mean, I on't think dave's ventured there..and he watches everything

12:23 Caldwin That's because you're evil, Fnu

12:23 GuardianPrime Oh, you're just sick, Fnu. You're SIIIIIICK! XD

12:26 FnuAw This is hilarious. The chat is like 14 pages long. People are going to see the transcript and think "WTF?"

12:26 Scav so got day off plans caldwin?

12:26 Caldwin Good grief! Rarity, Granny Smith, Luna, Cup Cake, Nightmare Moon (of course goes with Luna), Flurry Heart, Mrs. Cake, Pound Cake, Bon Bon, Photo Finish, Zipporwhill, Alo, Twinkleshine, Fleur de Verre, Cherr...(cuts off but I'm assuming that's Cherrilee)...didn't even get to Philomena!

12:26 Caldwin How big is Tabitha's paycheck?

12:27 Caldwin Scav, first thing is to get lunch

12:27 Dvandom (My only real exposure to G3 has been using the toys to make customs, like Megatron Pony.)

12:27 Caldwin I already saw the MLP movie'm kinda mostly waiting for my MLP merch to arrive in the mail

12:27 Scav hsasn't seen the movie yet :(

12:27 Caldwin Aww! You better go do it before it leaves the theatre!

12:28 Dvandom It's in as many screens this weekend as last, which is weird, but probably means no major Kid Movie releasing.

12:28 Scav hopefully this week...been waiting on a flakey friend

12:28 Dvandom Big cliff drop-off in earnings, Friday to Friday, though. Like, two thirds.

12:28 Scav which brings it back to pie

12:29 Caldwin You can see it again when flakey friend comes around. You should totally see it before the Spoiler thread is all there is. *nudges Fnu to merge the threads*

12:29 Caldwin Ooh I love pie!

12:29 Scav after pinkies chocolate fix, i thought the episode was gonna go A Very Special Saved By The Bell Episode

2:30 Caldwin Oh, hey! Andrea Libman was Zipzee! G3 get's all the great voice actresses...well...except I don't see Tara Strong.

12:31 Scav [TITLE:













12:31 Scav like that

12:33 Scav just me?

12:33 Caldwin I never really watched Saved by the Bell

12:34 GuardianPrime I never have, either.

12:34 Scav well, the episode was the typical 80's don't do drugs kids episode...

12:34 Scav but it's the most iconicly ridiculous

12:34 Caldwin I think I saw that clip before...not sure why. Did Nostalgia Critic do something on it or something?

12:35 Scav likely most video people hav

12:35 GuardianPrime Well, I gotta run. Later, guys. And it was great seeing you here today, Caldwin. :)

12:35 Caldwin Later, Prime

12:35 Dvandom Later, GP

12:35 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:36 Scav my point though, I thought it was gonna be "pinkie's been doing too much chocolate" and twilight stages an intervention

12:36 Caldwin I probably really should go get something to eat, but these chats are so rare for me, I kinda hate to leave

12:36 Caldwin That should totally be an episode

12:37 Scav that's something I give this show..the episodes are rarely what I think they'll be from the set up

12:38 Caldwin Yeah, they do tend to go against expectations. Sometimes for the better...sometimes...not so much. Gotta be careful that it doesn't ruin the moral of the episode.

12:39 Caldwin Well, I better go get something to eat. Head's getting fuzzy. Hey! I should be back in a couple weeks. Got a vacation coming up

12:40 Caldwin Well, see y'all later.

12:40 Scav cool!

12:40 Scav cya

12:40 Dvandom Later, have fun on vacation

12:40 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:40 Scav well i'll fnu go post

12:40 Scav ca

12:40 *** Scav quit (Quit: )

12:41 Dvandom :waves out

12:41 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)


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That was a silly one.

Maybe we could take another look at these episodes sometime. people got fatigued towards the end and I think a lot of these episodes didn't get their due. Some of them were still delightfully silly.

Unlike this one, apparently.

10:08 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

10:08 +++ set the channel to mode +n

10:08 +++ set the channel to mode +t

10:48 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:48 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

10:48 *** Caldwin was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

10:59 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:59 GuardianPrime Morning.

11:00 FnuAw Morning.

11:00 FnuAw fake!Caldwin was here.

11:01 GuardianPrime Figures. Impersonating anyone else this time?

11:03 FnuAw Just Caldwin again.

11:26 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:26 GuardianPrime Morning Scav.

11:28 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:28 Dvandom Morning

11:28 GuardianPrime Morning Dave.

11:29 FnuAw Morning.

11:30 FnuAw Best pony!

11:31 Dvandom Not a lot of room for people who are slow to debark, there.

11:32 Dvandom He learned packing from Rarity.

11:33 Scav Oh sure, Vinyl can find headphones that fit and are comfy...can I? NOOOOOOOO

11:33 Scav hey..that wasn't the bush guy

11:34 GuardianPrime Was wondering about that.

11:34 GuardianPrime Thought it was just the beard.

11:34 Dvandom There's probably somepony whose special talent is making custom headphones.

11:35 Scav GP: could be, but I suspect that's what the "I don't know you anywhere" comment is from

11:35 Dvandom Antiquing in a world with actual magic is a dangerous hobby.

