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This is how a unicorn comments

Been meaning to post a pic of this for a while. I've had Izzy and Sunny since before the movie premiered on Netflix, but only recently FINALLY found Zipp and Pipp.

For whatever reason they seem to be rare at least where I live. They also seem to be Walmart exclusive. The one by my work has had dozens of Izzy and Sunny for a couple of months now, and finally had the other two. Except it was exactly one Zipp, and two of Pipp.

Still glad I was able to grab them. Just sucks there isn't a Hitch to go with the group.


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More details on G5.

G5 will have a 3D series AND a 3D series.

The 2D series is called My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, and will consist of 5-minute episodes. It's coming to YouTube April 7th.

A special is coming to Netflix May 26th, and it's titled, "Make Your Mark", which is also the name of the series, coming to Netflix September 26th.

A holiday special titled, "Winter Wishday" is coming to Netflix November 21st.

And unfortunately, the movie VAs will not be returning.



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I can't say that I'm surprised that the movie VAs won't be back. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm not surprised.


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The new cast deserves a fair chance. They might fit the characters just as well. This franchise has never had bad voice acting.


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The new cast deserves a fair chance. They might fit the characters just as well. This franchise has never had bad voice acting.
I'm not saying that they'll be bad, far from it. I'm just not surprised that the movie VAs won't be returning.


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They've given the G5 cast stat sheets. Let us pour over them shall we?

Also, someone in the comments converted all the bars into percentages based on pixel count.
Kindness: 225/225 - 100%
Courage: 190/225 - 84%
Creativity: 56/225 - 25%
Sneakiness: 61/225 - 27%
Total: 532/900 - 59%

Kindness: 179/225 - 80%
Courage: 179/225 - 80%
Creativity: 119/225 - 53%
Sneakiness: 41/225 - 18%
Total: 518/900 - 58%

Kindness: 183/225 - 81%
Courage: 133/225 - 59%
Creativity: 225/225 - 100%
Sneakiness: 117/225 - 52%
Total: 658/900 - 73%

Kindness: 164/225 - 73%
Courage: 89/225 - 40%
Creativity: 155/225 - 69%
Sneakiness: 54/225 - 24%
Total: 462/900 - 51%

Kindness: 141/225 - 63%
Courage: 225/225 - 100%
Creativity: 199/225 - 88%
Sneakiness: 195/225 - 87%
Total: 760/900 - 84%

Hitch has max kindness. And is a good dancer!

Sunny and Hitch have nearly identical stat totals. And Sunny's a good chef! This also kind of hints that Sunny's going to be the explorer of the group.

Izzy is indeed medium-sneaky. And max Creativity.

Even Pipp's stats are smol...

Zipp has the highest stats of all...but the least amount of kindness. Max courage, and really high numbers in Creativity and Sneakiness. And a love of math! ...Supervillain confirmed!

Seriously, though, I call shenanigans on Pipp's kindness being higher than Zipp. The same pony who seemed to have NO sympathy for Izzy and Sunny in spa-jail? Really?
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These stats are surprisingly fitting, like they actually tried to be consistent with this. They didn't hand this job off to some intern who hasn't seen the movie and only vaguely knows what the brand is currently doing.

It's cool to watch a brand be run this way.


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i love generation 5 so much, it gave us so many cool Pokemon like Bisharp, Hydreigon, Volcaro- wait, this is about Ponies? damn, i thought this was about Pokemon. i'm out.


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Can't watch it while at work. But just knowing it's coming is nice, even more so since it looks like an actual game instead of some Gameloft Mobile piece of crap.


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Goldner's dream lives. The same way the G5 movie can be said to be just a movie, this looks like it's just a game. It's not mobile shovelware. It's an actual console platformer.

Maybe it'll still be console shovelware, but they're sure showing a lot more actual gameplay than the average game trailer.

Oh I see it has flying levels too. Hasbro what are you doing to me?


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So, solicitations for Issue #2 of the G5 comic came out. And there's some information from the profile of a certain toy.

Potentially, big spoilers below:

1) Canterlot is definitely in ruins, if the cover is anything to go by.
2) The text mentions someone's watching them.
3) Is that Discord's horn that Sunny has in her hoof? That's...a big move for the comics to make, this early on.


This is just a cute cover. The text on the bottom is a little hard to read, though. "Hitch blazes a trail *heart* with some new friends 93.06.0", I think?

And a new toy with a odd bio:

Sunny is the main character of the last generation of My Little Pony. She's an Alicorn who plays a pivotal role in saving Equestria from King Sombra and his minions. This special edition Sunny Alicorn plush toy includes gold wings and horn, with combed hair, and glow in the dark elements on the body and hair and plays the movie soundtrack. The perfect gift for any My Little Pony fan!

So...Sombra's back? Or someone mixed up the generations, one of the two.


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I still don't like the idea that G5 is the future of takes away the "happily ever after" end of G4, plus either all the immortals got killed (e.g. the horn is actually Discord's) or they'll come back and have to be written back out lest they dominate the story.

I'd prefer that it be an alternate timeline, if it has to be linked to G4 at all. 1000 years ago, the Elements of Harmony were destroyed and defeating evil took a greater sacrifice, with the remaining magic tied up in a new artifact. (Sunny "knowing" about the Mane 6 being one of those "Jay Allen Flash is just a comic book character on Earth-1" things.)


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