Guess What Episode We're Talking About

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It's a shame. I liked that persona.
11:12 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

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11:23 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

11:23 GuardianPrime Morning Fnu.

11:23 FnuAw Hello.

11:24 GuardianPrime Time for the fandom to be introduced to a new Waifu stealer.

11:25 FnuAw Fun!

11:26 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:26 GuardianPrime Morning Dave.

11:26 Dvandom Mornin.

11:27 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:27 FnuAw I feel good today.

11:27 GuardianPrime Morning Scav.

11:28 Scav wave

11:28 Scav any special reason fnu?

11:28 FnuAw I just do. I can feel my blood flowing.

11:29 GuardianPrime Special coffee?

11:29 FnuAw I did open a fresh bag this morning.

11:29 Scav nice

11:29 Dvandom As per Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight, that was only Level 1....

11:31 Dvandom Clastic Rock, that's actually slightly funny.

11:31 FnuAw I expected Maud to actually be funny.

11:32 GuardianPrime New intro!

11:32 Scav a whole new opening...did they have that last week?

11:32 GuardianPrime Not last week, no.

11:32 FnuAw New opening would have spoiled the season opener.

11:32 Dvandom Derp, I looked away, figuring it would be same-old. Guess I'll rewatch it later.

11:32 Scav still need private eye snoopy.

11:32 *** SoftSnow joined #allsparkle

11:33 Dvandom Lo

11:33 Scav i think that's the last one i need

11:33 GuardianPrime Morning Snow.

11:33 SoftSnow Okay, i made it.

11:33 SoftSnow Hello, everyone.

11:33 Scav hi new person!

11:34 SoftSnow TV couldnt find the channel so i had to mannually find it and missed the opening...

11:35 Dvandom Clingy Pinkie

11:35 Dvandom Maud spent the night at her beau's?

11:36 Scav derpy!

11:36 Dvandom She can enter Discord's dimension at will?

11:37 GuardianPrime She's Pinkie. Of course she can. :)

11:37 SoftSnow I think we spent more time searching then could fit into a day.

11:38 Dvandom Stick in the mud cutie mark.

11:40 Dvandom Would've been a perfect time to smash cut to all the missing posters.

11:40 GuardianPrime A whaaaaat!

11:41 Dvandom What a tweeest!

11:41 SoftSnow I didn't see that coming! =O

11:41 FnuAw "Technically we're in like." People are going to use that, I think.

11:41 Scav So, will we learn Pinky does at least know him.

11:42 GuardianPrime Mud Brier? Is that what she said his name is?

11:42 Dvandom I expect we were all focused on pre-existing characters. Mud Briar.

11:42 Scav Who was, Dave?

11:42 Dvandom People discussing the episode beforehand on AllSpark.

11:42 Scav ah

11:43 SoftSnow I thought he said lead brier...

11:43 Dvandom myes

11:43 GuardianPrime Nyes.

11:43 GuardianPrime Sticks & Stones.

11:44 Dvandom Nerding out together.

11:45 Dvandom Sticks and Stones will break our Pinkie.

11:45 Scav So..Sheldon

11:46 SoftSnow And he is kidnapped. Problem solved.

11:47 FnuAw That shot will be abused.

11:48 GuardianPrime Whoa. Didn't expect that invisioning thing.

11:49 SoftSnow A kite call back, nice...

11:49 Dvandom Boulder is heavier than he looks.

11:49 GuardianPrime No party? Blasphemy!

11:50 Scav no Trixie...and I can't recall who the third friend was

11:51 Dvandom Sunburst?

11:51 Scav ah right

11:51 SoftSnow "I never learned to read"

11:51 Dvandom He mostly lives in Crystal Empire, so.

11:52 Scav and trixie could be on tour

11:52 Dvandom Or substitute teaching.

11:53 FnuAw Limestone!

11:53 FnuAw Marble!

11:54 Dvandom Limestone is Wise.

11:55 FnuAw My morning is made.

11:55 GuardianPrime Yikes Pinkie! NO!

11:55 Dvandom Can we try breaking open Mud Briar, just in case?

11:55 Dvandom Perfect "had enough of this" face from Lime.

11:57 GuardianPrime My goodness. That guy really IS a Sheldon.

11:58 FnuAw That was cute.

11:58 Dvandom Adam Kirschner as Mud Briar.

11:58 FnuAw I just wanted to see Limestone and Marble. Wish granted.

11:58 FnuAw I'm gonna go eat a thing.

11:58 GuardianPrime It was nice seeing all of the Pie sisters.