11:36 Dvandom See: Alicorn Amulet

11:36 Dvandom Ancient Sweetie Belle prophecy?

11:37 FnuAw =<

11:37 Dvandom All Equestrian architecture uses TARDIS principles.

11:38 Scav Maybe it's Dr. Hoove's shop

11:38 Dvandom The crystal tree works on the same principle.

11:44 Dvandom ...he says to the naked pony.

11:44 Dvandom Stalker Trixie!

11:47 Dvandom The cup game tends to work better if the cups aren't all different.

11:47 Dvandom Didn't they seal that thing?

11:47 Dvandom Ah, okay. Broken seal.

11:47 GuardianPrime Didn't think we'd see the mirror pool again.

11:47 Dvandom Trixie's gonna fall in?

11:52 FnuAw This episode is too real.

11:52 Dvandom You can't go home again. Or shouldn't, in case you know time travel spells.

11:56 Dvandom Prestihoofitation?

11:58 Dvandom Spike's going to walk in and be offended....

12:00 GuardianPrime Mysterious book.

12:00 Dvandom Dangers of antiquing.

12:00 Scav i think I want a Trixie/Maude spin off

12:05 GuardianPrime Ep was alright. Not great, just alright.

12:07 GuardianPrime Well, gotta run. Busy day today. Later.

12:07 Dvandom Later

12:08 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:10 Scav yeah.. don't got much to say on the ep

12:14 Dvandom I wonder if it was just meant to get the book to Sunburst, hence being something of a "nothing to say about" episode otherwise? The comics got a book to him in Ponyville as well.

12:15 Dvandom Correction, Canterlot.

12:16 Dvandom #6 opened with the end of a visit to Canterlot where Sunburst and Starlight spent time together. Maybe it was supposed to be the same visit as today's episode, but signals got mixed and the comics team was led to believe today's ep would be in Canterlot?

12:17 Scav well, i think it was a bit about friends change as you get older etc..

12:18 Dvandom Very heavily weighted towards setup, the resolution almost felt like, "Well, we can't just leave this hanging like in real life..."

12:18 Scav nod

12:19 FnuAw It wasn't a bad episode. Just not all that enjoyable. It was a bit too real.

12:20 Dvandom Definitely aimed more at the adults watching, though. The target audience isn't going to identify with it, although I suppose it could have been intended as a warning for what will eventually happen.

12:21 Dvandom "All those friends you have now? Yeah, when you grow up most of them won't even remember you."

12:24 Scav wow. way to bring down the room, Dave

12:24 Dvandom Well, before it goes straight up maudlin, I guess we'll call it a chat?

12:24 Dvandom Later

12:25 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:25 *** Scav quit (Quit: )


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And now the season finale!

09:55 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

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09:55 +++ set the channel to mode +t

10:05 *** Caldwin joined #allsparkle

10:06 Caldwin Good morning. I may be in and out until the actual show starts. It's kinda early

10:07 Caldwin I'm not on mobile. But if you need further proof, Static is hurt that Amber left and shit's gonna get real here in Shadewing's RP

10:11 FnuAw My trigger finger was curling.

10:11 FnuAw It's just a reflex.

10:13 Caldwin I'm glad I convinced you!

10:14 Caldwin does this still start at 11:30 or 11:00 since it's an hour long?

10:14 FnuAw 11:30.

10:15 FnuAw Though you could find it and watch it now if you don't want to wait.

10:15 Caldwin Wow! Good thing I checked. For some reason, my DVR isn't set to record!

10:16 Caldwin Hah! I waited all week just because I can rarely make it for these chats. It's the *only* reason I haven't checked it out on Daily Motion yet

10:17 FnuAw I waited because I'm just impossibly busy.

10:52 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

10:52 GuardianPrime Morning.

10:55 FnuAw Morning.

10:58 Caldwin Morning Prime. Sorry, I was playing some Mario. I'll be right back.

11:04 Caldwin Holy crap it's cold outside! I just went into the garage to put a couple things in my car for when I go to my parents's....cold

11:07 FnuAw Winter is coming.

11:09 Caldwin Didn't the last guy who said that die? I mean, I don't watch Game of Thrones, but from the meme I'm pretty sure it's Sean Bean who said that and he always dies.

11:11 Caldwin o_0 Funny that I get an advertisement for the iPhone X from the same credit card company I just used to buy an iPhone 8 just last week. Spam emails or weeeeeeird!

11:19 Caldwin So now that Starlight's broken the seal and Maud can also get to the we have a foreshadowing for a future apocalypse?

11:20 FnuAw I wonder what

11:21 FnuAw What could be accomplished if you pour coffee in the mirror pool and get infinite coffee.

11:22 GuardianPrime Uuuuuuh. Hows about we keep the mirror pool away from Fnu. O_O

11:23 Caldwin Hey! Here's that Tootsie Pop commercial again

11:23 GuardianPrime Missed it. Wasn't looking at the TV.

11:24 Caldwin You know...I love retro stuff. Absolutely love it. It makes me nostalgic for my childhood. But I have to imagine kids today are wondering why this commercial is in a weird square format and looks like crap

11:25 GuardianPrime I miss the old Schoolhouse Rock segments that would play on Saturday mornings.

11:26 Caldwin Gee! How does Trixie do it?

11:26 Caldwin Hey! She lifted the saw with telekinisis. Isn't that progress?

11:27 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:27 Caldwin "That was a joke." Did Maud just become EDI?

11:27 Dvandom Morning

11:27 Caldwin Morning, Dave

11:27 GuardianPrime Morning Dave.

11:27 Dvandom Even Twi thinks the foal-body spell was creepy.

11:28 Caldwin I think she was just jealous. She never could get the hang of it and Trixie could only do it with the Alicorn Amulet

11:29 Caldwin Did Starlight just destroy the castle floor for the sake of a game?

11:29 Dvandom Yes

11:29 GuardianPrime Yup.

11:29 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:29 Caldwin That's what I though

11:29 GuardianPrime Morning Scav.

11:29 Caldwin Morning Scav

11:29 Dvandom Didn't notice Trixie sweating from the effort of the luggage last week.


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11:30 Scav hi

11:30 Dvandom My comic shop finally opened back up last night, but couldn't do credit card sales, so I'll be picking up three weeks' worth of comics this afternoon, including Legends #7.

11:31 Dvandom So, the Pony of Shadows is Max Lord?

11:31 FnuAw Luna.

11:31 Caldwin This feels like the first episode from Season 1

11:32 Scav so this is the season finale?

11:32 Caldwin I was thinking we just got the origen story of Sombra

11:32 GuardianPrime Yup.

11:32 Dvandom Yep, two-parter today.

11:32 Caldwin yup!

11:32 Scav :(

11:32 Scav why isn't there perpetual pony

11:33 Caldwin Funny the McDonalds commercial focused on the Transformers toy instead of the MLP know...during an MLP episode

11:33 FnuAw Join us in the roundup threads and you can have perpetual pony.

11:33 Dvandom Pretty sure it's still illegal to run ads for a product during a show about that product.

11:34 Caldwin Oh yeah...that's true. It's been so long since any of the stations I run aired cartoons, I actually forgot about that little law.

11:34 Caldwin Sad you have to go to cable now for Saturday morning cartoons

11:34 Caldwin Oh hey! Show's back

11:35 Caldwin Why are they so surprised? The Mare on the Moon was real. Tirek was real. Discord is real...etc. etc. etc.

11:35 Dvandom That they were all contemporaries feels kinda weird, since they come from such different Earth-historical eras.

11:35 FnuAw The death of the Saturday morning cartoon block is a cultural tragedy.

11:35 Dvandom I think they're surprised because by this point they figured they already met all the real ones.

11:36 Caldwin It always helps to have a couple nerds on the team that understands old ponish

11:36 Dvandom Somewhere, there is an Old Ponish "I lik the bred" poem.

11:37 Caldwin Rarity is wise

11:37 Dvandom The advantage of having someone with sloppy penmareship.

11:37 Caldwin Is she going to read something and unleash a bunch of evil? Because...that's so totally Evil Dead

11:38 Caldwin Way to go, Crash!

11:38 Dvandom My runic is rusty, can't tell if that phrase makes sense or is just random letters.

11:39 Dvandom "I'm here to magically explain the mystery."

11:39 Caldwin Okay, so no incantation...still very Evil Deadish

11:40 Caldwin Umm, technically, Starswirl...containing still falls within the definition of defeat

11:40 Dvandom They're not allowed to say "kill".

11:41 FnuAw I remember when kids' stuff was allowed to say kill.

11:41 Scav kids stuff says kill all the time.

11:41 Caldwin Yeah. "That was no accident. You killed Nicodemus." *happy sigh* Don Bluth used to be so awesome.

11:42 Dvandom Has MLP ever said it?

11:42 Caldwin There may be a difference between movies and saturday morning cartoons.

11:42 Caldwin in the movie I don't think anypony ever said 'kill'

11:42 Scav MLP maybe not

11:43 Dvandom Internal rule, not FCC.

11:43 Scav but that's MLP not "kids show"

11:43 Caldwin I remember "I killed Mufasa" in the Lion King. But even that was a while ago. I can't remember anything recent.

11:43 Caldwin Oh! Show's back!

11:43 Dvandom Mind you, I remember how awkward Gundam Wing was because the dub would never use the word "kill," instead substituting things like "destroy".

11:44 Caldwin Because "destroy" is so much better than "kill"

11:44 Scav Hmm.. Agents of SMILE...wonder what's up

11:44 Caldwin Good ol' Twilight

11:45 Dvandom Please don't hit orange background pony with book.

11:45 Caldwin Not really so much a background pony anymore...but yeah, please don't hit AJ on the nose with a book

11:45 Dvandom Because of course she made more dioramas.

11:45 FnuAw The background pony jokes never get old.

11:46 Caldwin Wow! So, the intentianally trapped themselves with him. "if we're going down, we're taking you with us."

11:46 Caldwin Umm...Starlight's the voice of reason? Weird!