11:59 SoftSnow My mom was wondering why Pinkie was pink while all here sisters are grey and asked if she was adopted. Im not sure how to explain the color differance.

11:59 Scav Well, it's a good question.

11:59 Dvandom Rhodochrosite.

11:59 Scav so, MLP has new continuity?

12:00 GuardianPrime Bless you, Dave. Need a hanky?

12:00 Scav er.. LPS

12:00 Scav Adam Kirchner appears to be a talent agent

12:01 SoftSnow And i spilt coffee on my pony shirt. Reality hates me =(

12:01 Dvandom

12:01 Scav reality is a harsh mistress

12:01 GuardianPrime Don't think I've heard of Kirchner before.

12:02 Dvandom Appears to be fairly new to the field.

12:03 Scav ah.. I was assuming he and the agent were one and the same, and was likely the agent for the talent, and doing a cameo gig given his few roles

12:03 SoftSnow Alrighr, it was fun, hope to do it again. Good bye my friend and may you have a happy day. =D

12:03 GuardianPrime *looks at Dave's link*...Ah. That explains it. Never seen any of those shows.

12:03 *** SoftSnow quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:03 Scav I'm a year or so behind on it, but IZombie is great

12:04 GuardianPrime Is that the one with the blond haired girl a a zombie?

12:04 Scav yes

12:04 Dvandom Yeah

12:04 GuardianPrime I've seen commercials for it, but never watched the show.

12:05 Scav based on a DC most CW stuff....that's not based on an Archie comic

12:08 Scav a thought stuck in my head

12:08 GuardianPrime Shake your head and maybe it'll fall out.

12:08 Scav something on pinky and her sisters

12:08 Dvandom (Oh, and yes, LPS has rebooted.)

12:09 Scav guess it's crossover with Transformers didn't work

12:12 GuardianPrime Guess I should be going. Things are starting to get noisy next door.

12:12 Scav yeah..brain stuck..

12:12 Scav oh?

12:12 Scav what's next door?

12:13 GuardianPrime I live next to a park. They're getting ready for an Easter Egg hunt or the kids in my town. They always do this the Saturday before Easter.

12:14 GuardianPrime They're really festive about it.

12:14 Scav that's nice

12:15 GuardianPrime Later guys.

12:15 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:16 Dvandom Yep, time to post the log. Laters.

12:16 Scav byeee

12:16 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:16 *** Scav quit (Quit: )

12:24 *** softsnow joined #allsparkle

12:24 softsnow Hello

12:25 softsnow Am I too late?


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09:51 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

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11:22 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

11:22 GuardianPrime Morning Fnu.

11:24 FnuAw Morning.

11:25 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:26 Dvandom Mornin

11:26 GuardianPrime Morning Dave.

11:28 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:28 GuardianPrime Morning Scav.

11:28 Scav hi

11:29 FnuAw I have no idea what this one's about. Yay.

11:30 Dvandom It's not about Flutteryshy's knitting, that's for sure.

11:31 Dvandom Heh, Vinyl Scratch literally scratches.

11:32 Dvandom (notices that the new intro is keeping Mac's lovelife going in the background)

11:32 FnuAw I have a good feeling about this, seeing that many little scenes in the cold open.

11:32 Scav hmm.. Big Mac was big macing on someone

11:33 Dvandom The most recent issue of the comic also had Rarity and Fluttershy in Manehattan, but does not seem to be directly tied to this episode. Probably for the best, some of the timing last season was off.

11:33 *** UA-109769140-1 joined #allsparkle

11:34 *** UA-109769140-1 quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:34 Dvandom Obtuse fashion. That's me.

11:35 Dvandom It's all easy if you're a unicorn.

11:36 GuardianPrime Annoying laugh.

11:36 Dvandom Someone is going to try to figure out how the numbers map.

11:36 Scav will they remember fluttershy's weird fashion knowledge?

11:37 Dvandom She seemed to know what the customer was talking about, and that they were opposites. She has book-learning.

11:38 Dvandom Ponylonius.

11:38 Dvandom "The clothes oft proclaim the pony."

11:38 *** frogzill joined #allsparkle

11:38 *** frogzill quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:38 *** SoftSnow joined #allsparkle

11:39 Dvandom Never tried to act, except for when she acted as a Ponytone.

11:39 SoftSnow Dont try to get in here from a phone...

11:40 Scav no phone-y for pony?

11:40 SoftSnow I spent the first five minutes trying to get into this chat.

11:41 Dvandom So all those weird alternate IDs were you?