11:46 FnuAw Starlight can't have THE WORST ideas every time.

11:46 Caldwin I love Rainbow Dash. She says so much with just a grunt

11:47 Dvandom They kinda already found the mask....

11:47 FnuAw This season was good to Rainbow Dash.

11:47 Dvandom Is that the same pony as in the CMC ep?

11:48 GuardianPrime Yup.

11:48 Caldwin Looks like. Certainly looks familiar

11:48 Caldwin AJ's strong!

11:48 Dvandom Same cutie mark.

11:48 Caldwin This season's been good to AJ too.

11:48 GuardianPrime Indiana Jones Pony!

11:48 Dvandom Don't put that in your mouth, AJ....

11:48 Caldwin You don't know where it's been!

11:49 Dvandom Looks like the gene for curved horns still exists.

11:50 Caldwin This is going rather quick

11:50 Dvandom Well, they need all the parts of the Weather Dominator before the end of the ep.

11:50 Caldwin Understandable seeing as how they need to get to the part where they release the evil...just's going quick

11:50 Caldwin Alliteration never gets old

11:51 Caldwin Isn't Spike still the dragon king?

Dvandom No, he handed that over to Ember.

11:51 Caldwin Oh...yeah...well...they're screwed then

11:51 FnuAw Just smash and grab!

11:52 Caldwin Oh! Another "he wins by accident" cliche!

11:52 Dvandom Garbl is going to be a lawyer when he grows up.

11:52 Caldwin lol

11:53 Caldwin Hmm, so I guess Danica's no longer GoDaddy's go to celebrity?

11:54 Caldwin I love Rainbow Dash!

11:55 Caldwin She's awesome

11:55 Dvandom He fell with STYLE.

11:55 Caldwin But, Spike already won the shield.

11:55 Caldwin Nice, Dash. Nice!


11:56 Dvandom "Because buck you, Garbl."

11:56 GuardianPrime Now why didn't the mask glow when she had it before?

11:56 Dvandom Gummy is a mutant.

11:56 Dvandom GP: The initial spell hadn't been activated.

11:56 Caldwin Daring Do!

11:57 Caldwin Once again...Starlight's the voice of reason!

11:57 Caldwin Because you can't save the legendary ponies without saving the monster!!!!

11:57 Dvandom Modernistic chauvinism.

11:57 Caldwin Pride comes before the fall.

11:58 Caldwin I hope they all get rightfully chewed out for this

11:58 Caldwin This is worse than Evil Dead. At least the evil summoning in Evil Dead was usually by accident!


11:59 Caldwin Way to go, Twilight!

11:59 Caldwin "Because I'm so much more powerful and smarter than Starswirl!"

11:59 Caldwin Upbeat credit music!

12:00 FnuAw Weaksauce voice, but that entrance was gorgeously animated.

12:00 Dvandom Very Cthulhu.


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12:00 Caldwin Previously on My Little Pony...from 1 minute ago!

12:00 Dvandom Well, they may always run the two parters back to back the first time, but reruns are often just one.

12:01 Caldwin Yes, very Cthulhu. I like it. But...I don't see a boat around to ram into it with

12:01 Dvandom They're thoroughly modern, they'll use a Zeppelin.

12:02 GuardianPrime Tootsie Pop!

12:02 Caldwin Tootsie Pop

12:02 Caldwin Damn! Beat me to it

12:02 GuardianPrime :)

12:02 Caldwin I don't know why I have to point it out every's cool they still run that

12:03 Dvandom The CG replacement just got zero traction.

12:04 Caldwin You know, CG is all well and good. I like several CG movies. But I'll never understand why that meant cell animation had to become extinct

12:04 Caldwin Way to go, Twilight. You've doomed us all.


12:04 Caldwin Again.

12:05 Dvandom You're facing two god tier unicorns, dude.

12:05 Caldwin You now have double the Elements of Harmony to deal with. Why is this even a battle.

12:06 Caldwin You know, for ponies that originally spoke old ponish, they're speaking remarkably modern

12:06 Dvandom It was written in Old Ponish, but they speak in modern?

12:06 Dvandom hi5

12:06 GuardianPrime Magical translator?

12:06 Caldwin hi5 to Dave

12:07 Dvandom The tree grew pretty fast, in order to be there for the sisters to use against Discord.

12:07 Caldwin Tried to do the hoof bump emoticon, but it just dissapeared and didn't post

12:07 Caldwin Okay, Pinkie hugging AJ's butt like that is going to be a thing...isn't it.

12:08 FnuAw All the fanart.

12:08 Dvandom And I guess S8 will be about finding another replacement for the Elements....

12:08 Caldwin And I can't stress this enough, Twilight...IT'S YOUR FAULT

12:09 Dvandom "I'm pretty bucking far from okay."

12:09 Caldwin So...Twilight brings the doom and Starlight tries to bring her back from the brink. Nice

12:10 Dvandom SG wants to redeem the Pony of Shadows.

12:10 Caldwin Okay, from Starlight's looks...please tell me they aren't going to redeem the pony of shadows

12:10 Scav maybe they should summon Sunset and discord

12:10 Dvandom Ask Luna about dark corners?

12:10 Caldwin If they redeem the Pony of Shadows...*sigh*

12:11 Dvandom His origin story has the possibility built in.

12:11 Caldwin Umm, she did do that whole freeing these ponies halfway

12:12 Caldwin Nice macguffin that map

12:12 Scav c: her magic was't halfway

12:12 Scav in fact her freeing them was fullway

12:12 Dvandom Now, since the cutie marks are only on one side, would this be a half-assed plot device?

12:13 Caldwin lol

12:13 Scav it was se didnd't think of part 2

12:14 Caldwin So, villians that haven't been redeemed: Sombra, Chrysalis and Tirek. Am I missing anyone? It's a bit unbalanced, but it's not like they haven't done irredeemable villians before. I don't think they really need to redeem this one

12:15 Dvandom Storm King wasn't redeemed either. Or won't be, since it takes place after this.

12:15 Caldwin That eyebrow! She learned that from AJ

12:15 Caldwin Oh, yeah...Storm King. I guess getting frozen in stone and shattered would be the opposite of redeemed.

12:16 Caldwin Um...spoilers?

12:16 GuardianPrime Sirens!

12:17 Caldwin "We don't know anything about him." All the more reason why redeeming might be a bit iffy

12:17 Caldwin Oh hey! the sirens!

12:17 Dvandom Banishment is kinda Starswirl's go-to move.

12:17 Caldwin Oh...okay...exposition so he can be redeemed. Yup...he's gonna be redeemed.

12:18 FnuAw And Celestia sat on her plot aaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy llllloooooooooooooooooong.

12:18 Caldwin You exhiled him so you could save him? Seems legit

12:18 Dvandom Well, by Starswirl's standards, "go away" is a mild banishment.

12:19 Caldwin Hmm...well...put like that, I guess Starlight has a point

12:19 Dvandom Huh, the Noid is back, sort of.

12:20 GuardianPrime Tootsie Pop!

12:20 Caldwin Tootsie pop

12:20 Scav That was the point of Twilight being better than Starswril. He doesn't understand Friendship

12:20 Caldwin Damit, GP!

12:20 GuardianPrime :)

12:20 Scav he banishes rather than cupcakes

12:20 Caldwin Yeah, nothing like meeting your hero and finding out he's kind of a pill

12:21 Caldwin the hell?

12:21 Dvandom Granted that the comics are deuterocanonical, but I wonder if the Pony of Shadows got his power from the same place as the shadows Luna unleashed in Legends #1?

12:21 Caldwin can we even post the chat log now after that screen name?

12:21 Dvandom Editing, Cald.

12:22 FnuAw I edit the logs.

12:22 Dvandom Who is voicing Starswirl?

12:22 Caldwin Dang, Starswirls a bullheaded bitter old colt. Usually I applaud that...but dang!

12:25 Caldwin About time Twilight realized it

12:25 Caldwin And now we just walked into Escaflowne

12:27 Caldwin Does that mean they get to keep the Elements?

12:27 Caldwin Oh yay! They got to keep the Elements.

12:27 Dvandom Is that Tambor?

12:28 Scav sounds like it

12:28 Caldwin So...I guess Starswirl will now be a recurring character?

12:29 Dvandom ...after being hit over the head by SG a few times.

12:29 GuardianPrime That was a really good finale.


Staff member
Council of Elders
12:30 Dvandom Chris Britton was Starswirl.

12:30 FnuAw I liked last year's better.

12:30 Scav a bit "Whoops, look at the time...gotta wrap up the season"

12:30 Caldwin Yeah, good finale. Season 7 was actually pretty good. Surprisingly good considering how "done with it" I was before it started.

12:30 Scav i don't recall which was last years

12:31 Caldwin Starlight, Discord, Trixie and Thorax

12:31 Scav ah right

12:31 FnuAw I think what really helps this one is that the heroes aren't all on the same page.

12:31 Caldwin Which I still love. I love the non-mane 6 episodes. They need their spotlight too. But this was surprisingly good. And it had the Mane-6, back up hero and new ponies to boot

12:32 Scav except all the pillars were a bit non-entinties..

12:32 Caldwin Yeah, in-fighting between the hero's can add a bit of depth

12:32 FnuAw I dunno. Rainbow Dash and her new drinking buddy were a nice team.

12:32 Scav I think what actually won the day were the SMILE agents and their grabbling hook gun.

12:33 Scav everyone was blinded by the magic, while they just came in and yanked him out

12:33 GuardianPrime Tootsie Pop!

12:33 Caldwin Not watching any more GP!

12:34 Scav it was all there in the first scene..they were there afterall

12:34 Scav gp?

12:34 Caldwin I like that Twilight was totally wrong and Starlight was totally right. It was a nice reversal.

12:34 Caldwin GP...Guardian Prime.

12:36 Scav don't know what that is.

12:36 Dvandom There was supposed to be a comma in there. "Not watching any more, GP!"

12:37 Scav i still don't understand...this is about robots i assume?