11:41 GuardianPrime Was wondering about that.

11:41 FnuAw They're definitely conveniently ignoring some things for the sake of plot. But I still want to see where they're going with it.

11:42 SoftSnow Yes, it came up blank every time i click the picture. I had ti manual type in the address. I would suggest a direct link as that picture confuses my phone.

11:43 Dvandom Now she's just making terms up.

11:43 SoftSnow Much like me when i talk to Copper =p

11:44 Dvandom "I must have POINTY!"

11:44 Dvandom She knows the words, just not what they all mean, I guess.

11:45 Dvandom Tumblrshy.

11:45 FnuAw They have way too much fun with these voices. I bet someone cracked up during the recording session.

11:45 Dvandom So much memebait.

11:45 GuardianPrime Edward Scissor Pony? But without the scissors.

11:47 Dvandom "Fluttershy has gone psycho!"

11:48 Dvandom Psychotic break.

11:48 GuardianPrime Emoshy.

11:48 SoftSnow Psychoshy

11:50 SoftSnow Never break character. I dont want to be debbie, i want to be darkleaf.

11:50 Scav The Raccoons and Mane 6 apparnatly have faster travel means than the fashion ponies (and Rarity)

11:50 SoftSnow Twilight has teleport so... Yes?

11:51 Dvandom Scav: Not as much luggage to worry about.

11:51 SoftSnow Racoons come with a lot of baggage tho...

11:53 GuardianPrime She changes quick.

11:53 SoftSnow The R word...

11:54 SoftSnow You're... Fired?

11:55 Dvandom "Those characters all came from're INSANE."

11:56 SoftSnow The quite ones always snap.

11:57 FnuAw It's over already?

11:57 GuardianPrime That episode was.....odd?

11:57 SoftSnow Imagine if Fluttershy got on the internet?

11:57 Scav why would the royal show be in ponyville?

11:58 SoftSnow Manathen...

11:59 SoftSnow Glad i made it for this one. I loved emo shy <3

11:59 Scav A+

11:59 SoftSnow Its like screaming into the void...

12:00 FnuAw That was so bad it was kinda good.

12:00 SoftSnow Ultimately meaningless...

12:00 SoftSnow Sometimes it's good to be bad.

12:00 Scav wow..the LPS reboot looks awful

12:01 Dvandom (Now watching recording of Star vs. the Forces of Evil season finale.)

12:01 Scav you swtich quickly

12:01 SoftSnow I have to go now. Thanks for having me. Good bye, take it easy, keep it sleasy. <3

12:02 *** SoftSnow quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:03 GuardianPrime Gotta run. Later.

12:03 Scav still needs secret agent and helicopter snoopy :(

12:03 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

12:05 Scav guess i'll go find breakfast

12:05 Dvandom Later

12:05 *** Scav quit (Quit: )

12:05 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)


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And here's where it all ended.

11:10 *** FnuAw joined #allsparkle

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11:14 *** SoftSnow joined #allsparkle

11:14 SoftSnow What happened

11:15 FnuAw I don't know.

11:15 *** SoftSnow quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:23 *** Scav joined #allsparkle

11:23 *** caldwin joined #allsparkle

11:23 caldwin Hi

11:24 caldwin Pony time!!

11:25 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

11:25 *** caldwin was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

11:25 FnuAw Scav, we're on Discord now.

11:25 *** GuardianPrime joined #allsparkle

11:25 Scav we are?

11:25 FnuAw Yup.

11:26 Scav does GP know that?

11:26 GuardianPrime Just saw your updated post, Fnu. Glad to see the troll left.

11:26 Scav got the invite code handy?

11:27 GuardianPrime I'm still logged into Discord.

11:27 *** Dvandom joined #allsparkle

11:27 Dvandom Morning

11:27 FnuAw

11:27 GuardianPrime Morning Dave.

11:27 Scav Dave doesnt' know it either

11:27 FnuAw Everyone move to Discord.

11:27 FnuAw Tat's the invite link.

11:28 *** SoftSnow joined #allsparkle

11:28 SoftSnow Hi all!

11:28 FnuAw Bye all!

11:28 --- FnuAw has banned *!*

11:28 *** SoftSnow was kicked by FnuAw (FnuAw)

11:29 Dvandom It wants to do a bazillion iupdates first.

11:29 FnuAw The troll had OP powers this morning. Hug that noise. We're moving to Discord for these.

11:32 *** Dvandom quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:33 *** GuardianPrime quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

11:37 *** Scav quit (Quit: )
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