12:37 Caldwin Yeah punctuation can sometimes be a problem but who uses punctuation any more its so last century

12:38 Dvandom Scav: running joke in every commercial break today. GP and Caldwin race to be first to say that the old Tootsie Pop ad is on.

12:38 FnuAw I can't read my own handwriting!

12:38 Caldwin No! GP and I were noting every time the Tootsie Pop commercial aired. He kept beating me to it. So the last time he noted it, I wasn't watching any more and...

12:38 Dvandom The last one was during LPS, and Cald had stopped watching.

12:38 Caldwin *sigh* Now I just explained the joke.

12:39 Scav i'm not sure that I like they didn't actually point out the subtext that Starswhirl and Co are bad at friendship

12:39 Scav or do i like it that they left it to the viewer...

12:39 Scav (d'oh...I honestly didn't realize you were tlaking about GP the viewer)

12:39 Dvandom "I forgot what I already knew" sort of pointed it out. She's been learning about friendship for seven seasons, and meeting Starswirl brought her down to his crappy level.

12:40 Caldwin I think it kinda showed in their elements. I can't remember them all off the bat...but wasn't one beauty and another power...stuff that doesn't really have much to do with friendship?

12:40 Scav yeah, but it was "beauty of heart" and "power of spirit"..that kind of thing

12:40 FnuAw This finale is surprisingly layered if you pick at it.

12:40 Dvandom Beauty, strength, hope, bravery...they were solo virtues.

12:41 Caldwin It's probably going to warrant some rewatches. It looks like there's a lot there

12:41 Dvandom Generosity, Loyalty, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter...all of these imply interaction with others.

12:41 Scav Dave: nod.. and as I said, that's the whole reason the spell went unfinished til Twilight.

12:41 GuardianPrime Scav, I'm often referred to as "GP" in the Allsparkle. Short for Guardian Prime.

12:42 Dvandom Which in turn implies that in MLP terms, Sorcery is solitary and Magic is communal.

12:42 Dvandom Friendship IS Magic, and Magic IS Friendship.

12:42 Scav GP: I get it...i just thought he was talking about a show, then when I learned of the comma I thought it was a quote

12:42 Scav Dave: nod.. and as I said, that's the whole reason the spell went unfinished til Twilight....I

12:42 Scav 'm just wondering if it should have been pointed out in story

12:42 Scav or not

12:43 FnuAw I'm going to forgive the predictable redemption. This was not a lazy script by any means.

12:43 Scav ultimately, you can't have unchecked ultimate evil in a show that is often about the problem of not having enough cupcakes

12:43 Caldwin Oh hey! That's right! As far back as Season 3 it was shown that Starswirl may not have been the best at friendship.! They just really dove into that here, didn't they?

12:44 Scav But here's a question that Dave can fanfic on ......

12:44 Caldwin Yeah, I'll forgive the predictable redemption. At least they threw in the exposition dump to show why he was redeemable.

12:44 Scav How did the Seed of Strength become the Element of Honesty

12:44 Dvandom The Element of Healing was the closest to a friendship virtue.

12:45 Dvandom Honesty is strength of character?

12:45 Caldwin Because...AJ's strong?

12:45 Caldwin I got nothing.

12:45 Scav Bravery -> Loyalty.

12:45 Scav I mean, _I_ can explain it

12:45 Scav but will the show/comic

12:46 Scav Hope -> Laughter is tough

12:46 Caldwin I don't even read the comics. I just can't keep up with *all* the comics I used to read, so instead I keep up with *none* of them.

12:46 Scav Caldwin: I'm actually the same..I'm VERY behind

12:46 Caldwin So I can't really say I'm too conflicted about the questionable canonicity of the comics

12:47 Dvandom Somnambula's use of hope in her story and Pinkie Pie's "Giggle at the Ghosties" song imply that the link is "deal with fear through this element".

12:47 Caldwin I got very behind, realized those things are upward of $5 a pop and just couldn't justify it

12:48 GuardianPrime I haven't read any of the comics. Kinda sounds like I'm better off just skipping those anyway.

12:48 Caldwin I am looking forward to hopefully more appearances by Starswirl in the future. He's been such a big name in the backstory for so long, it's kinda hard to believe they waited so long.

12:49 Scav and if you add "sharring" to each of the seeds, and squeeze your eyes, you get the elements

12:49 Scav (Is that the right phrase...I don't think so...)

12:49 Scav "squint"

12:49 Scav I momentaryily lost the word "squint"

12:50 GuardianPrime *squeezes eyes* OUCH!

12:50 Caldwin We're definitely going to have a *lot* to talk about in the episode thread...and probably the Roundup if we ever get past season 5

12:50 Caldwin Yikes! Is that the time? No wonder I'm starving. I better get my flank in gear. It's been fun all!

12:51 Caldwin Always nice when I have a Saturday off and can do this.

12:51 GuardianPrime It's always great to have you around, Caldwin. :)

12:51 Caldwin Aww! :)

12:51 Caldwin Later all!

12:51 Scav bravery + sharing = loyalty

12:51 *** Caldwin quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:52 Scav beaty + sharing = generositiy

12:52 Dvandom (I can't dawdle too much, I want to get to TRU before they run out of BB8 Legos for the event.)

12:52 Scav hope + sharing = good feelings which leads to laughter

12:52 Scav healing + sharing = hospitals which are "kind"?

12:53 Dvandom It's not that the Pillars didn't share, but rather sharing wasn't core to their virtues.

12:53 Scav i'm working on how the seeds transformed into the elements

12:53 Dvandom Stygian sought to become the Composite Superman.

12:54 Scav which the Sisters had, and SHARED them between them..thuse becoming the elements!

12:54 Scav there's the math

12:54 Dvandom Sorcery solution: get rid of the problem. Magic solution: make friends with the problem.

12:54 Scav Pillars gave seeds to the Sisters who SHARED them to become Elements

12:57 Scav bounces around "Yes! Yes!Yes! Yes!Yes! Yes!Yes! Yes!Yes! Yes!Yes! Yes!"

12:58 GuardianPrime Time for me to run. It's been a great chat this season! See y'all in the threads.

12:59 Scav ok.. guess i'll hang up to!

12:59 Scav cya

12:59 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

13:00 Scav I'll try to make it back to the forums :)

13:00 *** Scav quit (Quit: )

13:04 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

Season 7 is a wrap!

I actually have a Season 8 file. We switched to Discord chats really late.


I still work Saturday, and given that it's on Netflix, I'm not sure how it would work anywa. But man I'm going to miss these chats.


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Council of Elders
At least we'll always have your doppelganger.

Season 8 begins!

10:24 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

10:24 +++ set the channel to mode +n

10:24 +++ set the channel to mode +t

11:12 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:22 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

11:22 GuardianPrime Morning.

11:22 FnuAw Morning.

11:23 FnuAw The wait is over.

11:23 FnuAw I hope we get more of a crowd than this.

11:25 GuardianPrime Dave will probably pop in any second now.

11:26 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:26 Dvandom Mornin

11:27 GuardianPrime Morning Dave.

11:29 GuardianPrime Here we go!

11:29 Scav hey

11:30 FnuAw Here we go. New season!

11:30 Scav yeah.. "exile" was Starswhirl's go to answer

11:30 Dvandom Explicit continuity

11:30 GuardianPrime Movie reference right off the bat.

11:31 Scav "oops, sorry..I spilled your coffee" BANISH!!!

11:31 Dvandom "And we couldn't afford the voice acress for TV."

11:31 Scav Artificial light, confirmed

11:31 Dvandom Well, for Pinkie.

11:32 Dvandom And there could be a firefly in there or something. :)

11:33 Scav I guess I need to download an app

11:33 Dvandom "Kids are filthy germ factories. Lysol them."

11:34 Dvandom Accreditation before instruction.

11:35 Dvandom Earth Ponies are all Aggies.

11:35 Scav This is really weird

11:36 FnuAw Instant tone shift.

11:36 Dvandom Neighsay's voice sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it.

11:36 GuardianPrime Voice of Brain from Pinkie and the Brain.

11:36 Scav GP. ah

11:37 Dvandom Gotcha. Pinkie needs to meet him.

11:37 Scav Bureaucracy is magic?

11:37 Dvandom In real life, accreditors are much friendlier...but still feared.

11:38 FnuAw This is fine.

11:38 FnuAw They can't run a school any worse than my K-8 school.

11:39 Dvandom None of the instructors have education credits, much less degrees. Tsk.

11:39 GuardianPrime Professor Egghead.

11:40 Scav Twilight does, as does Rainbow

11:41 Scav well, rainbow's is more likely like a ged

11:41 FnuAw So how quickly will Starlight enchant a misbehaving student?

11:41 Dvandom If Twi had credits in education classes, she'd have already known about the accrediting body.

11:41 Scav oh, I mean degree

11:42 Dvandom (Requirements for primary and secondary education are more stringent than for college.)

11:42 Dvandom I suppose you could say friendship school is college.

11:43 FnuAw Infodump time.

11:45 FnuAw The shy changeling is my favorite so far.

11:45 GuardianPrime Mine too. :)

11:46 Dvandom She can turn into any species of awkward nerd girl.

11:46 GuardianPrime 1st song of the season.

11:47 GuardianPrime Pinocchio.

11:47 FnuAw Not liking the song, but the use of songspace at this moment is appropriate.

11:47 Dvandom Ponicchio.

11:51 Dvandom Note: other than some safety issues, the "not by the book" stuff was a lot closer to recommended educational practice as shown by current research. Whereas by the book is the sort of reactionary "that's how I learned, it's how my kids should learn" stuff that shows up way too much in real life.

11:54 FnuAw Rarity impersonations are always so exaggerated and wonderful.

11:55 Dvandom And yet, this is a better friendship lesson.

11:56 Dvandom Yak gonna yak?


11:58 FnuAw This show remains good at disaster dominoes.

11:59 Dvandom Gee, reactionary nationalists in charge of the education system....

12:00 Scav who'd have thought the guy with the devil goatee would be bad

12:00 FnuAw That was actually a much more tense cliffhanger than we've gotten in some two parters that were supposed to be more intense.


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Council of Elders
12:01 Dvandom And they did set up that even Celestia can't just ignore the system, so no fiat solution.

12:02 Dvandom They need to either convince Neighsay or get the rest of the EEA to turn on him.

12:04 Dvandom I think Twi might be a little bipolar....

12:05 Dvandom Angel: "Really?"

12:05 FnuAw Pity party.

12:06 Dvandom "Not everything can be fixed with dresses and cupcakes." BLASPHEMY!

12:06 Dvandom You tried to make everyone the same, remember how it worked for SG?

12:06 Dvandom Leave Equestria!

12:07 Dvandom Can't regulate them if they're extraterritorial.

12:10 Dvandom So...the students walked out in protest?

12:13 FnuAw Luna

12:13 Dvandom Oh, even a "the students couldn't have done this on their own" bit.

12:14 FnuAw The timing of this is totally accidental, and kinda spooky.

12:15 Dvandom Well, this has been coming around and going around for a while now, and they had plenty of time to line up the premiere with the march.

12:15 FnuAw TV scheduling doesn't work that way.

12:16 Dvandom Smolder's eating Alphonse!

12:17 Dvandom Say, isn't the castle of two sisters outside national boundaries?

12:19 FnuAw Someone hates bushwoolies almost as much as I did.

12:19 Dvandom Are bushwoolies a pre-FiM thing?

12:19 FnuAw G1.

12:19 Scav was about to ask

12:20 GuardianPrime I thought it was going to be a bushwoolie at first. But they called it something else.

12:21 GuardianPrime Unicorn powers...ACTIVATE!

12:22 Dvandom Okay, Fluttershy found Glunkus.

12:22 FnuAw Unicorns are so OP.

12:24 Dvandom WHAAAAAAAT?

12:24 Dvandom Cutting through bureaucracy.

12:25 Dvandom Huh, still smoking.

12:25 Dvandom Size princess.

12:26 Scav Twilight knows branding

12:26 Dvandom He's gonna be the season's recurring villain, isn't he?

12:26 GuardianPrime Looks like it.

12:26 Scav by reocurring you mean "unseen til the finale", looks like it

12:29 GuardianPrime PLEEEAAASE..O3O

12:29 Dvandom "Stop doing that! It's bad for your eyes!"

12:30 Scav not sure how apple bucking is the secret of honesty..

12:30 Dvandom Yep, it was LaMarche.

12:30 FnuAw Apples are the answer to all riddles.

12:31 GuardianPrime That was a really good premier.

12:31 FnuAw I like the new characters.

12:32 GuardianPrime All the new characters are welcoming sight. Lots of new possibilities.

12:33 Dvandom And plenty of fan speculation on which element of harmony each will end up embodying. :)

12:34 FnuAw It was more interesting than I thought it would be.

12:34 GuardianPrime And very tense in spots.

12:34 Dvandom Of course, being rotten with names, I've forgotten most of the new names already. Smolder the dragon, Rona? the Yak, Sandbar the pony....

12:35 GuardianPrime I think it's Yona for the yak.

12:36 Dvandom (Probably should've done more than check for LaMarche when pausing the credits....)

12:36 *** SoftSnow joined #allsparkle

12:37 SoftSnow Hello, im late

12:37 FnuAw You missed the whole thing.

12:37 Dvandom Well, she saw the episode, just didn't know about the chat. :)

12:37 SoftSnow I know, i didnt realize there was a live chat until after i went to the thread.

12:38 SoftSnow Can you post the chat messages on the thread so i can read what was said?

12:38 FnuAw Yes. I'll post the transcript when we're done.

12:39 Dvandom IMDB isn't updated with any of the new characters except Chancellor Neighsay.

12:39 SoftSnow Alright, it was a fortunate break that i was able to watch it this week. The following weeks are unclear...

12:40 SoftSnow Neighsay is going to end up being the villian at the end of the season for sure.

12:43 Dvandom Okay, griffon was Gallus (Gavin Langelo), hippogriff was Silverstream (Lauren Jackson). Smolder voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent. Yona the yak by Katrina Salisbury, Sandbar by VIncent Tong, Ocellus by Devyn Dalton.

12:43 Dvandom Not 100% sure on Gallus vs. Ocellus, but since gallus is a bird name, it's probably the griffin.

12:44 Dvandom Okay, ocellus is a term for an eyespot, which goes with the changeling "body parts for names" thing.

12:44 Scav ocellus is the changling

12:44 Dvandom The credits also list the singing voices, but my DVR covers that up when I pause.

12:45 Dvandom Okay, if I want to make it to Pacific Rim this afternoon, I'd better get on with morning routine stuff. Later.

12:45 GuardianPrime Later Dave.

12:46 SoftSnow Good bye, everyone. ❤

12:46 *** SoftSnow quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:46 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:46 FnuAw I'll post the transcript.

12:46 GuardianPrime Guess I should head out too. Later guys.

12:46 *** SoftSnow joined #allsparkle

12:46 SoftSnow Im on computer now to bookmark chat

12:47 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:48 Scav guess I'll vanish. see ya :)

12:48 *** Scav quit (Quit: )

12:57 *** SoftSnow quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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